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Author Topic: The long story of my week. part one, more to follow

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Icon 1 posted September 24, 2011 20:14      Profile for macmcseboy     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
For those of you not on the facecrack I nearly met the maker.

So i will post the long story leading up to it here. The short of it is I ended up in the Hospital on Thursday for an allergic (new to me) reaction to an antibiotic... so here is part one

The Week I Nearly Died

Asking the two nurses their skill level in venipuncture is kinda funny in the ER. Especially from a patient. One was drawing for blood culture the other for an IV drip.
I gave them the choice of veins based on the fact that I am a regular blood donor. After mentioning that, the ice was broken and the arms selected.

What brought me to the ER that night? To the place i was born and the place i vowed at the age of 2 to never check in again… Well it's a bit of a tale, and i will try just put it all together as best and as concise as I can.

On Monday the 19th of September I woke as usual to go to work. I was quite stressed about the day. As it was on this day that Apple Service was coming for their annual inspection.

This particular morning was kinda odd as the left side of my neck as sore and I felt that feeling you get when your about to get a cold. I waved it off and attributed it to stress with the upcoming event of the day. As the day wore and the meeting with Apple was done i began to feel more ill and had a fever. I continued my day as usual.

I got home that evening and made myself something to eat took some advil. I figured i might be in for a rough night. and too some precautions. I drank a few glasses of water. Before bed I had a wee dram of vodka with some cranberry juice.

I was right about rough night. I was awoken several times that night feverish sleep. I endured it and continued to get whatever rest I could. By 6 am i just got up and began my day early. I found it difficult to move my neck and while in the shower i felt a small lump. It was dully painful, i figured i could deal with it for the day. brought some advil with me for the day.

The day was bad, I was tired, cranky and of course dealing with the symptoms of possible flu or worse. I left the shop 4:30 as I had had enough. When i got home i drank good lot of water and took a nap…. or at least what I though would be a nap…

I awoke at 430 in the morning drenched in sweat and none too pleased. I really thought i was getting the flu now. but there was a few elements missing from it all.

Again i started my day early but on this morning when i was in the shower, i found that the painful lump in my neck was MUCH larger and still dully painful…. I decided to detour to the clinic and get it looked at.

I sent a text to coworkers that I am gonna be late. Bought some green tea and took a spot in the queue at the clinic. After about and hour a doctor was able to to see me.

So i explained to her that I had been experiencing fever and general malaise for the last couple of days and I showed her the quite palpable tend suspected lymph node. She was quite surprised at the size of the node. Based on these elements, fever, node and malaise, she suspected something i NEVER would have….

She wrote up a request for blood work to be done for mononucleosis. REALLY?!!! like WTF. Ok… so I deal with that and head to the lab.

I arrive a the lab and it's surprisingly quiet… there is no wait. So go in and sit in the bench and prep. Seeing as this is a venipuncture situation, I ask her how skilled she is as at it as the arm she has chosen is my left. I explained that the right arm is a LOT easier. She stops, thinks about it a second or two and changes arm.

Within a minute all three samples are drawn and I'm out the door… It's all a waiting game now. And with the suspicion of Mono of all things…. sigh… of to work i went… Completed the day with confusion and of course the stupid sickness….

Yet another questionable night of sleep. This time with a larger node and feeling pretty rotten….

To be continued……

Live long and prosper.

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Icon 1 posted September 25, 2011 11:31      Profile for garlicguy   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Scary stuff!

Glad you survived!

Anxiously awaiting part two...


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Icon 1 posted September 26, 2011 03:02      Profile for Xanthine     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Was it a sulfa drug? Those can just provoke reactions. One of the first calls I took as an EMT involved an allergic reaction to a sulfa drug. Patient made it to the hospital but never left the ER. I'm glad you did!

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- The Decemberists

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Icon 1 posted September 26, 2011 19:50      Profile for macmcseboy     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
And now Part two

As suspected the night was not terribly fun. Filled with fever and turmoil, tossing and turning and general mire. I endured it and again was up rather early because of it. I began my day early again. Into the shop i went to get a start on the days work. I did not know what this particular Thursday would have in store for me

Around noon i got a call from the clinic! The results were in and i was a bit exited to get my answer. So i quickly finished up some stuff and handed a more pressing issue to my coworker. Off i went to get my answer.

I entered the clinic and made the assistants aware that I had come. In the waiting room I sat for more than 20 minutes before I was summoned. They showed me to an exam room when i waited some more. I sat in waiting much like a child summoned to the principals office. Nervous of the potential outcomes.

It seemed like forever before the doctor finally appeared. She entered and greeted me and there was the usual questions if there have been changes. Not much in changes to report just more of the same. So checked my neck again and palpated the swollen gland some more. Then gave me my results.

The test came back showing a bacterial infection and negative on mononucleosis. I had mentioned to her I did have strep throat a few weeks before and had followed a course of penicillin to resolve it. I had no issues for the last two weeks otherwise.

So at that time she had determined that she would treat the swollen gland with a slightly stronger antibiotic. Double checking to see if i had any known allergies which i knew of she wrote out the scrip for a something called Clindamycin. I took the scrip and thanked her. I went off promptly to get it filled.

At the drug store I waited patiently to see a pharmacist to have the scrip filled. We discussed side effects and recommendation for proper use. They were running a high volume of orders so I opted to pick it up after work. So I left and continued back to the shop.

So off I went to my shop picking up a light lunch on the way. Thinking all the way that soon i would be rid of the fever and malaise soon enough. I ate my lunch and continued my job making stuff work.

So 430PM rolls around and I decide it's time to head home. I pack up my stuff and tell everyone I'll see em tomorrow. Off I go to the drug store to pick up mu drugs and some juice and some necessities. I head home with my quarry thinking the best.

I get home and put the stuff away. i start preparing a dinner of sorts so I can quell my hunger. I get out the juice and and the wash some dishes . I eat and and take my first dose of the new meeds sometime around 5PM. I follow the dose with 8oz of water as per instructions and continue with some minor tidying. I go to play some Facebook games and play catch up with the status updates of my friends.

At 6:30 I start to feel the skin on my neck get rather flush and and prickly. I start to itch. I get up and go check myself in the mirror. It appears I've broken out in hives! I post a status update that I'm going back to the clinic because i think I am allergic to the drugs. I quickly get dressed and i head the clinic with the bottle of offending drugs in tow.

I get there and they are nearly closing. I mention whats going on and a doctor sees me right away. He checks over the rash which now covers most of my chest. My heart rate is elevated, so much so the doctor is not happy. He goes to fetch a shot of injectable Benadryl. It's at this point I realize that the doctor suspects possible anaphylaxis…

The doctor injects the Benadryl into my arm and continues to monitor my heart rate. He also is noticing that my fever is also increasing… He administers three 200 mg tablets of Advil. He then tells me that he is calling an ambulance to transport me to the ER at Royal Jubilee Hospital. I stay calm… and begin to update my status on Facebook as much as I can. I make a phone call to my sister in law to tell my mother when I will be after she get home from work.

The ambulance arrive to pick me up and we embark on our journey to the hospital. I have a stack of papers for the ER and the Paramedics are asking all the same questions as the doctor. It's all sounding like a broken record… this again repeats at ER admissions… i am mildly annoyed but I am taking it all with good humour. I figured if I was going to be an ER patient I should be in a somewhat ok mood. I mean i'm not suffering with massive trauma or having a baby.

Admissions gets my info and I'm guided right to the cardiac area as my heart rate is still way up. The set me on the bed and get me to put on the gown. They breakout the electrodes and paste them at various points on my chest.

Things get interesting from here…..

To be continued….

Live long and prosper.

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Icon 1 posted September 26, 2011 20:27      Profile for Mr. Geek 2U     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Originally posted by macmcseboy:
To be continued….

I sure hope so!

Mr. Geek2U

My friends call me Skippy

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