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How do you increase your Abacus Karma?
I only bead up when I really have to, as I realize there's only so much beadwidth, ... such an honorable geek! 158 11%
I try not to just stare into my abacus and zone out for hours, ... oh, I thought you were trying to free fuse. 180 12%
I avoid Bead Fatigue by getting up every hour and stretching, ... it's best to buy an abacus that's pre-stretched. 132 9%
Whenever possible I use my Palm abacus, so my main abacus isn't overbeaded doing simple calculations, ... have you tried the new Handspring abacus? 150 10%
I use the free bead cycles on my abacus to compute when the real millennium is, ... the greatest question of our time. 400 28%
I help newbie beaders whenever possible, and give them tips on avoiding abacus bead viruses and worms, ... that's great! I'll never forget that horrible Dutch Elm Disease my first abacus caught! 375 26%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and pizza fumes.

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