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Need to put a propeller on an existing cap? Order one of our propeller kits!

3" diameter: blades are 1.5 inches long
5" diameter: blades are 2.5 inches long

Propeller Kit!
Add a propeller or multiple propellers to almost any cap or hat. Our kit includes propeller, beads, mounting wire, mounting base, and instructions. Only $7.50, and just $4.99 for extra props.

What color of propeller?

Make it a two-propeller kit? (Meaning two propellers on your cap.)

Make it triple-propeller kit? (Three propellers on your cap.)

Add a button? Only 99 cents!

Add a Sav-T-Lite? Only 12.95!


For multiple propeller kits, we will adjust your shipping charges to reflect the actual shipping cost, in case the shopping cart overestimates shipping costs.

Note: For best results, you'll need a pair of pliers to twist the wire. Longnose pliers like the kind shown below work best.

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