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Steve Jobs Figurine unboxing!
You probably think a figurine of Steve Jobs would be a little creepy. You are correct, however it is also insanely awesome.

We were lucky enough to snag one of the 300 M.I.C. store figurines before they were Cease and Desisted, and ours arrived today! It arrived in a suitably numbered box... heh heh. Luckily, it wasn't 404, and arrived fine and in good condition.

Opening up the box, one finds a large Styrofoam chamber. Hiding within is Steve, slightly unassembled, but ready to come out and dazzle you. There are no directions in the package, for Steve Jobs is, as you might expect, easy to assemble. (However, I do look forward to David Pogue's Steve Jobs Figurine, the Missing Manual).

Behold Steve in his white Carbonite-like wrapping. Severed left arm holding iPhone 4 by his side, and glasses.
Steve in Carbonite

with three blade propellers!

Portraits by Nitrozac!

You also get an Apple Logo-shaped base (hmmm, I wonder why Apple had a problem with that?), a little clear plastic thingy with some sticky gunk, and three speech balloons.

wrapped in plastic

The detail on this figure is incredible. The beard stubble, mock turtleneck, jeans, and running shoes are all really nicely done. The scale of his head may be slightly out of proportion though, depending on local ego conditions.

I believe his left hand was made removable in anticipation of the ability to update the iPhone 4 with the latest gadget Steve is selling. Poor M.I.C was probably looking forward to a long tail of income from this puppy, as well as all the 3rd party accessories it could have licenced. Just imagine... an Official Steve Jobs Figurine lightsaber! *sigh*, it is not to be.

Stand tall!

After exploring Steve a bit, I finally found a USB port-like slot behind his right ear where the clear plastic thingy sticks into. That plastic holds the paper speech balloons, which stick on it via the sticky gunk. The speech balloons you can customize to your liking, with some of Steve's famous quotes, or perhaps some of his infamous quotes. It's probably a good idea to write something positive and encouraging in that speech balloon, else you may risk being traumatized for life, as many others have been, by the non-figurine version.

All in all, the seemingly outrageous claim by M.I.C's reality distortion marketing team is true, this really is the most phenomenal SJ figure ever!


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