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Author Topic: Little Wonders
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I wrote this about a week ago on my blog, shameless plug...now! www.rushingtheslide.wordpress.com [Razz] I had too)

We start out small, tiny, totally vulnerable to the world around us and everything in it. We grow up sheltered from the dark and cruel side of the word for the most part, but somewhere between seven and ten we catch a glimpse of the world outside the loving embrace of our families. We see something so cold, so uncaring, that it sends a shock to our very core. A core that was innocent, untouched from wicked images and cruel realities of life.

As we get older we venture outside of our own privet, safe little worlds at home, and into reality. We donít spend a lot of time there at fist, but soon the minutes turn to hours, days tick to weeks, months to years. We go through elementary school, middle school, and high-school, collecting little emotional and mental scars and bruises along the way. Itís a bully in the hall way, someone calling us a cruel name and passing it off as a joke, a fall down the slide, being pressured into things we donít really want to do, but we do anyway because weíre afraid of what might happen if we donít. So we fallow people we ought not too, people with not so honest intentions, not so gentle souls, people who are going down paths surely leading to trouble. But we fallow because weíre not brave enough to strike out on our own. Mommy and Daddy arenít here with us during out trips into reality, it feels like when weíre five again and got lost in the grocery store. Oh that store seemed so large, the people suddenly seem so very tall and unapproachable, and the isles seem to go on forever. But then Mommy pops her head out from behind another isle and a flood of relief wash over us like a warm blanket and was we hold on to her hand as tight as we can, knowing that with her weíre safe from all.

But when you get older, you come to the unsetteling realization that you are in fact not safe at all, Mom and Dad canít protect you from the world when youíre out in it on your own. Youíre little red ridding hood and the big bad wolf is mighty hungry today.

But if you are brave enough to carve out your own trail I say you must be very daring. Indiana Jones in the flesh perhaps? Though I warn you to be weary of all if you dare fallow your own path, they wonít approve of it. Theyíll tease, poke and prod, theyíll make some-days hell and talk about you behind your back, but in the end itís worth it. Because in the end youíll be somewhere far more interesting then any of them. They who fallow one another like little ducklings, one by one. Youíll have hidden bruises, scars that seem to never fade. Not every one will be like that though, youíll meet amazingly interesting people with tales so fascinating that youíll spend the day talking and at the end of it youíll be amazing that time went by so fast.

Our lives can be long or short, but itís not the exact time on earth that we remember, itís those little moments that hold fast in our minds and out shine all other memories like stars in the deep black sky. Itís the times at the beach chasing the waves, the melodies your parents sang you to sleep with, the hugs that made you feel safe, the kisses that let you know everything would be okay, the smiles shared with friends about privet jokes that lay just between the two of you. Itís winning the race, itís losing the race and being able to have no regrets about what you did with your time out there, itís getting into the college of your choice, itís those times in Fall when the leaves are that perfect shade of golden pumpkin, the sky above your head is the sweetest shade of blue, and the air as a crisp bit to it, that you remember. Itís these little wonders in our lives that stick out in the end, not that bad things, not the things we should have done, but the things we did that made our world shine a little brighter for a moment in time.

Oy to the vey.

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I commented on-blog, but it's an astute look at the process of leaving the cocoon of family and growing into your own self and life. Very nice. [Smile]

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