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December 15, 2019

Twitter Bird! SOLD!

Twitter Bird has been sold, and has flown the coop!

Today, I offer to you my latest painting in my series of tech logos. The white Twitter Bird logo is floating amid a flutter of bright colors and cool ring patterns. The abstract paint swirls represent all the tweets firing away worldwide, in a constant rush and flurry, of all shapes and varieties.

With this painting I used a paint technique I developed where I slice off mounds and clumps of paint, revealing different layers of colour, like the rings of trees. I like to think of these rings as replies and subtweets. The painting is pleasing to view at a distance, and is especially wonderful and mind-boggling close-up. One will notice all sorts of little scenes and interactions with a multitude of shapes and color fighting for your attention, like tweets!

At 16 x 20 inches, the painting is a nice size. It will fit comfortably in any home or office, and will, much like a good tweet, be a good conversation starter. I hope that whoever buys this painting will tweet me a photo of it in its new home!
Best of luck to all bidders, and to the winner, I know you will adore this painting as much as I do. I'm sure this painting will fill you with the sense of excitement, fun, chaos, and interaction that is Twitter. It was a challenge to paint, but very fun too, and I'm very pleased with the outcome.

Thank you to the all the bidders and I wish you luck!

Details: Twitter Bird, an original painting, on 20 x 16 inch stretched canvas over a wooden frame. The painting is about a half inch think. You could hang as is, or put it in a frame. The back of the painting will contains the title, the date, Nitrozac's signature, and a fingerprint for authenticity.

Check it out!

Posted by Snaggy at December 15, 2019 02:55 PM