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Author Topic: SWG, WoW and Guild Wars
Mac D
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I just started playing a new MMO. I don't know if anyone remembers my review of SWG and WoW with the pro's and con's but I will put them here again along with the new game I have been playing Guild Wars. I'll start with the newest one.

Guild Wars

I've been playing for just a couple days now so have not gotten to far into the game. So far it has been a fun little game. I got the original thinking I would get the expansions later. Then I found out they are all stand alone games but they work together like expansions. So if you have the original and you buy Nightfall you can use the toons you already created in the new game and go to all the new locations and all the new stuff. But you can also start with a different one and add the ones you want in any order you want. So I would say thats a plus. I do plan on getting the 3 other guild war games. I can't think of all the names right now. A big pro is that you just have to buy the game. No subscription fees on the game ever. So once you have purchased it thats all you ever pay. Another pro is you can Mix and Match your profession. Right now I have a Warrior/Elementilist (Think Mage from WoW) So I can swing a sword with the best of them but also hurl a fire ball at someone. Also when you leave a city you are in your own little world with no other players unless you go as a group or you can make a group from "Henchman" that are like computer controlled players. I'll put that under pro since it makes grinding much easier. It also has a HUGE story line in game.

But it also has some cons. It's not as open and you have to follow pre determined paths. Your locked into your profession once you choose it. The Mini Map does not have the little thing where if you hold your mouse over the dot it tells you what it is. So if you are looking for something specific like Grawls it makes searching them out a little tougher.

WoW (World of Warcraft)

I would have to say this is the worst MMO I have ever played. It's the same thing over and over again. Go collect 10 this or thats or go kill this monster or kill 50 blah blah blahs.

But it does have some pros. It's the biggest game out there with something like 8 million players so there is always someone around to help when you need it. It's not hard finding a group. It's very easy to play but thats also a down side since most of your group will be nine and ten year olds that will leave a quest half way in because it's there bed time or they have to go do homework. Then of course you have the gold farmers that are going around killing everything so they can sell gold to other players. It's hard to grind with all the people around. And grinding is better then questing in that game since all the quests are the same as stated earlier.

SWG (Star Wars Galaxies)

By far the best MMO ever. I know the numbers for players are down but it's still one heck of a game. For starters it's HUGE. There are 10 planets each one is about the size of a continent on WoW. It's wide open. No having paths or being restricted from a planet because of level or lack of. You can switch professions and even factions at will or you don't even need to pick a side if you don't want to. If you want to be part of the rebellion one day then the next decide you want to work for the empire you can. Not to mention this game has Light Sabers. And there is nothing cooler then that. Then there are the player houses and player made cities in the game. So you never have a storage problem. Also the economy is all player driven. The players make the houses, the ships the weapons, the armor, the power ups and everything else you need to play. You can also have your own vendors instead of having to sell everything at the auction house. Also on top of the 10 planets there are 11 space zones. You can fly Tie fighters, X-wings, Y-wings and a ton of other ships. The space part of the game is a game in itself. One con about the game is the limit of having only 2 toons per server. I would like more then that. Like about one more at least. Also the game is still a little buggy compared to the rest of the games. But its still the best one in my opinion.

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