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Author Topic: Geek Squad?
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Icon 1 posted September 26, 2004 13:25      Profile for Allan     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
have been in London for the weekend, and Micro Anvika have a G5 iMac on display. Anyone want to buy a kidney?

[Big Grin]

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Icon 10 posted September 27, 2004 18:41      Profile for SimpleMan     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
I am not a big fan of CompUSA either. I do not like the little gimmicks like hidden return charges that they do not tell you about. I am visually impaired and was looking for a laptop. This was not that long ago that I was doing this. I have never used a Mac...I am sorry to say...but wanted to dive into it. I could not afford a powerbook but I could afford an iBook 14.1 inch, so that is what I bought. Now I know that my ingnoance of OS X is my own fault but I never could get the screen set to where I could see it...and make it stay that way...the OS would always go back to default becuase the large size I needed was not "recommended" by the OS so it would always reboot small for me. My iss ue was that I simply could not see the screen...but in WinXP I knew how to make it do what I wanted it to de, etc. I am still gonna own me a Mac someday amd will make sure I know how things work by learning and such ahead of time. My complaint with CompUSA is the 15% return fee they charge....that is pure crap. Take a nearly $2000 notebook and throw away $300 because they never told me about a return fee. Needless to say I have not been back to CompUSA. Because of that litle stunt they will not see any of my money again. [shake head]

Wrote a song bout it, like to hear it....here it go

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Icon 1 posted September 28, 2004 03:43      Profile for spungo     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Originally posted by Allan:
have been in London for the weekend, and Micro Anvika have a G5 iMac on display. Anyone want to buy a kidney?

[Big Grin]

Mmm... (now where did I put that chianti...? )

Shameless plug. (Please forgive me.)

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Icon 1 posted October 11, 2004 09:02      Profile for SpAgent         Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
I worked for the Geek Squad for a fewyears BEFORE the Best Buy acquisition.

The owner sold out all of his employees when he got a deal from Besy Buy. It went on for about a year once he started talking to them. They would come in and look at our operations and ask us questions. We all knew it would eventually be sold to Besy Buy. But Robert kept telling everyone, "I would never sell the Geek Squad, it is my creation, and no amount of money will get it from me." Well, that changed in the fall of 2002.

He always said he would take care of all of us if he sold, he didn't take care of anyone. Screwed everyone in my opinion.

But, good for him, got himself a nice VP position at Besy Buy and never looked back at his original crew.

Everyone that has left the Geek Squad (before the sale) created their own companies and took a lot of business away from the GS. Almost all are independent contractors who own their own companies, or moved on to a lot better things. Ended up making a heck of a lot more money doing it themselves also. (And taking better care of the client)

The Geek Squad was a group of guys that knew their job damn well, and got taken advantage of while they were employed by Robert.

Best Buy bought the home version of the Geek Squad. Myself and many others took care of the business side. Robert is a silent partener in a company in Minneapolis that does the business side of service now. I believe he partnered with Techies.com and can be found at www.333tech.com

I am in no way affiliated (thank god) with either business, and left some time before the sale. In my humble opinion, the owner was a self inflated ego trip prick. He stole everyone's ideas and made them his own. The company thrived because of the techs, and he sold everyone out and ran with the money. All of those involved that helped make the Geek Squad a thriving melting pot of great technicians and knowledge of what it came to be when it sold - received nothing.

I think he is the head of operations for putting the GS in all of the Best Buy stores nationwide. I am surprised he is able to work in a corporate environment, since what I know of him......he doesn't work well with others.

As for their current status at Best Buy? I still get calls from people who stopped in to Best Buy Geek Squad and asked questions, then called me to ask. Funny how things never seem to change. I don't think Best Buy will ever have good service....Geek Squad or not.

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Icon 3 posted November 02, 2004 00:38      Profile for NigHtsTiCk   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
How about calling Best Buy the BIGGEST Bang in the world with no K-Y. First, some of you are correct about their shit for brains service. Most of their employees don't think about solutions, like the ones about strangling the Admin until they get the pay they need to survive. This is across the board in most jobs.

As far as competence, look at the average driver behind the wheel. This shows less intellect than most packs of hungry wolves. I have driven professionally with Cell phone handsfree devices. Excellent ones may I add. Had to actually fight with the employer and force them to install complete hands free to keep both my hands on the wheel may I add. Even when I asked for that, very rarely I would not notice a light and almost run it since my mind was on the conversation not the YELLOW to RED light. I'm not being prejudice here mind you, and thank you for reading this far. When you get behind the wheel, do this for the safety of yourself and the others.

Living in the land of manana, people were more relaxed here before we had the jump in immigration from the other 49 states, not just the immigration from where people work hard and smart. These college graduates drive like ants in a bucket (cutting each other off, rude hand gestures, shooting each other, etc). When persons get behind the wheel, they need to do just that. DRIVE! Don't talk on the phone, eat, read, apply makeup, etc. DRIVE! Unfortunately, the immigrant causes a drop in pay in most cases, complaints don't reach proper channels notice we all still eat fruits and vegetables when we desire, while the majority of the world endure starvation among other problems.

This mixture of intellect can cause accidents with the those that think, and those that think too much!!! Thinking too much causes too much paperwork, admin staff (college flunkies) not to mention More Taxes to cover the admin staff's investments. LOL. Money will always command most persons desires until knowledge is more valuable then money. When money causes you to conform to someone’s ideal for his or her profit you lose. When we choose to not accept that conformation then do we ideally chose our real profit. Putting that admin responsible for their own conformity laws then they will have to fill those spots they have made so confining and know the true conformities of the ways of earth, man, and or woman. Sort of like a politicians prostituting themselves for causes lining his pockets for his vote regardless of the state he represents opinion.

Back to our working geeks, don't work for some other idiot. Work for yourself and let the word of mouth spread the fire that other people do this cheaper and probably better. On the other issue of political problems I'm afraid there is no real solution due to the selling of our vote and yours. When those politicians create laws to keep them in office how does our vote get them out! Catch them fucking their secretary, boyfriend, or sodomizing some little boy or girl! WTF is wrong is our vote will never get them out since they are the ones that vote each other out and or have to change those laws. Hey, I would probably do the same thing if I became a millionaire and was able to write these idiotic laws. These politicians don't get social security, so how can they vote on something that doesn't affect them. Much less trust their judgment of them after they sold their hoochie to the highest bidder. Let's take their retirements and infuse that into the social security benefits and have them lower their benefits including them into the social security coverage. Let's see how they vote then! OH, that's right, they wouldn't do that..... HA!!!
You see, Hippocratic Democratized Re-public thinking. Whoops, what was I thinking?

Thanks for reading this if you had the patience.
Please leave a response. I would love to hear some other ideas out there about this BS I just wrote.

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