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Author Topic: Dancing With The Stars - Season 10

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Week 10 (Finals) - Part 2


To help set themselves apart, Erin and Maks are going for a very contemporary, lyrical freestyle...and they're the right couple to take that risk! Mandy Moore comes in to help them choreograph the routine, which is set to "Alone" and features a couch and a bed as props. They make good use of those, and pulled off some tremendous lifts and tosses. It was spectacular and powerful. Len appreciated the risks they took, and how they partly pulled it off; he called the routine "emotion plus commotion." Bruno also admired the risk in the routine, and its "psychodrama." Carrie-Ann pointed out one little stumble in the tossing about on the bed...but that may have been planned, for all we know.
Scores: 9-8-9 (26)

Neither Evan nor Anna is afraid to take risks. They both want to do the best possible freestyle..they're just not quite sure how to go about it, and have differences of opinion! Anna, for her part, would rather do a hundred pasos and jives than one freestyle! Thanks to Bobby Newberry's help as choreographer, though, they get squared away! Their routine is to "Footloose," and from the get-go, Sabrina could see glitches in the routine where they weren't in sync. They did plenty of spectactular lifts, jive-type steps, and so forth, but, in the end, Sabrina thought it was "messed up." Bruno wasn't sure whether it was "Footloose" or "Screw Loose!" He pointed out that really "going for it" caused them to lose precision and slickness. "That was odd," said Carrie-Ann, who noted the same thing Sabrina did, that they need to match their lines when side by side. Len thought they took the path of least resistance..."it wasn't what you wanted, and it wasn't what I wanted." Something tells me Evan and Anna just screwed the pooch. [Frown]
Scores: 8-8-8 (24)

Trying so hard to give Nicole the nonstop, high-octane excitement she wants, Derek is pushing himself! They do their freestyle to "A Little Less Conversation," but Sabrina right away started saying, "Seems bland! It doesn't hit it!" It was certainly flashy...but Derek botched the lift at the end! Carrie-Ann, sadly, noticed that, but she said, "That is the freestyle we've been waiting for!" Len saw lots of styles, as well as fun and entertainment. Bruno praised the dazzling creativity, and said the slip at the end was because they were attempting what had never been done before. "A-MA-ZING!"
Scores: 9-9-9 (27)

Woah! Erin is tied for the lead with Nicole, with 55 points! And Evan is bringing up the rear, at 52! The door has been opened in a BIG way for Erin and Maks...will they step through it to grasp the Revamped Cheesy Disco Ball Trophy? Plus we get to see the return of all the other stars from this season, including Buzz's return from the moon, Super Bitch Kate, Pamela's hottest dance yet, and Jake taking a turn around the floor with his chosen lady Vienna! BE THERE OR BE OBLONG!


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Week 10 (Finals) - Results, Part 1

The names of the winners are legion: Kelly Monaco, the actress, model, and controversial winner. Drew Lachey, the boy-band wonder. Emmitt Smith, all-star running back. Apolo Anton Ohno, fastest man on ice. Helio Castroneves, three-time winner of the Indy 500. Kristi Yamaguchi, super skating star. Brooke Burke, TV model and current DWTS co-host. Shawn Johnson, pint-sized gymnastic sensation. Donny Osmond, the consummate entertainer. Tonight, the tenth celebrity will be the proud recipient of the (recently redesigned) Cheesy Disco Ball Trophy. WHO WILL IT BE? We're gonna need a couple more dances to find it out, as the contestants get a chance to dance their favorite dance of the season...then, after the third-place couple is named, the top two get a "Dance-Off" in one last gasp for judges' points. That, plus last night's points and the viewer votes, will determine our champion!

We open with a BIG dance routine to "I'm So Excited" featuring ALL the stars...except for Chad! (He was injured in football practice, you see.) What a way to open it up! But get ready for...


For this round, the judges will be doing a simple 1-2-3 ranking; first place gets 30 points, second 28, and third 26.

Nicole and Derek picked their Argentine tango routine, which would turn out to set a trend. The tango, to "El Capitalismo Foraneo," was every bit as awesome as the first time...maybe a slight glitch, but still good! Len praised the intensity, the artistry, the passion, the clean, crisp moves, and the sharp precise steps. "The magic continues!" proclaimed Bruno, calling it "rich, luscious, devastating intensity." Carrie-Ann said that each step, move, and lift was a beautiful masterpiece.

Evan also liked the Argentine tango he did with Anna, which was a breakthrough week for them. He watches the old tapes of their routine, analyzing the moves technically. And they came out, to "Bust Your Windows," with what Sabrina called a "James Bond feeling." It was positively fearsome, especially the big lift and spin near the end. Bruno said he danced "like a real ladykiller," keeping it slick and stylish throughout. "It's getting exciting!" observed Carrie-Ann, who called this Evan's real redemption dance. "You DROVE that dance!" said Len. "Fantastic!"

Erin picked the Argentine Tango, too, right off the bat, but when she goes to practice it with Maks, she's drawing a blank on the steps! She pulls it together on the dance floor, to "Una Música Brutal," and boy, does she ever! The flying leap off the stage could have been right out of Dirty Dancing...just tremendous, though it MIGHT have fallen apart JUST a bit at the end. "You are not making this easy for us!" said Carrie-Ann. "So amazing!" Len told Erin she'd proved that she was here on merit, that she'd come farthest since the show's beginning. "You sexy, sophisticated man trap!" cried Bruno. "What you've achieved is incredible!"

So, after a round that was a real treat for fans of the Argentine tango, here's the results:
3rd place (26) - Erin and Maks
2nd place (28) - Evan and Anna
1st place (30) - Nicole and Derek

Now we go into a quick clip sequence from the start of the season, before we bring out Shannen and Mark and Aiden and Edyta for a new dance routine; I can definitely see they've improved since their competition days! And then...the lights went down...the music from Star Wars started playing...a "transporter"-like light effect showed at center floor...to reveal Colonel Buzz Aldrin, looking like Emperor Palpatine in a spangled flight suit and a cape! And he and Ashly proceeded to do a paso doble...something I never thought I'd see an Apollo astronaut do! In terms of dancing, that paso was just a little above Master P levels...but in terms of drama, I give it a 10 and a Bruno Tonioli Signature Edition(tm) Fist Pump!

After more clips from mid-season, Jake and Chelsie arrive on the dance floor for a Viennese waltz...accompanied by Vienna, the lady he chose at the end of The Bachelor, and her pro partner Dmitry! The dance was to "On the Wings of Love" (natch!), and Jake is very good at the romantic dances, while Vienna, surprisingly, turns out to be no slouch herself! Then the pros depart the stage as the Official Couple takes the spotlight to finish their dance together. How many couples can say their first dance was in front of a star-packed audience, high-definition TV cameras, three professional judges, and the entire country?

We get a Pad-The-Show segment on the five top arguments of the season...and, from the audience, Season 1 Champion Kelly Monaco reveals that she sometimes had a "tension convention" with her pro partner, Alec Mazo!

And now...the first moment you've all been waiting for. Third place in the competition goes to...

Erin and Maks! Our star reporter misses the biggest story of her life, by THAT much!

It's a lovefest as they leave the stage, and Erin, who kinda knew she'd come up short in the end, thanked everyone associated with the show for helping her put her life back together after the infamous "peephole cam" incident. "He brought me back to life," she says of a teary-eyed Maks. And their "last dance" is a cha-cha-cha, to "Relax, Max" (LOL [Big Grin] ), which looks like they played it for cuteness rather than points. Finish cute...that's the best way to go!

But for the other two couples...it's not over yet...


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Week 10 (Finals) - Results, Part 2

Before we get to the last round, it's time to finish off the College Dance Championships! Purdue University comes out with a cha-cha-cha that featured elegant figure sequencing, and was well-executed all around. Then Utah Valley University brought the Samba, and Sabrina said, "I think Utah's gonna get it!" And it sure looked like it from the dance...just stunningly executed. There was no real scoring in this round; the judges just decided to award the championship to...

Utah Valley University! Congratulations, kids, enjoy your special Mini Cheesy Disco Ball Trophy!

Out onto the floor next came Season 10's most talked-about and most controversial contestant...yes, the Super King Kamehameha Biyotch herself, Kate Gosselin. She got an interview segment and a "package" of her own, including plugs for her upcoming shows, before starting what looked like a redo of her abysmal "Paparazzi" paso...only this time she seemed to actually be laughing at herself for the overacting! Then--change music, to "I Will Survive," and Kate starts having fun, teasing Len a little, getting her skirt ripped off, and, finally, at the end, boarding a lift at the edge of the dance floor to proclaim "I will survive!" into the camera's face! America, I think you just got your comeuppance! [Wink]

A third clip sequence introduces our next "returning celebrities" dance...in which Pamela comes "swinging from a star" down onto the dance floor! She immediately took on three guys in a routine that was half ballroom, half burlesque, including a "catwalk crawl" over their bodies on the floor at the end! (Didn't I see her do that in a Playboy video once? Just with fewer clothes?) Then out comes Niecy, to shake it, and BOY, does she ever shake those "jiggly bits"! Sabrina was screaming "GO NIECY!" at the TV almost the whole time! (Niecy said, "I barely escaped this show with my jiggly bits! Look at me! I look like a wig on a stick!" Always the funny woman...)

Get ready though...because it all comes down to...


In this round, the two last couples do a final routine, for regular judges' scores, that gets added to their total...and that, plus the viewer votes, will crown a champion!

Nicole and Derek lead off with a jive, to "Proud Mary," and after a sexy on-stage intro, the two of them come out full tilt! Nothing was held back in that routine! Three words: NON! STOP! EXCITEMENT! Len outright declared that they should be the winners. "This was the crowning glory!" proclaimed Bruno. "I look forward to seeing what you do so much!" gushed Carrie-Ann.
Scores: 10-10-10 - PERFECT THIRTY!!! (Fifth one of the season; third for Nicole!)

To counter that, Evan and Anna bring out a quickstep, to "I Want You to Want Me." The opening was a little out of hold; I hoped the judges wouldn't mark off for that! He showed off some of the moves that got him gold on the ice at Vancouver, though; it was great fun to watch. Bruno praised Evan's advanced performance level. "No matter what happens," said Carrie-Ann, "you've won my heart, and the hearts of a lot of people out there!" Len called it a joy to watch, with elegant style. "You've done fantastic!"
Scores: 10-9-9 (28)

The final judges' score total: Nicole 115, Evan 108. After running that and the viewer votes through the ABC supercomputers...

...now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

..The champions of Season 10 of Dancing With The Stars...




It has been Doll Domination on the dance floor most of the season, and tonight, it all paid off!

And Evan, who brought home gold from the Olympics, will have to settle for silver in the dance competition!

And the ballroom stage erupts in flames and fireworks like a Nightwish concert, as willing shoulders lift Nicole and Derek high, clutching, in their grasps, THE CHEESY DISCO BALL TROPHY!!!

And so, we ring the curtain down on Season 10 of Dancing With The Stars. But fear not, dance fans! Season 11 makes its way to ABC on September 20! For now, though, I'll just say it's been a privilege and an honor to bring you the action, liiiiiiiive!!! See ya in the funny papers!


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Main commentary...Erbo

Color commentary...Sabrina

Research services...Wikipedia, Google News

Additional material and inspiration...Annie Barrett, Entertainment Weekly (ew.com)

Equipment...eMachines (E627 laptop); Microsoft Corporation (Windows 7 Home Premium); Google (Chrome Web Browser); Simon Steele (Programmer's Notepad)

Shout-outs to: Comcast Cable; ABC Television; BBC Worldwide Productions; The DANCMSTRs on Facebook; and of course Nitrozac and Snaggy for putting up with all of this [Big Grin]

This has been a presentation of Erbosoft Media Properties. Thank you for helping us help you help us all.

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