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"Cool panther stuff!"

It doesn't take a genius to see that this is some insanely great panther stuff!

You're taming that wickedly wild cat, now tell the world with a RAWRRRR! Pick up some of our gorgeously wild Panther Genius t-shirts, caps, buttons, mousepads, ... you name it! You will be the Top Cat of your Panther Pride!

Panther Genius t-shirts, and more!! Available in all kinds of styles... in men's and womens sizes... even baby tees! Rrrawwwr!

Click here to order!

Panther Genius hats!

Available in black or white, these hats rock! A perfect addition to your Panther wardrobe!

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Panther Genius Buttons!
Having a Panther
Party? These make insanely great items for your guests or for MUGs!

Available through our own webstore! You can mix and match buttons here, or else order our Panther Pride Special here! Your choice of five great Panther Genius buttons for only $8.95, or five magnets for only $10.50! Even better, buy in bulk and save!

10 buttons $14.95, or 10 magnets for $17.95
20 buttons $27.95, or 20 magnets for $33.95
50 buttons $65.00, or 50 magnets for $79.00
100 buttons only $85.00!

Select the number of buttons or magnets!

Panther Genius Mousepads!

The perfect playground for your panther powered mouse to go wild on!

Click here to order!

Panther Genius Mugs and glasses!

Drink to the glorious panther! Long live the big cat!

Click here to order!

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The TTB t-shirt!
Glow-in-the-Dark Alien

Just some of the cool designs we have over at our CafePress store!

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