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Author Topic: butt-numb-a-thon 6 weekend!
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Icon 1 posted December 09, 2004 22:13      Profile for smallerdemon   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Butt-Numb-A-Thon 6 is this weekend in Austin, TX. If you have ever visited the painful to look at 1997 web design of www.aintitcool.com then you'll be familiar with it. If not, this is harry Knowles's annual birthday blowout he holds at the Alamo Draft House in Austin. It's 24 hours straight through of movies, back to back. No leaving. And you do NOT know what is going to show. 250 seats available. 10,000 entries this year for seats, and my wife got us three tickets (her, myself, and a friend of ours). For the geek moviegoer it's spectacular. [Smile]

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Icon 1 posted December 14, 2004 17:25      Profile for smallerdemon   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
BNAT6 Movies

I'm just going to recap what we saw, both movies and special events. Please take into account that I might very well be spelling some of the title wrong.

(1)Willy McBean and His Magic Machine - Rankin-Bass' first clamaytion extravaganza, Rudolph style. We all had to fight to make it through this one.

(2)A Series Of Unfortunate Events - Not too bad! Amazing design work and the kids in it are great.

(3)The Black Swan - Tyrone Powers in a great swashbuckler! Note: Character shared my first name (a variation): Jamie Boy. [Wink] He made his woman say it three times before he would kiss them. Woo!

(4)Blonde Venus - Marlene Dietrich as a mother and dancer who gets caught in a sickening moral dilemma. Let me just say, if Marlene Dietrich were alive I would probably do anything for her. She was a mesmerizing woman.

(5)Miss Sadie Thompson - 3D baby! Except... weirdest 3D movie ever because it was basically just a 50s star vehicle for Rita Hayworth. The interlocked projectors at the Alamo Drafthouse showing right eye from one projector and left from the other made the projection flat out astounding. The movie itself was an interesting morality play with some major twist.

(6)The Phantom Of The Opera - The new one. It goes on. And on. And on. And on. I thought I was hallucinating during the Maskerade sequence.

(7)The Mutations - My second favorite of BNAT6 - Wow! Tom Baker! Donald Pleasance! Wow. Pleasance plays a 70s mad scientist who is trying to turn people into plant and animal hybrids. The producer for this film was there with great stories. Dr. Who level of effects, but honestly, I love this movie. Tom Baker plays a man with a horrible face deformity and helps the doctor capture people to experiment on. A great piece of work.

(8)Toys Are Not For Childen - Oh. My. God. Tim... YOU WILL BURN IN HELL WITH THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS FOR SHOWING US THIS! Have you NO SHAME? 60s sexploitation flick in which the main characters father left when she was young, but had brought her toys. She is 19 and mentally like 7. Her mother is crazy, and tells her all men are evil and all sex is bad. And that her father doesn't love her. The girl (oh, also with MY name, Jamie) masturbates with the toys her father gave her. Anyway... god good. I'll get to the point: she gets married, can't have sex with her husband, ends up a prostitute, and ends up meeting and sleeping with her father (that's what she wanted too), pushes him out the window for rejecting her after he realizes it's really his daughter. THE END! KILL ME!

(9)Layer Cake - A new British gangster flick. My favorite of BNAT6 by far. An amazing piece of work. Just excellent writing, character development, editing, music, cinematography, etc. Amazing.

(10)Ong-Bok - A new Thai martial arts film. Holy SMOKES! Wow, this is the real stuff. No wire-fu at all. Ignore that IMDB idiot's rating, this Thai kickboxing martial arts film rocks the fucking house right off the foundation and down the street. Some of the most amazing martial arts you are going to ever seen on film.

(11)Kung Fu Hustle - We were the second audience to ever see this (first was at Toronto), and it's a hilarious, great piece of martial arts comedy that borderlines on basically being a cartoon for adults. The opening alone is worth seeing the movie for. Fun, fun stuff.

That's it for the flicks: My fave was Layer Caker with Mutations coming in second and The Black Swan being third on my list.

Special Stuff
-Kids from A Series Of Unfortunate Events were there to talk about the movie
-Clips from Dreamworks upcoming animated flick Madagascar
-Producer of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy was there with slides of Vogons! We were the first to see them! WOO! He had some great stories, too.
-Greetings from Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise from the set of The War of the Worlds, and then the trailer for The War of the Worlds
-The producer of The Mutations introduced the film and told some great stories
-Tamer Hassan, and actor in Layer Caker, was there. Great guy.
-Clips from Eli Roth's upcoming movie 2001 Maniancs. Eli sat directly behind us for the whole festival.
-Behind the scenes of the effects work for the upcoming Chronicles Of Narnia - The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe

That was it! It was great.

(You can also find this entry over at my filmshow blog or my livejournal )

That's using your brainium!

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Icon 1 posted December 14, 2004 17:39      Profile for Ally     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Sounds like a blast! I would love that! Wish I could go.
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