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Author Topic: Dancing With The Stars - Season 2

Icon 1 posted February 10, 2006 22:31            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Enjoy 'em while they last, Steen...once the current DWTS and SWC seasons end, I probably won't do these anymore. These are a lot of work! I generally fill a couple of pages with notes during the broadcast, then spend some time organizing them and turning them into the summary that gets posted. It's also cut severely into the time I have available for other things, having to hurry home three nights a week to be there in time for the broadcasts.
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Steen! So nice to see you back! [Smile]

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Snupy's back!?!?!?! Hip hip...

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snupy wrote:
Steen! So nice to see you back! [Smile]

Thank you. I'm glad to see you're still coming around here too [Smile]

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Icon 1 posted February 16, 2006 20:23            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
There may be ice and snow over on the other network...but it's still cool on Dancing With The Stars, as we roll into the semifinals! Each couple will dance two routines tonight, one ballroom, one Latin...lot of stuff going on tonight, so on we go!


Stacy Keibler & Tony Dovolani - After trip 10's two weeks in a row, how do you kick it up another notch? With both a quickstep and a cha-cha-cha to learn this week, Stacy had to get into two different characters: "Lola" for the cha-cha-cha, "Priscilla" for the quickstep. To help, they brought in an actress from the movie Shall We Dance, who should know something about characterization. Tony actually lost his temper during training, too. Their quickstep, to "You Can't Hurry Love," started on the stage, then quickly moved to circling the floor with fast steps. She cut a fine figure as they went through the Charleston steps. Head Judge Len Goodman said that he wanted to see couples coming in with all guns blazing, firing on all cylinders, and she did just that. Carrie-Ann Inaba loved her articulation, but wanted to see her "take more risks," whatever the hell that means (and how many risks should you take, this close to the end of the competition?) Bruno Tonioli loved the stunning beauty of the performance. (Score: 27/30)

Jerry Rice & Anna Trebunskaya - Anna says Jerry is easily the most improved dancer in the competition. He certainly seems to have the most devoted fans, who saved his drive several times! This week, in order to get Jerry in shape for the tango and the rumba, she triple-teamed him, bringing in her husband Jonathan Roberts (pro partner of the departed Giselle Fernandez) and her mother Irina Trebunskaya to help whip him into shape. It's tough on him, but Jerry can handle it; "It's like the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl," he said. Unfortunately, they got some pretty sucktacular tango music, "One Way Or Another." Jerry played the part of a janitor who gets roped into the dance by Anna the lush, who he had to keep from grabbing the bottle a couple of times. It was an entertaining performance, I thought. Bruno, however, said, "I don't get it!" He thought it was simply "not good enough" for the semifinals. "Jerry is not George," said Len, who didn't see a proper tango and thought Jerry was "more like Jerry Springer." (Anna argued this point fiercely with him...I like how she can argue without sounding whiny. For comparison, remember Ashly DelGrosso's comment to Len's judgement of her and Joey McIntyre's foxtrot in Season 1: "But it was an open foxtrot!") Carrie-Ann did note that they took a huge risk out there. Hey, at least that's better than Stacy! (Score: 20/30)

Lisa Rinna & Louis Van Amstel - They're coming out swinging this week, after being close to elimination last week. ROAD TRIP! They head up to Medford, Oregon, Lisa's hometown, to meet her parents, who are definitely part of "Team Rinna." Medford is also the hometown of Ginger Rogers, and it was at the Ginger Rogers Theatre that they practiced their foxtrot and cha-cha-cha; Lisa desperately hoped she could channel Ginger in the competition and score a 10! Their foxtrot was a very sleek, stylin' dance, to "Fever," the subtle expressiveness of their performance had serious impact. Carrie-Ann noted some deficiencies with her footwork and arm positioning, but admired how she puts herself out there every week. Bruno called it "foxy and delicious," and loved the little nuances. Len just called it "A treat to see and a joy to behold." (Score: 26/30)

Drew Lachey & Cheryl Burke - "Hey, Drew Lachey! You just scored a perfect 30 for the first time in the DWTS contest! What're you going to do next?" "I'm goin' to Disneyland!" And so they did, for an exhibition performance in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle and mobs of screaming fans. After that, it was back to work on the foxtrot and rumba...and Cheryl's getting nervous! They got some decent music, though: "It Had To Be You." They danced it in a very smooth and expressive way, with a nice grapevine, good separated work, and a big finish. Len said, "You never cease to amaze me," thought he lost the character a bit, but interpreted the music well. Carrie-Ann noted their great partnership, which helps "sell" the dance. Bruno, though, seemed disappointed, he thought they went into a paso doble or something! (And a furious argument broke out.) He thought they could have done better. (Score: 26/30)


Stacy & Tony - Their cha-cha-cha was set to "Since You;ve Been Gone" (no, not the Weird Al song). Stacy's long legs help her get the leg and hip action for the cha-cha-cha, and she even did a high back kick that looked like it nearly hit her skull! A nifty spin move helped finish it off. Bruno called it "a visual feast" and praised the leg action. Len thought her arms were a bit stiff and her action was a bit clipped, but he liked it. Carrie-Ann wondered, "What was with the angry face?" Stacy countered: "It fit the music!" (Score: 28/30)

Jerry & Anna - They got some better music for the rumba, "Unbreak My Heart." Jerry has hip action! I like this performance better than his tango, with good expression and some very hot holds. Carrie-Ann said "Nice job!", but pointed out he got off the music a bit and his posture wasn't all that. Bruno said, "You work very hard, Jerry, but this is the semifinals." Len agreed: "I admire you so much, Jerry, but they're right, you're the worst." At this point, Jerry said, "I totally disagree," and pointed out what we already knew: this is completely outside his field, but he's been taking this seriously and working hard every week, and he's been really enjoying this competition. Later, in the green room, he said, "No matter what happens, I'm already a winner." Amen, Jerry. (Score: 21/30)

Lisa & Louis - Another clunker of a music choice for their cha-cha-cha: "Material Girl"? What were they thinking? (Were they thinking?) Their performance, though, had intensity, with good foot and hip action from Lisa, and a performance that hung together right down to the slammin' finish. Len praised the choreography, as did Bruno, and noted how much she improved each week. Carrie-Ann agreed. Bruno said, "You do it so well, you two!" (Score: 27/30)

Drew & Cheryl - For the rumba, their music was "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Their dance might have been too active for a proper rumba, but it had power to match the music, up to an impressive, big, bold finish. Bruno spotted the power and the passion; "This is what we like!" he said. Len thought it was too hard and too aggressive, and another argument ensued. Carrie-Ann said, "That was so sexy, and so passionate!", following it up with, "Sorry, Len!" (Score: 29/30 - high score for the night!)

Tomorrow night, we'll get treated to some testimonials about our remaining dancers, from Steve Young (Jerry's quarterback), Hulk Hogan (Stacy's fellow wrestler), Harry Hamlin (Lisa's husband), and Nick Lachey (Drew's more-famous older brother). Meanwhile, here are tonight's total scores:

Stacy & Tony - 55/60
Drew & Cheryl - 55/60
Lisa & Louis - 53/60
Jerry & Anna - 41/60

One of these couples has now danced their last. The rest will go on to the final round, dancing for the coveted cheesy disco-ball trophy! Who's it gonna be? We'll know...tomorrow night.

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Whew! After that big show, it's time for the results...one more couple goes home, the other three are going on to the finals!

Obviously, first, we get a full recap, then the "Judges' Encore" for this week: Drew & Cheryl's "Total Eclipse" rumba! (Up yours, Len! And, in fact, he led the standing ovation afterwards!) Then we got a recap/interview with the three reamining competitors.

This week's guest performer is jazz singer Michael Bouclet, who sang "Moondance" while pros Mick Kosovich (partner to Tatum O'Neal, eliminated) and Andrea Hale (parter to Kenny Mayne, eliminated) danced a foxtrot to it. The orchestration was big, the singing was maybe a little cocktail-loungey, but the dancing was, of course, ichiban!

The judges have their opinions of all the four remaining dancers. Briefly stated: Stacy is a natural, Drew is a fighter, Jerry is a competitor, and Lisa is a charmer. Drew always gives a hundred percent out there on the floor, with excellent footwork and a committed attitude; he just needs to finish his lines better. Stacy has natural talent and legs that don't quit, but she needs to improve her communication with the audience. Jerry has the natural "look" of a dancer, and hard work, determination, focus, and strength like nobody's business; to get through, he'll have to really work his feet, get his shoulders back, and get it all right. Lisa started slow, but has since come into her own, dancing "on the edge" with lots of energy; to win, she'll need to polish her routines and keep that momentum.

Last week, who impressed the judges most? Carrie-Ann picked Drew, noting how different the two "characters" of his dances were, and how he pulled it off well. Len has always admired Jerry's ability, as a football player, to take massive hits from linebackers and get up and keep going; he shows the same qualities as a dancer. Bruno liked the way Lisa came out and did a great foxtrot, which is not the easiest dance to do.

Turnabout is fair play, it seems...now Tom Bergeron the host, wants to learn to dance, and Ashly DelGrosso (partner of P. Miller, eliminated) is going to teach him the quickstep! After a segment showing him going through much the same training as the stars (I bet Ashly appreciates his attitude more than she did Master P's!), Tom handed over the announcing duties to cohost Samantha...'cos here comes the British announcer voice: "Dancing the quickstep, Tom Bergeron and his partner Ashly DelGrosso!" Their dance, to "Come On, Get Happy," incorporated elements of Dick Van Dyke-style comedy, which Tom can do rather well; he actually gave a fair accounting of himself. Len commented that the dance moves themselves were OK, but the rest of it was like something off America's Funniest Home Videos. (Which Tom also hosts!) No scores, or comments from Bruno or Carrie-Ann, but it was good. (Next week, in the final results show, Samantha will take the floor!)

Michael came out and sang again, this time, "Save The Last Dance For Me," featuring dancers Alec Mazo (pro partner of Kelly Monaco, Season 1 champion) and Edyta Sliwinska (pro partner of George Hamilton, eliminated) doing a cha-cha number. Much the same comments apply to this number as to the previous one.

Now, we get a whole slew of friends-and-family testimonials about our dancing stars, from: Jackie Rice (Jerry's wife), Harry Hamlin (Lisa's husband), Lea Lachey (Drew's pregnant wife), Gary and Pat Keibler (Stacy's parents), Nick Lachey (Drew's more-famous elder brother), Steve Young (Jerry's quarterback on the 49ers), Hulk Hogan (Stacy's fellow wrestler), and Ronnie Lott (Jerry's old teammate). Finally, though, it's time to figure out who stays and who goes. Staying are:

Drew & Cheryl (Honestly, they weren't gonna miss the finals!)

Jerry & Anna (The fans make the play again! It's first and goal for Jerry!)

The final two are Lisa & Louis, and Stacy & Tony. If you know how good Stacy & Tony are, you won't be surprised to hear that Lisa & Louis were eliminated. "I've had the most amazing experience, and I've been taken to a place I never even imagined," said Lisa, as we got the "clip show" showing the long and winding road she's taken. Notably, Len praised her infectious enthusiasm, Bruno noted, "She doesn't hold back," and Louis said, "She's my favorite student, forever!" As tears flowed, Lisa said, "Louis is a soulmate!" They got their last dance, including a big group hug...and Harry Hamlin walked out on stage to congratulate Lisa, too. As the show ended, Lisa raised her arms in triumph, to thunderous cheers.

So now, the final stage is set. Next Thursday, our three final couples put together two more dances apiece: a reprise of their favorite from earlier in the contest, and a no-holds-barred freestyle routine. Then, the following Sunday night...one of them becomes champion! Our journey is coming to a close...but the finish is gonna be big!

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This is it! The Dancing With The Stars finals are upon us! Three couples are in the running, all vying for the chance to hoist the cheesy disco-ball trophy!

First, though, we got a big long reprise of how these three couples got here, and their performances throughout the weeks. We also got some highlights of the pro performances, such as Barry Manilow's "Copacabana" and the re-enactment of the final sequence of Dirty Dancing...but, if you've been reading everything I've written on this already, you've seen it all before. But we had one more surprise..."Dancing the jive, Samantha Harris and her partner Jonathan Roberts!" Yes, now that Tom Bergeron had his chance, Samantha Harris got hers...and she's good, too, as good as almost any celebrity performance on the show. She can really shake it! (What? No judges' comments? Awwwww!)

Well, all that used up an entire hour of airtime, so it's time we get to the...


Jerry Rice & Anna Trebunskaya - Jerry is definitely the people's choice, as evidenced by the turnout at the big San Francisco party to celebrate his and Anna's making it to the finals. Anna's looking forward to the freestyle dance, as it'll give Jerry a chance to use that athletic ability of his in some big lifts. Meantime, they reprised their foxtrot, their best dance. It was very nice and elegant; they did the grapevine well, and looked like they really enjoyed it. The dance was easily as good as if the legendary John O'Hurley and Charlotte Jorgensen had performed it. Head Judge Len Goodman said, "That was so elegant, so natural...it's the best dance you've ever done." Carrie-Ann Inaba agreed, and remarked on how they really showed the joy of dancing. Bruno Tonioli admired his "indestructible" nature, but thought the dance lacked a little drive, sparking an argument. (Score: 26/30 - a new personal best for Jerry!)

Stacy Keibler & Tony Dovolani - Stacy's having some difficulty with the lifts for their freestyle performance, so Tony took her to work out, first on a trampoline, then on a trapeze! Happy to reach the ground in one piece, Stacy was much more comfortable after that. For now, though, they reprised their jive to "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go." It was just as good this time around, with the high kicks, the swiveling hips, and Stacy finishing on the judges' desk in front of Len (who hopefully brought his heart medication this time around!) Bruno called her "the ultimate all-American pinup girl." Len just said, "Great job!" Carrie-Ann admitted that this was her favorite of their dances, and it was fantastic. (Score: 30/30 - again!)

Drew Lachey & Cheryl Burke - They're putting everything they have into these performances, 'cos there's no tomorrow! Cheryl thought they were going to Saddle Ranch for a session with the mechanical bull...but it turned out to be a surprise party for them, including friends and family, and a special taped message from Drew's parents in Cincinatti. "Win big or fail trying," Drew vowed. For this round, they reprised their "Thriller" paso doble, with all the big moves, all the stomps, and the dance moves from the video thrown in as an added fillip. "WHOOOOOOOO!" said Drew as they finished the dance. "WHOOOOOOOO!" echoed Carrie-Ann, saying, "You dominated the dance floor!" Bruno said, "You have become a believable leading man; you have achieved greatness!" Len called them the best couple he's seen in five seasons of the show (both here and overseas). I smell high score! (Score: 30/30 - and Drew jumped on the couch in jubilation!)

Now, if you think that was great, buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy, 'cos here comes the...


Jerry & Anna - Whoa! Check out the Afros! They danced to "Celebration," but, as for me, I was left thinking, "Here comes the funk!" The program incorporated some energetic lifts and flips of Anna by Jerry, and moves that would have pleased any native of Funkotron. Bruno found it funny and entertaining, and said, "You exceeded my expectations!" Carrie-Ann had a great time with it, too, and liked the lifts. Len appreciated the lifts, too, and said he hadn't laughed so much in years. Score one for Toe Jam^H^H^H^H^H^H^HBig Earl^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HJerry! (Score: 27/30 - and another new personal best for Jerry!)

Stacy & Tony - What is this, 70's night? Out they come to the strains of the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive," and Tony is getting all John Travolta on us! They do some great side-by-side line-dance type work before moving into a hustle that seemed to slow a bit before Stacy climbed atop Tony's shoulders for the finish. The overall theme of the judges was "disappointment"; they were expecting more. Bruno put it best: "I was expecting John Travolta and Olivia Neutron Bomb, but the bomb didn't explode!" (Score: 26/30)

Drew & Cheryl - Welcome to the Wild Wild West! Their dance, to "I'm A Cowboy," took a country tack, with jive-inspired steps and some nice lift moves, including Cheryl hopping on Drew's back and going for a ride! Len said, "That was everything a freestyle routine should be - brilliant!" Bruno chimed in, "You're ready for the lead role in Brokeback Mountain: The Musical!" (Gay there much, Bruno? [Big Grin] ) Carrie-Ann called it powerful and passionate, saying, "You know how to bring it to the floor!" (Score: 30/30 - two perfect scores!)

Whew! And, after all that, on Sunday night, each couple will dance one more routine that the judges will score and add to their scores from tonight to determine their final rankings, which will be combined with the viewer rankings to crown a champion! Plus, we'll get some performances from all the eliminated couples (yes, even Master P will be there!) and Mary J. Blige will perform live! It's almost here...just three days to wait!

UPDATE: Here's some wargaming of the possible results. As you know, the way the scoring system works is, the couple scoring highest with the judges will get 3 points, the next couple will get 2, and the bottom will get 1. Then, the couple ranking highest in the viewer vote gets 3 points, the second 2, and the third 1. Highest point total wins; if there's a tie, it's decided by the highest viewer vote total.

First of all, I don't think the third dance is going to affect the judges' rank order much; it'd be hard for Jerry to overcome his third-place deficit at this point. Drew and Stacy might switch places, but probably not. That means the points from the judge's rankings will be: Drew 3, Stacy 2, Jerry 1.

This means that Jerry can only win the trophy if he scores highest in the viewer vote, giving him 4 points. Even then, it's not a given; if Drew scores second place in the viewer vote, he has 5 points, and wins. If Drew scores third, Stacy will score second, and all three couples will be tied with 4 points; the tiebreaker goes to Jerry, and he wins.

If Jerry does not score highest in the viewer vote, he can have at most 3 points, and is out of it. Then the question is, who does score the highest viewer vote? If Drew does, he has 6 points, and wins. If Stacy does, she has 5 points. Then, if Drew scores second, they're tied with 5 each, and Stacy wins the tiebreaker; if Drew scores third, he has 4 points, and Stacy wins outright.

No matter which couple wins, though, I'll be satisfied with the outcome. All three did very well. There's no "fix" this time around.

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This is it! This is definitely the absolute, undeniably, unqualified last time you'll ever see me do a report on Dancing Wth The Stars on GeekCulture.com! (If I ever do it for any future DWTS series--and that's a mighty big "if"--it'll be over on Electric Minds, now that I have some assurance that it'll stay up.) We've got a cheesy disco-ball trophy to award, and two solid hours of airtime to do it, so let's get right to the show-padding!

First thing, we get all 7 of the knocked-out couples entering, in the order of their knock-outs, to the strains of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." Then, we get the entrance of our three remaining couples, 'cos it's not over yet! For the final round, each couple will take one of their favorite disciplines and perform an entirely new routine. Then we'll have the final judges' rankings. (Let me say, before going in: I firmly believe that any of these three couples are good enough to deserve the trophy. There was no fix this time. This was a fair contest.) So here we go!

Jerry Rice & Anna Trebunskaya - Jerry says, "I'm just doing what I really should have been doing the whole time: having fun." This time they're going for it: doing the cha-cha-cha, which he did in Week 1, and pushing it to the limit. Their cha-cha-cha was to the Aretha Franklin classic "Think," and Jerry showed how far he's come since the contest started, with great footwork and hip action, perfectly complementing Anna. And, once again, his performance brought down the house, with people chanting, "JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!" Head Judge Len Goodman commented, "My admiration for you has never waned...in twenty years, you'll be able to tell your grandchildren, 'In 2006, I mastered ballroom and Latin dancing!'" Carrie-Ann Inaba said it was "like a celebration," and called it "the performance of a lifetime." Bruno Tonioli called them "the lady and the champ," praised the footwork, and said, "You've done it, Jerry!" And, in my mind, Jerry Rice and Anna Trebunskaya join John O'Hurley and Charlotte Jorgensen as "true champions, no matter what happens." (Score: 27/30 - equalling Jerry's personal best!)

Stacy Keibler & Tony Dovolani - Stacy was understandably disappointed by last week's review of her freestyle dance, and vowed to go out with a bang. Despite an injured foot that required both icing and the services of a stretch specialist, she battled through the rehearsals. They did a samba (which was one of Stacy's perfect-30's in the competition) to "Livin' La Vida Loca," and the fast tempo of the song let Stacy uncrank the engines and really shake it! Even Kelly Monaco never shook it like that...yet Stacy made it look sexy and appropriate without being trampy. And their monster spin move to finish--breathtaking! "Behold the ultimate power of the weapon of mass seduction!" crowed Bruno, also remarking "I've never seen celebrity talent like this--choreographers will be falling all over themselves to use you!" (Somebody check his shorts, if you know what I mean! [Big Grin] ) Len said, "If we do fifty of these series, we'll never see a samba like that again!" Carrie-Ann remarked that they've set the standard, not just for her physique, but for the way she moves it. Undeniable, all of it. She could easily take the whole thing. (Score: 30/30 - one more in a long line of perfect scores!)

Drew Lachey & Cheryl Burke - Despite an unprecedented double perfect score on Thursday, Drew and Cheryl are not resting on their laurels--and this despite the fact that Drew is on "baby watch," with his wife close to giving birth! Cheryl gave him a gift of some baby clothes, emblazoned with rhinestones spelling out, "Team Drew." Their routine tonight will feature a mighty leap by Drew over Cheryl's head--but can he pull it off! The routine, a jive to 'Hound Dog," was energetic and light on their feet...and he made the jump! A smashing end to an electrifying performance, the house was on its feet! Carrie-Ann called them "the most energetic," admiring the way the come out and take risks, not leaving anything behind. Bruno said, "You are the dynamo of this competition; you throw off so much energy, you could light up Los Angeles!" Len admired the way Drew came out "like Wyatt Earp at the OK Corral" every week. (Score: 27/30 - triggering boos and jeers from the audience!)

That's the end of the competition; the final judges' scores are:

Drew & Cheryl - 87/90
Stacy & Tony - 86/90
Jerry & Anna - 80/90

And, as I predicted, their rankings are unchanged. Now, back by popular demand, salsa champions Rodrigo Guzman and Yesenia Adame dance a routine as Mary J. Blige sings one of her hits. Adame is very flexible; she caused Pamela to go "WOW!" at a couple of points in the performance. (And Pamela spotted a special guest in the audience...but more on this anon.)

Now, in the middle of this was the commercial for a new movie coming out soon, Take The Lead. From the preview, it looks like a combination of Strictly Ballroom and Stand And Deliver, with a dash of Save The Last Dance thrown in. The premise has a bunch of underachieving New York high school students meeting up with a teacher of ballroom dance (played by Antonio Banderas), who aims to teach them, not only how to dance ballroom, but how to dance well enough to win a citywide competition...and, in the process, blend ballroom and hip-hop to create a completely new style of dance. This could be good. Dance fans, take note. OK, now back to the show.

At this point, we can now reveal who exits the competition in 3rd place overall, and that couple is...Stacy & Tony! Stacy, overwhelmed by emotion (and drowned out by the applauding audience), called it "a life-changing experience." We got the complete retrospective treatment on her meteoric rise to the almost-top. She said the experience wa s"like living every little girl's dream," and praised her competitors, her partner Tony, and everyone. A truly gracious competitor to the very last. If she had won, I wouldn't have been disappointed at all.

After a short, tension-convention interview with the two remaining couples, Tom pointed out the two very special guests in the audience: Kelly Monaco and Alec Mazo, Season 1 champions! (Shoulda brought back John and Charlotte, too...) Now, the first four eliminated couples come back for a short dance:

Kenny Mayne & Andrea Hale, cha-cha-cha to "Hot Stuff" - Kenny still looks demented.

Tatum O'Neal & Nick Kosovich, waltz to "What The World Needs Now" - She's got good lines, and looks happy.

Giselle Fernandez & Jonathan Roberts, rumba to "Take My Breath Away" - Pamela says, "You go, girl!"

Master P. Miller & Ashly DelGrosso, jive to "Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting" - This was P's best dance, and he does look like he's moving in parts. Word up, P!

The cheesy disco-ball trophy has a plaque on its base: "WINNERS: SEASON 1 - KELLY MONACO & ALEC MAZO. SEASON 2 - " Season 2 who? Well, it'll be awhile yet, as first we have to see a dance performance from the next 3 couples knocked out:

Tia Carrere & Maksim Chmertovskiy, paso doble to traditional music - Very nice indeed.

George Hamilton & Edyta Sliwinska, quickstep to "White Tie & Tails" - George is doing the old soft-shoe routine again; I can see why he brings the 40's back to life.

Lisa Rinna & Louis Van Amstel, jive to "Jailhouse Rock" - Lisa's as capable of movin' it as anyone is.

Now we start on a BIG FAT RECAP of all eight weeks of the competition, just in case the viewers forgot any of it. (Pad the show, pad the show, let's pad the show...) And we get a short interview segment with the eight stars that have, so far, been knocked out. Through this, we learn that Kenny still thinks he has a chance to win (huh?), Master P is getting together with George to do some TV "from da 'hood" (hey, it could work!), and Stacy loves George, but Lisa doesn't think the two of them have a chance.

Mary J. Blige got to sing another number, "Be Without You," solo. That woman's got some pipes on her...but she'd look better without the tattoos. Then we get a retrospective on Jerry and Drew...Jerry's advantage has always been the effort he puts in and his popularity with the people, while Drew has had solid technical skills and solid performance. And then...we get yet another clip retrospective of Jerry's and Drew's stories.

Is it time yet for the results? Have we padded the show enough? OK! Then let's have it! The champion of Season 2 of Dancing With The Stars, the couple who will take home the cheesy disco-ball trophy, is...


(And Erbo applauds as loudly as anyone, while fireworks go off in the ballroom!)

Jerry, of course, was a gentleman even though his drive finally faltered on the very goal line. He took his hat off to Drew and Cheryl, thanked Anna for her patience, and noted how they'd kept fighting and never given up. Bravo, Jerry.

Need I even say what Drew's reaction was? "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" He acknowledged the difficulty of the balancing act he'd been going through, but proclaimed, "I'm the luckiest man alive!"

As the entire cast congregated for one final group hug, Jerry made like he was going to steal the trophy (fulfilling something he'd said earlier in the show). "Make him fumble it!" said Pamela. It was all in good fun, of course, and Drew got big hugs from both Jerry and Anna as the final credits rolled.

Congratulations to all the couples...they're all winners. Congratulations to ABC...you got it right. And congratulations to you, the reader...you made it through to the end! Thank you, and hasta la vista!

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Thanks, Erbo. I really appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into summarizing this show and the skating one. It's been really fun for me to read your reviews.

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If I do review a third season of DWTS in this manner over on EMinds, Rhonwyyn (a matter about which I'm still undecided), I'll send you a pointer so you can read it. Same goes for anyone who wants one (and that won't be a jerk when they get over there!).

According to an interview with the show's executive producer, there probably will be a third season...and he'd like to get Bill Clinton as one of the celebrities. Hey, it might actually work! He'd certainly draw viewers, both among his supporters and his detractors...and I think he'd do at least as well in the dancing as George Hamilton.

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Originally posted by Erbo:

According to an interview with the show's executive producer, there probably will be a third season...and he'd like to get Bill Clinton as one of the celebrities. Hey, it might actually work! He'd certainly draw viewers, both among his supporters and his detractors...and I think he'd do at least as well in the dancing as George Hamilton.

Clinton would be a step ahead of George, though, 'cause he has that hip-shaking down pat... [Razz]

Change the way you SEE, not the way you LOOK!

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