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We had a great time at our virtual book signing!

To celebrate Macworld Expo week, we held a virtual book signing Wednesday January 7th. We couldn't make it down to MacWorld for a traditional signing, so we decided to hold a virtual one from Geek Culture Headquarters in Canada. We signed copies of our new book, The Best of the Joy of Tech, broadcasting the feed from our webcam and simultaneously on IRC and iChat.
We spend several hours signing books for folks, ... here's a few images we managed to save.

Snaggy signs, as Nitro chats!

Thanks again for the Foreword Woz! :-)

Where's Snaggy?

Ah! Getting coffee!

ehMac gets a book! (heh, Snaggy needs a penmenship course!)

back to chat!

james gets his prize!

ooo lucky book!

'Tis the luck of the Macintosh!

TiWarrior was in chat, and bought a book! Thanks TiW!

Yay! Adam Engst's book

mmmm Timbits and Tidbits rock!!

Glenn's book rocks... and 2nd edition has a great comic in it! ;)

come on... don't write a novel... just sign it!! :-)

You can still get a signed one at our webstore!

Nitro's mustache look.

the end!

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