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Author Topic: Dancing With The Stars - Season 8, Week 3

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Well, there's one piece of good news to start off tonight...all the expected stars and pro dancers made their staircase descent at the start of the show, for the first time this season! Not only that, for the first time, all couples start off with an equal footing for this week's competition! Let's get right to the hoofin'!

The challenge for Denise and Maksim was to retain the momentum they established last week with the quickstep, and she needs to be bouncy and fun for this week! Denise needs help to get out of her own head and enjoy the samba...and Maks did his part by appearing in the rehearsal studio dressed as Carmen Miranda, with pink dress and fruit hat! The samba, to "Take a Picture," though, still seemed slow and hesitant. Denise lost a hair attachment, but didn't seem to lose the shell she was in, though she seemed somewhat OK; the dance trailed off at the end in a sort of "meh" moment. Len said she coped well with the hardest of all Latin dances, but it needed more "kick." Bruno called it "more waffle than samba," and said it just didn't work. Carrie-Ann agreed, and said she needed to work on masking her fear and her hand and arm movements.
Scores: CAI 5, LG 6, BT 5, Total 16

The real-life couple, Chuck and Julianne, really needed help after last week's salsa. Chuck explained it: "They think, since we're together, we both can dance! But I can't!" Julianne feels free to nitpick as they try to take their dance to the next level...and their country foxtrot to "All I Want To Do" has indeed improved! Chuck cut a fine figure though the lift and spin, to finish well. Bruno noted that he was starting to dance with her, and said, "You can do it!" Carrie-Ann thought he needed work on the grapevine, but his posture and steps were good, and he could be a real contender. Len thought his posture and holds were good, but he needed to keep his knees stiffer..."not great yet, but good." Chuck is starting to evolve into a solid middle-of-the-pack contender.
Scores: CAI 8, LG 7, BT 8, Total 23

Len made a comment about Holly and Dmitry last week, that her bust was too far forward and made her "bum" stick out. "DUH!" said Holly, and everyone in America who saw the Girls Next Door pictorial in Playboy. The dance practice is frustrating her though, as she complains of being uncoordinated, and her performance of the samba tonight seemed to bear this out. She was able to shake those boobies to "Belly Dancer," but the timing was off; it looked more like a rumba than a samba to me. Carrie-Ann thought it was kind of rough to watch; she was disjointed, mixed up the footwork, and lacked strength. "It was like a match," quipped Len, "hot on the top, wooden on the bottom." Her feet weren't going the right way, said Bruno, and it messed up the hip action, "but there's plenty to look at!"
Scores: CAI 5, LG 6, BT 6, Total 17

As you know, last week was "disaster zone" for Steve-O and Lacey, as Steve-O fell on his mic pack in dress rehearsal and couldn't dance live. This week, he's doing his best to make up for that, is easing his way back into rehearsals for the foxtrot. "I don't want to let my fans down," he said, doing his damnedest to get it right. And, in the foxtrot, to "I'm Yours," we saw less Jackass and more smooth elegance. He did stumble a bit, but he managed a few minor theatrics at the end to finish it up. Len had a new meaning for the "O" in Steve-O's name: "Ovation." There were a couple of "lost it" moments, he said, but it was a proper dance. "What a shame!" lamented Bruno, "you came out a model of propriety, then you fell to pieces!" Carrie-Ann was impressed that he tried to step up and learn, despite obviously being in pain. If his back can handle it, this guy might just shape up.
Scores: CAI 5, LG 5, BT 5, Total 15

(continued next post)

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(continued from previous post)

Lawrence and Edyta demonstrated last week that Lawrence's work ethic could pay off with the quickstep; now they're out to kick it up with the samba! Lawrence actually gave up his golf game (horrors!) to spend more time getting his moves right, "working his butt off" (as he put it) to shine on the dance floor. "I Can't Get Next To You" was the tune, and Lawrence proved he could shake his tushie! He got the steps going right, and Edyta threw in a bit of a flip to finish in style. Bruno noted that he was pretty light on his feet, just "Don't doubt your ability!" Carrie-Ann praised his newfound confidence, and encouraged him to push himself harder next time. Len admired his work ethic, and just suggested he work on moving his hips more and his shoulders less.
Scores: CAI 7, LG 6, BT 7, Total 20

With the salsa last week, Shawn and Mark let loose and had a blast...and her friends confirmed it, via Web video! No time for talk, though, as, with the foxtrot, Shawn is out to turn herself from a sharp, powerful 17-year-old gymnast to a smooth, elegant lady! She definitely was "More Than This," as she demonstrated fluid grace and beautiful extension. Mark's choreography made her a joy to watch. "You were more than a lady, you were a beautiful princess!" said Carrie, who said she looked like she was dancing on ice. "This was your best dance so far!" said Len. "It was like watching a bejeweled hummingbird!" said Bruno, as irrepressible as ever.
Scores: CAI 9, LG 9, BT 9, Total 27

Our high scorers, Gilles and Cheryl, still feel pressured to excel...and he wants to get every step perfect! Even his mother has come over from France to see him dance...and her reaction to his moves? "Superb, Gilles, superb!" He dedicated his performance, to "El Matador," to his mother...and whoa Nelly! That man can dance! The shake was there, the sync, the energy...this one, I felt, had a chance to score the first "perfect 30" of the season. Len said, "You made a hard dance look easy!" but did say his rhythm was a tad off at the opening. "You came out like a throbbing, red hot poker, and you raised the heat!" crowed Bruno. "Everyone would want to party with you!" "She was workin' it for you!" said Carrie-Ann. "You shook things I didn't know guys could shake!"
Scores: CAI 9, LG 9, BT 9, Total 27

The salsa did not satisfy, but David and Kym won't go down without a fight! Kym has given him the opportunity to take front and center in tonight's performance, and David wants to make it a "breakthrough." "Come Rain or Come Shine," he came out swinging, bringing his showman side to the fore. He maintained a good line through the grapevine, was well synced, and was satisfying to watch. "You've taken the foxtrot to Broadway!" said Bruno, who praised his extension and turns. "I didn't know you were that much like a Rockette!" said Carrie-Ann. "This was your best dance yet!" said Len.
Scores: CAI 8, LG 8, BT 8, Total 24

(continued in next post)

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(continued from previous post)

Fellow geeks, Our Hero and his partner, Woz and Karina, need our help. He was faced with the samba this week, and though he was doing his damnedest to be "loose and bouncy," he seems to manage it about as well as...well, about as well as I would, come to think of it. Plus, his body doesn't want to cooperate...he pulled a hamstring, sending him on another ride to the hospital. Leaving on crutches, he was back at it soon, the two of them getting in some practice on the actual stage...there's no way he's giving up, and besides, he's having the time of his life! They did give him good music for the samba, "Jump In The Line (Shake Senora)", and Woz did his best to be entertaining. I thought he caught a little of it in the middle, and then he threw in...by the beard of Peter Gabriel! [Beard of Peter Gabriel!] Those are BREAKDANCE moves! "The Worm," to be specific! "You were cute," said Carrie-Ann, "but...the novelty is wearing off." "The dances are killing you!" said Len. "I hope the viewers enjoyed that, because it was terrible from start to finish!" "That was the worst samba I have EVER seen!" said Bruno, and Woz quipped, "I'll take your computer on anytime you want!" Ever the funnyman, Woz...but the viewers need to pull off a miracle this time, it looks like.
Scores: CAI 4, LG 3, BT 3, Total 10

The buzz around Melissa and Tony the past couple of weeks has been the dreaded R-word..."ringer." Some critics think her knowledge of ballet and her cheerleading experience give her an unfair advantage...similar to Mario Lopez (second place, Season 3) or Kristi Yamaguchi (winner, Season 6). Melissa, for her part, made a quick side jaunt to Dallas to clean out her desk at her old job...and Tony came along to carry her box of stuff and help wow her ex-coworkers. The foxtrot she turned in...well, it was sublime. It was fluid, featured plenty of high kicks and slick moves, and was wonderful to watch. Len praised her musicality and expression, but still noted that she needed to put her weight on her heels more, just as in Week 1. Bruno called her "Beautiful to look at, easy to love!" and said "The music plays from you!" Carrie-Ann loved it, but felt something was lacking..."you need more challenge, maybe?" I'm still solidly behind Woz, as long as he lasts...but Melissa could very well take the disco-ball trophy this year.
Scores: CAI 9, LG 9, BT 9, Total 27

Though not as well-off as Shawn or Melissa, Lil'Kim and Derek had a very good performance last week, and look to beat it this week in the samba. Kim is ready to trust Derek, go all-out, let loose, and turn the dance floor into a party...and Derek is pushing her as much as he can! The samba was fast, featured hip action that was just short of "too hot for TV," and showed how she could really work that thang! "You are a pocket-sized Venus with super-sized sex appeal!" said Bruno. "It wasn't perfect, but you sold it!" "That was HOT!" said Carrie-Ann. Len's one comment was not to Kim, but to Derek; he wanted to see a few more of the "fundamental" steps in the choreography. These two are solid mid-level contenders...and, with a little more work, they could crack the top tier.
Scores: CAI 8, LG 8, BT 9, Total 25

Lastly, we have Sabrina's favorite couple, Ty and Chelsie, who "roped the wind" last week with the quickstep and now look to build on their success with the foxtrot. "Heel, toe, up, down, one, two, quick, slow..." said Ty, who is trying to focus on the mechanics. At the same time, he has to kind of "play a character" in the dance; "I'm no Robert de Niro," he quips. In the foxtrot, he traded in his cowboy hat and spurs for a top hat and tails, and carried them off in a worthy fashion! One heartstopper during the performance: Chelsie slipped! She recovered, though, and Ty never wavered! "A big improvement!" said Sabrina, and Carrie-Ann's comment of "Most improved!" bears this out. She especially praised how he handled it when Chelsie slipped. Len was honest, saying it was a bit stiff and lacked musicality, but praised him: "You held up the pro! Top notch!" "Chelsie, you're a miracle worker!" crowed Bruno. "You're carving stiff wood into a miniature Fred Astaire!" Ty is now solidly in the middle tier of competitors himself...and, given time, he could improve further yet.
Scores: CAI 8, LG 8, BT 7, Total 23

Our leaderboard shows a three-way tie at the top, between Gilles, Shawn, and Melissa. Meanwhile, sadly, Our Hero is back in the cellar...in fact, his score of 10 is the second-lowest ever on DWTS, beat only by Master P in Season 2 with a "paso doble" that left me feeling sorry for Ashly, his pro partner, and got an 8 from the judges. P was gone the week he sank to those depths; can the Power of Geek keep Woz from suffering the same fate? Or will his 58-year-old frame just give out from the stress? Tune in tomorrow to find out what happens!


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I love these reviews, Erbo! They are just as much fun as the show! [thumbsup] I was curious about the timing of the show, so I timed these categories; the recaps and dance practising, the Dance, the Judges, and lastly, the scores and post-show banter of all the dancers up to Woz and he was at the hour and half mark. (I didn't want to watch the last half hour because I saw it in an earlier feed).

So, here are the times;

Total minutes of actual dancing - 11:23 (out of 90 minutes)
Total minutes of Recaps and practise - 13:24
Total minutes of the judges judging - 12:00 (37 seconds more than all of the dancing!)
Total minutes of scores and back stage banter post dance - 10:44

Total minutes of air time for each dancer (up to Woz, 90 minutes in); Starting with the most air time first;

#1. Woz - 6:06
#2. Steve O - 5:58
#3. Shawn Johnson - 5:20
#4. David Alan Grier - 5:20
#5. Chuck Wicks - 5:09
#6. Holly Madison - 5:05
#7. Denise Richards - 5:03
#8. Gilles Mirini - 5:00
#9. Lawrence Taylor - 4:43

I'm surprised that the total time of dancing is only 11:23 in an hour and a half. And, I'm pleasantly surprised that Woz is getting more air time. [Applause]

And for my 2 cents, I don't know why on earth the judges are so harsh on Woz. That worm move was fantastic, and considering he's got a fractured foot, and torn hamstring, he's doing really well! And I find it hilarious that ballroom dancing is kicking the JackAss's ass! [evil]

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Icon 1 posted March 24, 2009 08:46            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Nitrozac, some people who are TiVo'ing the show report that they can safely skip the commercials, Tom's and Samantha's blather, and the dancer intro puff-pieces, focusing only on the dancing and the judges' responses, and watch the show in half the time. So your observation seems about right.

By keeping Woz on the show, we geeks are sending ABC a message: we're out there, and if you put someone on your shows we can identify with, we will watch. Maybe this will ensure that they'll put more "geek" contenders on future shows. (You know who I'd like to see them get? Linus Torvalds. He has a bit of that "European gentleman" flair to him, he looks quite dapper in a tux, and he'd do at least as well, if not better, than Woz, I think. Also, having him learn how to dance better would probably make Tove happy. [Smile] )

And now, a serious question for you and everyone else reading these: If and when Woz departs the show, should I continue these reviews? Or maybe just consolidate the whole rest of the season into a single topic, rather than having per-week topics? Please weigh in!

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Icon 1 posted March 24, 2009 09:23      Profile for Tech Angel     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Originally posted by Erbo:
By keeping Woz on the show, we geeks are sending ABC a message: we're out there, and if you put someone on your shows we can identify with, we will watch.

Here's a CNN article saying just that: it's listed on their front page today as
"Geeks Keep Woz Dancing with the Stars".

We must be the change we want to see in the world. -Mahatma Ghandi

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Erbo, I like the reviews, and would read them if they are with or without Woz. If it's taking up too much of your time, I would be happy to comply with the season sum up. [Smile]

I hope the message is coming across that we will enjoy watching and supporting the famous geeks who are putting themselves out there. I'm afraid and saddened that the message they're putting out loud and clear from last night's public Woz bashing by the judges is that If you're overweight (aka FAT) you have no place with the glitterati of Hollywood and you're going to be ridiculed, put down, made fun of if you try. It just reinforces society's obsession with thin=beautiful, fat=unacceptable even if you're generous, kind, smart, funny, and rich. Their judging was so over-the-top rude and nasty, it makes me angry. And I worry about Woz being subjected to all this nastiness and superficiality, it's not something I'd like to see him put himself through, as my personal friend, and as an iconic geek who has done nothing but use his power for good in this world.

I don't understand all that gushing about Steve O being so brave for dancing with his back injury. The guy's an actor, he's playing it up for sympathy and it's working! Notice there were no MRI images, or x-ray shots of his back injury? Meanwhile Woz was dancing with a recovering foot fracture and a painful hamstring injury, and has the MRI's to prove it! Do they applaud his bravery? No. The question is why? Why would they have such a bias? Steve O's dancing skills sucked! He was awful! If that guy does Jack Ass stunts for a living and he can't take a little ballroom dancing, I think there is something fishy about that. IMHO

I don't know about this whole thing. They are so cruel to a fellow friend and geek, I'm thinking about not watching that show and encouraging geeks to do the same. I don't think I'd like to see another well loved geek go through the same BS, and put themselves through this meaningless physical and emotional torture. It's not fun to watch anymore. It's sad. (But I will still read Erbo's reviews [Big Grin] ) Whose with me? Snaggy?

Hurmph! Now I'm grumpy, I think I shall write a complaint letter to ABC! [evil]

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Well, Woz himself doesn't seem to worry too much about the judges. He just uses their comments as a springboard for another wisecrack. [Smile]

And there's a real difference between Woz and Master P from Season 2, if you hadn't noticed. Master P sucked as a dancer, but, even worse, his attitude sucked. He didn't want to work, he didn't even want to wear proper dancing shoes, for God's sake! And, by the time he was booted off, I think pretty much everyone wanted to see him gone. Now, Woz, on the other hand, may suck as a dancer, but he's trying his damnedest to DO it, even at risk to his own health! And furthermore, he's having the time of his life doing it, no matter what Len or Bruno or Carrie-Ann may say! Everything I read from him over on Facebook bears that out. And, I don't know if you noticed, but he had the audience clapping to the beat during his samba routine...he's got the audience behind him, something P didn't do as well. He may not be wowing the judges, but he can work the crowd.

So fark the judges. If he gets booted off tonight, I don't think he'll be upset at all; he'll be very gracious about it and he'll come back to Facebook and thank everyone for having supported him. And they'll probably have him back for the season finale. [Smile]

Steve-O seemed to have a little of the Master P attitude problem at first, but I think his accident last week humbled him a bit. His main problem now is that he really isn't a good dancer at all. For all I know, he may get booted tonight; if not, he may last another couple of weeks at best. The competitors have sorted themselves out pretty quickly, and he's definitely part of the bottom tranche.

And I hear and obey, O Benevolent Dictator; the reviews will continue. It helps that Sabrina likes the show, as well as Castle, the show that DWTS leads into. [Big Grin]

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Hee hee, I am totally watching the show tonight. Yay! Woz isn't in the dance off! [Applause]
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It's Results Night for Week 3, and someone else is going home! We do a quick review:
  • Ty catches Chelsie's slip-up!
  • Chuck improves with his ladyfriend!
  • Lawrence has rhythm!
  • David foxtrots to Broadway, and catches two snaps from Carrie-Ann! [Cool]
  • Lil'Kim has a bionic booty!
  • Shawn is all grown up now!
  • Gilles sambas to a standing O! [Applause]
  • Melissa plays like a beautiful instrument!
  • Denise goes backwards!
  • Holly strikes a match...
  • Steve-O draws a blank...
  • And Woz plays...Poppin' Fresh? [Confused]
One couple goes home this week...but next week, two couples go home in a double elimination! Geeks, this is your call to arms! Keep Woz on the floor!

Now let's get to seeing who's safe:
1. Melissa & Tony - Three cheers for the cheerleader! She heads ahead!
2. Gilles & Cheryl - Tres magnifique! As if HE'd get knocked out!
3. Shawn & Mark - Another excellent "floor exercise" from our gymnast!
4. Woz & Karina - Behold the Power of Geek! The fans kicked Our Hero into turbo processor speed, and booted him right OUT of the dance-off!
(commercial break, followed by a Samantha puff-piece interview with the "safe so far" stars)
5. Lawrence & Edyta - Caught the pass across the middle, for a big gain and a fresh set of downs!
6. David & Kym - I guess that "I love the judges!" song he did last night helped!
7. Chuck & Julianne - And domestic bliss is once again assured, for another week!
8. Lil'Kim & Derek - Right on! Get funky, y'all! Kim is in the house!

While the rest of the couples sweat it out...we get a preview of the dances for next week, which are two dances new to DWTS this season, the Lindy Hop and the Argentine Tango. (Of course, it was Cloris Leachman doing the demos...) We then get a couple of musical acts; first Karina surrounded by Maks, Tony, and Dmitry to the tune of Daryl Hall and John Oates playing "Maneater" (Still lookin' good, guys!), then longtime veteran pros Edyta & Alec Mazo dancing to Adele's "Chasing Pavements." (She's good.) Then (pad the show, pad the show, pad the show) it's the stars doing their explanation of the dance-off.

Finally, we get back to it, to learn the fate of the remaining four couples:

Steve-O & Lacey - SAFE! The conservative approach, flawed as his dancing was, must have worked out!
Holly & Dmitry - DANCING OFF! Could the party be over for this party girl?
Ty & Chelsie - SAFE! He came out of the chute strong, and held on for the whole ride!
Denise & Maksim - DANCING OFF! Sorry, Maks, you're not that good in a dress. [Smile]
(And let the record show that Sabrina "called the turn" on the final four couples.)

On we go to the dance-off!...

In their samba, Holly and Dmitry put everything they had into it...but it wasn't enough to satisfy the judges. This time, Holly vows to do it right! "I am gonna keep my feet on the ground!" she vows. She came out swinging in the samba, and definitely seemed to "let it go" and spice it up a little more, both in competence and sexiness! But Sabrina felt she was still a little hesitant. "You came out hot tonight!" said Len, who noted she made one little mistake in the promenade. Bruno had no worries about her hotness, only about her timing and foot placement. Carrie-Ann noted the "party atmosphere" she brought to the floor, and said, "You kept that foot on the ground!" There's something, at any rate!
Scores: CAI 6, LG 6, BT 6, Total 18 (+1 from last night)

After "going backwards" with the samba last night, Denise and Maksim kind of expected to be in the dance-off...and they hustled today to get the steps right. Then Maks counseled Denise to work on her presentation, her smile, and so forth. She definitely smiled in the samba tonight...and Sabrina called it "MASSIVE improvement!" It was a stronger performance from start to finish! "I cannot believe how much you improved!" said Bruno, who counseled her to draw on her acting experience and work on her character. "You're good under pressure!" said Carrie-Ann, who noted that she'd taken some of her advice. Len summed it up: "You deserve to stay in the competition!"
Scores: CAI 6, LG 7, BT 7, Total 20 (+4 from last night)

And, combining those scores with the previous scores, and the viewer votes which still count for 50%...subtract, carry the two, multiply here, and...the couple that is knocked out is...

Denise & Maksim! There was great improvement in her dance tonight...but not great enough to save her!

And the luck of the Bunny holds for Holly & Dmitry, as they escape the axe! Now, can she carry that momentum forward into next week? Can Lil'Kim or Ty crack the top rank of competitors? Can Gilles, Melissa, and Shawn keep up the pace under pressure? And what will give out first for the two Steves...their dance scores, their luck, or their battered bodies?

'Till next time...raise your voices, raise them high, sing "hallelujah" to the sky, praise the funk, yeah, the funky sound, then bring it on down, bring it on down!


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Icon 1 posted March 24, 2009 20:16      Profile for macmcseboy     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
I can say I made a difference! My votes counted... for once.. cant say the same when it comes to my government....

Live long and prosper.

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Word from the Woz! An insider's account of just what it's like to be on that stage...and what this competition is really about.
Here is what a friend wrote to me:

this competition is not about winning but your being a role model for everyone showing that you can accomplish so much if you try your best, have a positive attitude, overcome your fears and have the support of your friends.

I heartily agree with that assessment.

A lot of people are glad to see someone like myself having a chance.

A ton of you actually voted over and over and over to keep me in, and it worked. It could even work all the way to the victory. It isn't enough just to want me to win. It takes votes.

I almost dread this Tuesday show, with the dance-off. It's pretty boring for us dancers. We get called out on a few occasions and stand where marks on the floor have our names. We wait and stand and wait.

When we know our dance routines, we can be comfortable and go out and perform it. But on Tuesday, you never know if you are going to make it to the second and third selection. Then you have to portray a face-off and dance again. The 2 worst dances get repeated again on national TV. Each pair has to worry about going up or down a notch.

I had expected, from the lowest judges' scores in 6 years, to likely be in a dance-off. I had my knee pads under my costume. I had even thought ahead far enough to plan on repeating last week's quickstep with its fast footwork or this Samba with the work, on Regis & Kelly this Thursday, which is what happens to the one sent home.

During the first stand-off, where four partners would be 'saved' to dance again, I waited with high anticipation. After 3 couples were 'saved' they led up to the 4th announcement and then paused for what seemed forever. Like the other announced 'saves' I took a breath and held it and hoped, and hoped, and hoped to hear "Steve and Karina." When I heard it I couldn't believe it Karina screamed and I held her saying "Oh my god." I felt like everything including my nerves had been instantly sucked out of me. I was lightly crying for the rest of the show.

The audience cheered their approval and the other dancers made it obvious that they shared our joy.

I was also very glad when Steve O. got saved. We have to find a way to help him with votes if I ever get sent home. I know he'll do the same for me. And that sort of combined votes could make the total difference right to the finals.

Well, it's obvious that with the lowest judges' score in 6 years, friends and fans who voted over and over and over for us did save us, and prove their existence to the producers of Dancing With The Stars.

I am eternally grateful to so many of you who gathered groups of friends and got them to vote on all their phones as many times as allowed. I have to confess that I even let my wife vote on my phones. Karina voted for us on her phone and got the calls on video at our practice last night.

By the way, you saw Karina in a very hot "Man Eater" dance tonight.

It is late and we are starting a new dance tomorrow. So I have to get some sleep after a very long day. I will keep you informed. Please keep voting for me. We have to show that we are not insignificant. The producers did their best to get me to back out because of my injuries. But I was able to dance and proved it. They tried to get me to back out because of embarrassment, saying the judges might give me 2's. I said I don't get embarrassed. I'm not sure why the judges almost always have the same scores within a small range. How do they all know what level of lowness or highness to score? All three judges had scored me incredibly low, but they didn't daunt my enjoyment because I knew how many fans liked and believed in me.

With all of you, nothing can stop me.

Let me repeat what I believe this is all about. This came from my good friend, Bobbi Fisher Velazquez. I met Bobbi when she coordinated a program at Chapman College to save 9th graders in danger of dropping out of school after flunking English. Michael Anthony Hall helped these kids progress in reading and writing, and I did also, in that program. Here is what Bobbi said:

this competition is not about winning but your being a role model for everyone showing that you can accomplish so much if you try your best, have a positive attitude, overcome your fears and have the support of your friends.

-- tv is wake zone

There you have it. Woz would not be where he is now without OUR support. Yours and mine.

And it's obvious that Woz doesn't care what the judges think. He's just happy to be in the running, for as long as it goes.

Can we keep the dream alive, keep Our Hero in the competition through sheer force of our will? To quote a certain Presidential catchphrase: "YES WE CAN!"


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Seems like a lot of people think Woz is getting a raw deal from the judges. Here's some viewer reactions culled from this source:
"Faithful Viewer":
The judges should be ashamed of themselves. Plenty of non-talented ’stars’ and well-knowns have provided entertainment. Remember they are putting themselves out there, for our amusement. I am OUTRAGED!

I could not believe how mean the judges were, especially Carrie Ann! And come on, 3’s and 4’s? Woz at least tried and was having fun, unlike Master P. I would have been screaming at the TV, but there were children sleeping upstairs, so instead, I gave all my votes to The Woz.

The judges recognized all other contestant injuries but gave Steve no credit for his hamstring (injury) or dancing with a foot injury — just out of line insults. Considering his injuries and his when he first started, he is improving and has such a positive personality that will help so much once he gets into shape. Give him a chance for most improved.

The judges were beyond rude. My household gave all 30 of our votes to The Woz. He did a great job. He was very entertaining and is the only reason we’re watching the show this season. Go WOZ!

"Ann Harvey":
I usually enjoy the judges, but thought they were completely out of line when they judged Steve Woz on Monday. He has 2 injuries, but keeps on smiling. Rather than recognize that, they were petty & rude. It made me think “What is their problem?”. “Are they jealous that he’s wealthy & a genius? What do they have against Steve?”. They act like he shouldn’t be on the show — but if everyone started at the same level of ability — there would be no show. They need people like Steve to make the show work — so they should APPRECIATE his willingness to participate, and his positive attitude. SHAME ON THE JUDGES! Especially Carrie Ann!

Len, Bruno, Carrie-Ann, and everyone else on DWTS: The viewers aren't as dumb as you think they are...and they're calling BULLSHIT on the attitude!
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One more news tidbit...this one from judge Carrie-Ann Inaba herself, on her weekly blog on EW.com:
WOW….STEVE was safe! Good for him. I think the public loves him. And I can understand why. I do too. I just have a certain criteria by which I must judge all performers. My job is to give my critique and professional opinion -- but lucky you, you all get to vote anyway you please and can just follow your heart...and I encourage that! I think Steve W. gives a great show -- I admire him for his tenacity and I'm happy to see that we have created a dance fan! He is a true dance enthusiast now. You can see how this experience is changing his life. This is a beautiful thing to see. He’s a good egg, that Steve W. I’ve never seen so much joy in a newbie to dancing. I give him respect for that. I smile more watching him than I do some of the people who get great scores. I think we all need a bit of that right now.
So maybe the "harshing Woz's gig" thing is just an act. (If so, I think Woz knows it.) It would be interesting to hear if Len and Bruno actually feel the same way.
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Another message from Woz on "life as a DWTS contender":
...When you are on Dancing With The Stars, you have to practice and learn all day long. I have to put off my computer time for the entire day. After practice we have mandatory press interviews, DWTS "master" interviews, then dinner with family or friends, emergencies like phone replacements, etc.

By late evening, maybe 9 or 10 PM most nights, I can get down to my serious batch of computer work. If it's quick, I have time to work on my dance steps. Most nights, like last night, I take home my music and some videos of our practice and I can work for hours to perfect moves. Last night I had my dinner with a true compatriot, Steve O. He has an incredibly fan base that doesn't overlap mine and I consider him a strong ally. And vice-versa.

Yesterday, and the day before, I wound up with hundreds of emails, yes hundreds, from all of you, basically wishing me well...

...yesterday, I wound up done with email around 1 AM. I had to awaken at 5:30 AM for a major entertainment channel interview this morning (I'm a few minutes early)...

...Had I been sent home, I would have had even less time and I wouldn't have been able to read the massive email load for 2 or 3 days, due to the schedule we are contracted to upon being ejected. I might never be able to read them if I get something like 400 emails behind. I'd have to sack them all.

This is a sad reality of life in this busy time. You have to believe and trust me on this one. I will keep you informed, as long as I have bits of time. I will read all the email I receive, if I am able. That I still promise you. But keep in mind...there are only 24 hours in a day.

On the good note, we are started on our Argintine Waltz. This is Karina's favorite dance. Again, she is going for extremely dramatic dance moves that will surprise and stun you all. The music sounded very strange and dark to me the first time. I would tell you the artist but my iTunes totally failed last night and I have to make time today to get it fixed at the local Apple Store (it quits with horrible error messages...odd, since I'd had no crashes of any kind...I hope my MacBook Pro SSD is not losing bits). But I played this music as I slept last night, all 4 hours of it. By the time I awoke, I have to say that this is my favorite piece of music ever. This composer is so unique and original that I can't compare it to any piece, classical or pop, that I have ever heard in my life. Who would have known. It happens to be Karina's favorite dance composer. I'll get you the name when my iTunes gets fixed.

Karina and I are working hard to earn 8's and 9's from the judges. This time we don't want it to be our total score. The dance Karina worked out is so amazing that we actually have a chance of this, and we'll get twice as much time to practice as last week, save any injury. I will tell you that we don't slack off. I even spin Karina above me for a fill 360 ° rotation at one point, and flip her over my arm, a backwards flip, at another. We won't let you down...

Karina and I are determined to bring the appreciation of dance to a new height in America. It's not about us. It's about dance. I want to watch and enjoy dancing almost every waking hour now. It has taken over my life and is an extreme source of pleasure. I can't put it down for the rest of my life, show or no show. I run into countless people on the streets who express their gratitude. One couple yesterday told me that they were taking a ballroom dancing class and they were glad that you didn't have to feel that you are the world's best dancer to get out and do it for joy. These are the people who mean the most to me in the world, the ones who had a fun desire and didn't get scared away from it and actually found that they could do it and like it. I wish I'd taken a picture to share of this young couple.

Votes from fans that appreciate our positive energy have made a huge difference. I still can't say where in the standings we lie, but with enough internet organization we can win the whole thing and speak for a type of person who isn't well respected in this world of beautiful people getting all the attention and respect. When you vote 36 times for us, it means more than anything to me. But if you can convince 20 people to vote 36 times for us, that's what will take us over the top. I will do my best to serve as a role model for those who are often overlooked in society, but I need your support. Your numbers are probably already catching the eyes of the TV world. Let's not become forgotten by getting complacent and giving up watching and voting on Monday nights.

Let's keep this train rolling. Let's blaze new trails. Lets laugh and smile with each other.

Carry on,




-- tv is wake zone

And here's more:
I try very hard to respond to every email I receive, but lately that has taken time away from my learning a dance. I know you are behind me, and I very much appreciate your well-wishes through email, but I request that you save the those emails for after the DWTS show, so I can truly focus on learning the dances. I want to do better and surprise the judges and the world this time around. I want to challenge myself to reach new heights in my dancing. It's really hard.
So, as they say, "Keep those cards and letters!" Try not to bug Woz personally; join the Facebook group, follow him on Twitter, visit the Web site, keep tuned right here for my reports, and KEEP VOTING WOZ!!!
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Woz on learning the Argentine Tango:
On Mar 28, 2009, at 4:08 AM, Steve Wozniak wrote:

It's been an incredible week in my life.

Last week Karina and I received the lowest judges' total in 6 seasons of DWTS. We love dancing together and really laughed off the score. We did have a very short time to learn our dance after my hamstring injury and all of our steps were right on the beat. Then we were in shock when we were saved from even the horrid dance-off.

Both of us got the message from the judges to work harder at what they want. We also became aware of the importance of our many friends and fans. Whenever I meet someone who attended my US Festivals in 1982 and 1983 I give them a special handshake. For the rest of my life, that feeling of thanks will be extended to everyone who says they rooted for us or voted for us.

This is a new age, where ideas can be spread instantly around the internet. Even humor can spread like wildfire. Huge masses can organize this way and have more combined power than ever before. It makes me amazed at how things like the formation of this country (our revolution) occurred in times when it could take weeks to get written mail from one city to another.

I was so scared at learning to dance even a single number that I neglected to take time to use the internet to organize a movement. But friends filled in the gap, with Twitter, Facebook accounts, and email. National press and TV shows picked up on and played out the humor in our dances as well.

So Karina and I are serious about 2 things right now, our fans and the show judges. The fans seem to be more important than the judges so we won't compromise on our dance routines, seeking the most we can do in terms of entertainment. Just being myself is a big part of that. We both have the most positive thinking about the good of what we are bringing to the fans and, more importantly, we actually believe in ourselves.

But we are working harder than anything to improve our dances, in some technical sense. Being saved last week has given us such positive energy that I just want to dance all the time. Even doing fun interviews and other necessary things that come up on this show takes time from the dancing that I love so much. If we work for 6 hours of practice, I want to come back for another couple of hours in the evening. When I awaken, I want to dance my steps to the bathroom.

This Monday we will perform an Argentinian Tango. Ignore that I called it a Waltz in a prior blog to you. Anyone who knows me knows how I get names wrong all the time. Ha ha ha. Our dance music is taken from Astor Piazzolla's "Cite Tango" and this music has taken over my world. It is as unusual as the Stanford Laptop Orchestra that I heard a couple of times a year ago. This music has an orchestra sounding much different than I have ever heard before.

The Argentine Tango is based around a love-hate concept. The strong (cowboy) man is a bit secretive. He is pursuing a woman but he has some angst about her. She is trying to be sexy and attractive to get his attention. Karina said that I was to be 'stalking' her as we circled a chair at the start of our dance. I put on a stalking face, as though I'm chasing her and want to catch her, out of desire.

Yesterday, Karina told me that my face needed to be more hateful and full of spite toward her. I sat in the mirror and tried about 20 different facial expressions but couldn't get this hateful look. Karina told me to move my brows closer, move my head down, squint my eyes, everything. But I couldn't get the look she wanted. I told her I'd work at home in a mirror and try to find the right look, with a mysterious dislike.

In our evening practice I was having difficulty with one part, matching my movements to hers. I stopped as I do at least once a day, upset with the whole process and trying to figure out how to get past my block and find the solution. Karina asked if I wanted to go home, as this feeling sometimes makes me ready to quit. I said "no" as I enjoyed the progress we were making in the dance and I wanted to go through it many more times. But I stood there trying to think about what I was doing wrong. When like this, I am being very critical of myself on the inside.

Karina exclaimed "that's the look!" Sure enough, I could tell that my entire face had a look that I could not find in a mirror. I could remember my state of mind and bring this look back. We then danced a short sequence where I am staring straight at Karina's eyes to help keep our bodies and their positions as mirror images. Every time we tried this short 8-beat sequence Karina could not concentrate or would even laugh. She actually had trouble dancing with my looking at her this new way.

This look seemed so real and not merely acted or attempted. It was so good it reminded me of a time recently when I was auditioning, in my living room, for a movie part. My starting line for one part was "Can I use your phone." I got so deeply into the character that, after they told us that we could start (camera rolling), I asked the director as naturally as you could imagine if I could use his phone. The director was my opposite part for this reading. He got up from his chair and hurried across the room to get his real cell phone for me. He had actually believed my request so much that he didn't even realize that it was the line I was supposed to say in the audition.

So this is an example of finding the right motivation to get your look and posture and body communication right, for a dance or when acting. Acting is a great part of our dances on DWTS, actually.

It will be Saturday morning soon. I am hoping that this is a very good day and that our next dance becomes second nature from start to finish. Everything gets more relaxed when you get to the point that you can recover from any slips or lapses or misses in the routine. We haven't had significant examples of these sorts of slips yet but it's good to know that you can get past them and keep on dancing your number.

Please don't forget how important you and the votes are. There are a lot of good reasons to vote for us over the others. But I hope that you enjoy the entire show too, and treat this as more than a game. You are important to me forever but I won't pressure you to do things you don't want to. If you aren't smiling, find something to do that makes you smile.

Your friend,


-- tv is wake zone

Also have a look at this article, which talks about how the fans have kept The Woz in the running. In particular, it talks about Chris Harrington, behind the votewoz.com site and the corresponding Twitter feed, and Joe Patane, who's behind the Facebook group, and has been relaying those updates from Woz that I post here. (Patane says that Woz and Karina actually taught him a few steps of the Argentine Tango, too!)

No matter what happens, Woz is a changed man. But we want to keep him dancing, don't we? VOTE WOZ!!!!!

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Two more messages to relay for you. The first is from an Apple Distinguished Educator rallying the troops:
On Mar 29, 2009, at 12:27 PM, Larry wrote:

Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) and other Friends:

Payback time has come!

As most of you know, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, is appearing on the ABC show, Dancing With The Stars. The show airs in the US on Monday nights.

For those of you who have been watching, it has become quite clear that the judges don't like Steve. I believe they think he's not a "serious dancer." Well, okay...just look at his facial expression when he dances. He shows LIFE and exuberance for what he's doing. This is the spirit that I believe "Woz" has shown for us down through the years that we've been on his "tech team." Hence, we have these wonderful computing devices with which we're changing lives regularly in our work.


Just think back to the early days. There they were: two young fellas toiling away in their garage, building this amazing electronic device that, for the first time in history, would allow us common folks to own our very own microcomputer. What visionaries they must have been -- but I'll guarantee you they were having fun. I doubt that they were thinking about building Apple, Inc., into the huge company it is today. I'm positive they weren't thinking about making a device that would allow us to have this ADE program someday! Yet, they toiled and produced that amazing machine.


Steve Wozniak has done so very much for each of us, our families, our students, our schools, our communities. Often, I imagine that each of us has wished there were some way we could show the founders just how much we appreciate what they did for us.

Well, that time has come!!

As you read the message below, please follow the encouragement to vote for Steve. If you have multiple accounts, use each one of them and cast the full amount of eligible votes for Woz.

Let's show these judges something truly amazing about the power of our community...about the strength of working in numbers. Let's get all our families, colleagues, students, etc., to cast votes for Woz.

Shucks! Let's make the DWTS organizers rethink how they handle the online voting impact. Let's make them change the rules, if necessary! Let's blow them away!!!

I really want ALL of us to use all our votes for Steve. He has done so extremely much for us down through the years, literally transforming our lives and the lives of thousands with whom we interact. So, voting is just a small thing, in comparison, yet I feel that each ONE of our votes is so critically important.

Thanks for joining our team. Will you hook arms with me and join the march toward ensuring Woz's continuing appearance on DWTS???


And Woz himself commenting on that letter, and on his dance preparation:
On Mar 29, 2009, at 9:19 PM, Steve Wozniak wrote:

This email below [quoted above -Erbo] was from an Apple Distinguished Educator to around 1000 other ADE's. It is exemplary of the sort of campaign we can wage in this computer/internet age. We can show the world of reality TV contests how powerful the new media can be when it is harnessed by those who have a purpose and are organized.

I myself don't care to ever again be on any reality TV show. I won't become a Hollywood celebrity. I'll go back to my computer friends and Segway polo friends and general geek friends and have the same life as always.

But I do like to shake things up and take them out of the ordinary. I will make this deal with all of you. I will continue to work hard to learn and do something that is very foreign to the way I am and the things I have always done. I will have positive energy and show others that they can have a lot of fun doing things even if they aren't professional experts at it.

With enough support from friends, the TV world will get a stronger message than we can imagine. The way this DWTS show was explained to me, it's OK to join being a non-dancer. It's about doing things you have never done for the entertainment of the viewing audience. These are wholesome values. If I'm satisfying the audience, or helping them to be inspired to do things they always wanted to do, then I'm doing good for the show and deserve your votes and even deserve to win. If I'm not reaching the audience in some good constructive way, then I should be off the show, having done as much good as I can for the world.


I'm ready for the show tomorrow. We make fine adjustments to our routine right up to the day of the show. Last night we rehearsed on the stage and worked out a few 'better' parts and practiced a tricky maneuver on the stairs. We also added one small bit of comedy that may even go unnoticed. Today we did what's called camera blocking on the stage. After that we had a short practice. Karina and I both know that the major weakness in my dance, which may affect the judges' scores, is that I have trouble presenting my body as the strong forceful confident male figure of the Argentine Tango. I have lived a life being too nice to even scowl at anyone. In this dance I have to keep a serious and aloof and disdaining look throughout. So my inner joy cannot show.

Some actions should be strong and effective, as the man in control of things. This is also so unlike my normal self, which is basically shy in terms of body positions and language and movements.

I will do my best but cannot guarantee top scores. We'll have to see.

I am going into this double-elimination event with the hopes that fan support like yours, and that of any one or many that you can convince to vote for me, will keep me viable. If we work hard and do more than just talk, we can take a strong message all the way.

I felt it was important to enjoy this evening. Janet and I and Julie and Joe went to a great restaurant, the Grand Lux Cafe. It's owned by the same group as the Cheesecake Factory but is better quality food. The service we got in this very elegant and large restaurant in the Beverly Center in L.A. was outstanding. My car was valet parked in the garage and they washed it while we ate. It was the finest meal I have had in L.A. but that's another story for another time.

Then Janet and I went out on Segways. I had stumbled upon the Hollywood Stars Walk of Fame on my Segway with Julie when we went to tape a segment at Jimmy Kimmel's studio. So I took Janet to see this piece of history. Each star has an icon representing categories that you could get into this Hall of Fame for. A movie camera icon means you are in for movies, a record icon means you are in for music recordings, etc. I saw one very strange icon at one point, a couple of jokers, almost clowns. It was on the star for Gene Autry. Janet noticed that it had a notice on this star saying that it was for the only person who got in for all 5 of the categories.

I'm back home and have some thinking and practicing to do here, as tomorrow is another big day.

Here's that email, below [see above -Erbo], that inspires me to ask you to do similar things if you can.

Thanks to all the good people,


Geeks of the world, this is a call to arms!

Can we keep Woz on the show? Can we show the producers of DWTS, the judges, and the world that WE BELIEVE Woz is worthy to stay in this contest? Can we send a message to the beautiful people of the world that there are a lot more of us than there are of them?

Quoting the President of the United States* again: "YES WE CAN!"


* - Uncharacteristic of me, I know. [Big Grin]

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Two quick news notes about The Woz...

First, Charlie McCollum of the San Jose Mercury News asks the question: "Is Woz the worst DWTS dancer ever?" And the answer, of course, is "NOT. EVEN. CLOSE." He also points out the hardcore geek fanbase of Woz (that would be us, people) and the fact that even many non-geeks out there tend to view Woz as "The Every Dude" in the competition.

Second, according to this article, sourcing a columnist for the New York Daily News, Woz and Karina Smirnoff have gotten so chummy, she's asked him to walk her down the aisle when she marries fellow pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy. (Yeah, that guy. The one who was partnered with Denise Richards, who got voted off last week.) That, of course, IMHO, reflects the fact that Woz is a Galactic-Class Nice Guy. [Smile]

Oh, one quick hit from the Woz:
Oh, on the mirror in front of me, in my seat in the trailer, someone wrote, in brown lipstick, "I (heart) u Woz!" It could be from any of the staff here. Security is VERY tight and very good here now [in the wake of the Shawn Johnson stalker issue -Erbo]. I'm going to borrow another color of lipstick and scrawl under the writing "Thanks, Bruno" so that whoever did it will get a laugh.
I LOL'd. [Big Grin]
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I don't care what the judges said; I LOVED Woz's dance tonight. I changed channels just in time to catch the dance. Yeah, he's not a great dancer, but he's a great ENTERTAINER. I'm definitely going to try to vote for him to stay on the show.

Change the way you SEE, not the way you LOOK!

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