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Author Topic: Wed. Morning two thirty AM.
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Wed. Morning two thirty AM. The lights blink, blink again, blink once more and go out. We are smack dab in the middle of a Mid. Michigan winter storm. Earlier on Tuesday I was installing the Hitch-packer rack onto the trailer hitch of our Van so that when we went to Flint I could buy gas for the tractors and Generator. The Mrs MoMan says don't do that it will look stupid. So I pull the pin and drop the hitch-packer. So we head of to the appointment in Flint. The Doctor (Second opinion) says you don't need additional surgery my wife is walking on air, we stop for dinner and head home. We get back after dark and I am not in the mood to throw the gas containers in the truck and run for gas.

So I light some candles, get the big flashlight and call the power company, there is so much noise on the phone lines that I have to use the cell phone, this means I must speak with a customer service operator not just call in. Here in Michigan your home phone will score a service call if you dial into the downed line bureau.

With that taken care of, I go outside flip the change over switch and head for the barn. Damn there is a lot of Ice on that lock. Open up the barn and start moving stuff so I can get to the Generator. I usually leave the generator with little or no fuel so that it won't go stale during uses. Yup no gas get the siphon hose and start getting gas from the ATV into the generator. Hook up all the cables check the gas tank, put the siphon hose away and step on the start switch nothing, nothing, poop this is not good, grip the recoil rope and pull, I lifted the generator right off the floor. This time standing on the frame rails of the generator I give a mighty heave, I don't think I pulled it over fast enough for the magneto to throw a spark. Go to the other end of the barn and get the key to the compact Hydraulic tractor go out and start it up, drive it to the open barn door. Get the jumper cables and get the generator started. Close the breaker and watch the house light up. Disconnect the jumper cables and park the compact tractor.

Get the gas containers and toss them into the truck and head off in search of an open gasoline station. Now comes the butt pucker factor, the gas stations likely to be open are on the other side of the river. The crossings all involve steep down or uphill runs. We pick the one with the least slope or grade and head off visibility is very poor, driving at a speed of twenty miles per hour seems fast. Arrive at first stop and rob filling station only to find that it does not open for forty five minutes, pull out and head for the next closest, about four more miles. They are open, get out the cans insert the credit card and notice that the prices are set wrong in my favor, pump the mid-grade at less than the cheap stuff and also top off the truck. Reload the tins into the back of the truck and inform the attendant that his prices are not right. Leave for home, pass the closed filling station, the lights inside are on but not the outside lights. Eight miles to get home start down the grade to the river using a lower gear to prevent runaway on a icy downhill. Cross the river and start the up hill climb. Five miles to go cross wind blows so much snow that there is no visibility, wait about thirty seconds the wind dies down and we start off again. One mile from home we realize that the power company has reset the feeders and we have power.

Park the truck get my gloves, let the Mrs, into the house, and head to the transfer switch. Now I go to the barn and shut off the fuel petcock and wait for the generator to shudder from being out of gas. Unplug the power cables and go inside, gosh it is nice and warm in here. We turn on the TV and watch the morning news about power failures and school closings. I am starting to feel cold why is that? I can hear the furnace fan, finally I get and check the furnace is blowing cold air. I take off the front cover and the LEDs are blinking, poop now whats wrong. Open the furnace book and the code table tells me I have an open sensor, there are four in series on the blue wire. Go out to the barn and get the ohm meter. and start checking sensors yup third one I check is open, it has a reset button, push the button turn on the power to the furnace and the draft fan starts followed by the glow-plug. Now I hear the burners ah there the main fan just started. During our comings and goings the draft sensors must have gotten fooled by the air over the roof vents and the open door in the Lee of the wind, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin,

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