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September 27, 2010

iPad, Life Size *SOLD!*

This item sold at auction, congrats to the winner!

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I absolutely love my iPad, using it mainly for creating sketches in a drawing program. It is so much fun to use for this purpose, and so convenient, as you have all colors, brushes, pencils, pens, of all shapes and sizes ready at the tip of your fingers without the messy clean-up or heavy bags to carry. Of course, you have a myriad of other uses for the iPad, each with its own wonderfulness, such as iBooks, games, iPod, YouTube, the Internet, and thousands upon thousands of apps. It's crazy really, when you think of the mind-blowing capabilities that exists in such a small machine. The iPad is a whole universe unto its own. It can entertain, inform and inspire you all in one. It might not be an actual magical device, but it's pretty close.

The iPad was a fun subject to paint. It is my particular penchant to try to capture such new technological objects in classical media like a painting. I consider this to be a still life of a beautiful object, just like the old paintings of fruit or wine bottles. I believe the still life became so popular an inspiration in art partly because it represented objects of nurishment and pleasure in times when such objects were only available in limited quantities for short periods of time. Today one can find an apple or other piece of fruit almost anytime of the year, or purchase a bottle of fine wine any time we wish. In a way, this familiarity makes images of those objects less precious. The iPad, on the other hand, is new, shiny, and still a somewhat rare and novel object. It is an object of desire, one that not only sparks curiousity, but like the apple of old, feeds and nourishes, and like the wine bottle of old, ingnites your soul, imagination, and mind.

According to WikiPedia, "Still life paintings often adorn the interior of ancient Egyptian tombs. It was believed that food objects and other items depicted there would, in the afterlife, become real and available for use by the deceased." Well then, that settles it. If you hope to use an iPad in the Great Geek Beyond, you'd better bid on this painting.

I have painted the iPad with the default apps on the home screen, with the addition of iBooks, as I consider that to be an essential app. I know everyone has their favorite apps, and some of you are developers, so if the purchaser of this painting wishes, I will add the app of their choice to the home screen as a perk.

Details: "iPad, Life Size" is Nitrozac's 41st painting of her Painting Blog. It's an original painting, on 11 x 14 inch stretched canvas, with a wooden frame. The painting is about an inch thick, with painted sides, so you can frame it if you wish, or display it as is. The back of the painting contains the title, the date painted, Nitrozac's signature, and a fingerprint for authenticity.

If the painting isn't sold at auction, it will be up for sale in our webstore at a higher than originally listed price, so it does pays to bid on the auction! Apple's iPads may now be available in almost limitless quantities, but this painting of one is one of a kind, and unique. Best of luck to all bidders, I know you will adore this painting as much as I do.

Shipping for each painting is extra... to the US and Canada it is 25 dollars, to other locations, 45 dollars. If the buyer is located in Canada, I will have to charge the appropriate HST Canadian taxes.

This item has sold!
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