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February 12, 2020

She Comes in Colors *SOLD*

Sold to a great collector in the USA! Thanks so much! :-D

Behold, one of my most favourite paintings ever, She Comes in Colors.
It's part of my series of painted tech logos, and is absolutely gorgeous to view. It's carousal of color and shapes that delight the eye and mind, ... stunning from afar, and super cool close up!

This is a large work, and creating it took many, many hours, and many tubes of paint, over several months, as layers of pigment were applied slowly and meticulously to create this luscious and explosive radiation of color. Many hours were also spent contemplating the painting from all angles and distances.

You can't help but reach out and touch it, running your hand across the surface. It's like a topographical map for your senses, an intense blizzard of chroma and motion and texture. I love the multitude of things that appear when you look at the painting up close... it's like a supercharged Rorschach test on steroids. Little faces, animals, spirits, fires, flames, negative spaces, electric charges...

This painting represents that spirit of creativity and explosion of ideas that the best of Apple means to me. It also represents all the individual, brilliant, creative people that have come together to bring us these computers and software.

Thank you to the all the bidders and I wish you luck!

Details: Twitter Bird, an original painting, on 20 x 16 inch stretched canvas over a wooden frame. The painting is about a half inch think. You could hang as is, or put it in a frame. The back of the painting will contains the title, the date, Nitrozac's signature, and a fingerprint for authenticity.

Check it out!

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