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You helped keep the laughs coming!

Here are some little progress bars that indicate how much we've received via donations a few years ago...

December 2007
Omaha donates 10 bucks! Thanks Omaha!

Christopher sends us 5 bucks! Thanks Christopher!
Huong sends us 10 bucks! Many thanks!

Nate sends us a very geeky $10.24! (1024 is the maximum number of computer memory addresses that can be referenced with ten binary switches) Thank you Nate!!

Nam sends an incredible 50 bucks! Thanks so much Nam!

Damon sends us 20 bucks to help with bandwith! thanks Damon!

Richard sends us 10 buck to help with bandwidth! Thanks Richard!

A very special person who wishes to remain anonymous tips us 100 bucks! Message: A Merry Christmas and the best for the New Year! Thank you anonymous, that is so generous and very much appreciated!

November 2007
Davis B. sends over 20 bucks! You rock David, thanks again!

Charlie gives us 10 buckaroos! Thanks Charlie!

Peter sends us 7 bucks! Thanks Peter!

Many thanks to macmcseboy (30 bucks!) and Thomas (15 bucks!) who've helped us with the recent bandwidth crisis! Much appreciated guys!

Adam sends us five bucks! Thanks Adam!

anonymous has done it again, and donated 110 bucks! Message:
US dollar does not go as far as in previous years but I still want more AY2k, please. WOW! Thank you so much AGAIN! Heheh see we told you the loonie would soar after Y2K. We'll try to get the geeks and TTBs back soon too!

Martin again donates, sending us 25 buckaroos! Thank Martin, we really appreciate that!

October 2007

Wow, nothing this month? Ouch! Thank goodness for our SuperFans!

September 2007

Tristan send us 20 bucks! Tristan, you are insanely great! Thanks AGAIN Tristan!

Martin sends us 20 bucks! Awesome, thank you Martin!

Robert S.sends in 10 bucks! Thanks Robert!

louis sends us a buck! Fantastic, thank you louis!

August 2007

Timo sends us 42 bucks! Fantastic, thank you Timo!

July 2007

OUCH! Thank goodness for our SuperFans!

June 2007

David B. sends us $100! Message: I know you do these retro b&w gags just to wind us all up ..How can I not say THANK YOU, keep doing it! Wow! Thanks David!

May 2007

Tristan sends us $20! Message: Hi Guys, Just saying how much I enjoyed the latest JOT.  I too imagined what Al did with his three 30" displays when I saw it in Time magazine earlier this week. Guess I now know. Keep up the great work. Wow! Thanks AGAIN Tristan!

Terry B. sends five! Message: It's been a while, and this one really tickled me. But when, oh when, will we see a new TTBs cartoon? Hmmm, it has been too long! We'll see if the TTBs will JoT us soon!

Jessycat sends us 10 bucks with a hilarious message that really cheered us up. We love you Jessycat!

April 2007
Joseph P. sends us 20 big ones! Message:
been reading for a while. donation spurred by the perfect insertion of johnny rotten lydon in the EMI/DRM comic. I'm  sure I'm not the only one who heard the closing strains in my head ["I M N .... >raspberry<"] upon hearing the news? Thanks Joseph! Now we can Nevermind the Bollocks!

March 2007
Frants sends us the amazing amount of $23.56! Message: Michael Moore xmas, good one. Thanks Frants!

Peter A. sends in ten bucks!!!! Message: You almost lost me with the land of milk and honey cartoon  (I thought it was funny, aside from being labeled an "annoying" vegan) but I LOL at the Rejected iPhone ad so that alone was worth $10. Keep up the great work!! But lay off us vegans!! :-> Thanks Peter! (for the record, Nitrozac is a vegan, and I'm vegetarian, so we're kinda poking fun at ourselves!)

Thomas sends in 10 bucks! Thanks Thomas!

February 2007
Rolf send us 15 bucks! Message: Keep up the great work, guys! I visit your site nearly every day, and it's just great every time :-) Thanks Rolf, that is awesome.

Peter L. sends us 15 bucks! Thank you Peter!
Jay sends 10 bucks! Thank you Jay!
Seth sends twenty dollars! Thanks Seth!
Sweet! Timo sends 30 bucks!!!! Thanks Timo, that is awesome!

Wow! Ziad sends us 50 bucks!!!! Ziad, you rock! Thank you!!!!
WHOA! vmp sends us 100 dollars!!!!! Message: You guys rule. Thank you so much vmp, that is incredibly generous of you!

Christian sends us 14 dollars! Thank you!!
Brian T. donates 10 bucks and buys our book and makes it a Super Lucky book! Thanks Brian!
Sung Won Kim sends us five bucks! Thank you!
John S. sends us $20.00! Message: Keep up the good work! Thanks John!
James M sends us a twenty! Thanks James!
Whoa! Bart sends us 100 big ones! Message: Keep up the good work! Bart, that is awesome and so generous of you! Thank you so much!

David sends us 20 bucks! Thanks David!
Carl P. sends $20! Message: Keep up the good work! Thanks Carl!
James F. sends us 20 bucks! WooT! Thanks James!
Larry O. sends in 15 bucks! Thanks Larry!
Patrick G. sends in 15 dollars! Thank you Patrick!
Ernest sends in $14.99! Thank you Ernest!
Raphael sends 15 dollars! Thank you!
Thomas C. sends 25 dollars! Thank you Thomas!
John B. sends 25 bucks! Message: Keep up the great work! Your site's awesome! :-) Thanks John, that was awesome of you!
Ken F. spots us 5 buckaroos! Thanks Ken!
Laura D. gives us 10 bucks! Thanks Laura!
Shoosie sends 20 dollars! Message: Sorry to hear the bandwidth charges are eating you up. I hope this offsets at least a little of that. Keep up the great strip. It goes way beyond the mere "comic" and touches something in all of us. I'm not sure what... maybe our inner geeks. Or maybe just something perverse and unmentionable. In any case, here's 20 bucks. Stop touching me!!! ;^) LOL... and thanks for that!
Daniel C. sends us 10 bucks! Message: your happy and fresh stories and drawings make me smile every couple of days. and my girl friend looks exactly like your dancing babe! keep on the good work. from a french fan. Thanks Daniel... whoa! Please send pix of your girlfriend! :P
Jason F. sends us 10 bucks! Yay!
David V. donates 20 bucks! Thanks David!
Michael R. sends in a buck! Message: I had this left over in my PayPal account :) You gotta love a buck! Thanks Michael!
Carol sends 25 bucks! Thanks Carol!
Michael H. sends 10 bucks! Message: Love your comic, want to see it keep going. =) With your help it will!

David B. sends us 50 big bucks! Message: Joy of Tech is insanely hilarious!! Thanks again David! You rock!

Walter sends us 15 bucks! Thanks Walter!

January 2007
Shooshie sends 15 big ones! Message: Always a pleasure to read the funnies when you guys are drawing them..." Thanks Shooshie!

Joel S. sends us 20 bucks!! Message: Well earned for Joy 910 - thanks as ever, Joel. Thank you Joel, that just made our day! :-)

Peebs send us a 25 dollar iTunes gift card! AWESOME! Thanks Peebs!

Tristan sends 25 bucks! Message: Love the latest JOT, here is a few dollars to put towards your own iPhone... Wow! Thank you Tristan!

Justin C. sends a buck! Thanks Justin!

Martin sends us 15 bucks! Message: This is mainly for the two newest cartoons. I just love the way you matched the style of those ads from the comics I spent my childhood with ( I bought them used, though...), and my boss is at Macworld right now, so... thanks, happy new year and Merry Christmas. Thanks Martin!

December 2006
Tristan P. generously donates 50 bucks! Thank you AGAIN Tristan!
and Ugh Mighty Club! send us 10 bucks in a Christmas Card... awesome! Thanks Ugh!

November 2006
Charles S. sends us 100 smackaroos!!!! Message: Thanks for great site. I figure it's about time I paid for the enjoyment the site has provided. Wow thank you Charles! That is really nice of you, and much appreciated!

Timo sends us 30 bucks! Yay Timo! Thank you!!!

October 2006
Hmmm, oh well, thank goodness for SuperFans!

September 2006
C.K. H. sends in 10 bucks! Thanks C.K.! :-)

August 2006
Anonymous has once again sent us $110 bucks!!! Message: Hope you all are well. This is just my (small) way of saying thanks for the laughs and please keep them coming. Still anonymous, still lurking, and still laughing after all these years. Please update AY2K, the prairie dog battle is unfinished. Thanks Anonymous, your continued support has been amazing and we really appreciate it. Hmmm, we'd better get to work on that next AY2K!. :-)

Bill H. sends us 20 bucks! Message: The Joy of Tech is wonderful, keep it coming! Thanks Bill! You are wonderful too. :-)

Our favorite geekette in the whole world sends us 20 bucks! Thanks Peebs! Message: Sorry I'm not around much anymore,but I still think of you guys.  I loved the time machine comic. Keep up the good work. Thank you PB!

WOW! David B. sends us 50 big ones! Message: Ahahahahaha! Steven Sp. and One Red Paperclip! ..ahahaha! (Oh, and I liked that Miss Whoevershewas, er, "iPod Killer", on July 10th ..Grrrrr!) Thanks again David!!!!

July 2006
Karl P sends us $15 bucks! Message: I added a link to your 846c page, but also directly to the image on a BBS page, so I owe you at least something for the bandwidth. Thanks Karl! We wish everyone who did that was as nice as you!

Wow! Emko W. sends us 50 bucks!!!! Message: Keep up the great effort. When is your second book coming? Thanks Emko, that is seriously awesome of you! Hmmm, next book... Nitrozac and I are trying to get out something for this Christmas season... so hopefully we can make that happen.

C P C. Message: I thought I'd use the tip jar for a change. Thanks guys, keep up the good work. Thank you C P! :-D

June 2006
Stephen Y. sends 10 bucks! In gratitude for your great work. The comic often brings a smile, sometimes I laugh out loud, as I did with the HP Sauce bottle today!  - Thanks Stephen!

Gabriel send us 4 bucks! Thanks Gabriel! :-)

May 2006
Wout M. sends 5 bucks! Message: You guys rock! Thanks Wout! You rock too!

David B. sends 20 bucks! Message: "Steve dreams of Electric Sheep"..! Any reference to "Blade Runner" has to be worth $20! Thanks David, the Replicants here at Geek Culture Headquarters appreciate your kindness.

Steve dreams of Electric Sheep..! Any reference to "Blade Runner" has to be worth $20!Shooshie sends 20 bucks! Message:Nitrozac and Snaggy, I've been reading Joy of Tech for a long time. I've actually read every one of them in the archives, as well as After Y2K (which I would hope to see continued, if you can get back to the Tube-Talking-Techno-Girls, or whatever they were called, and get away from the furry animals. ;^) Anyway, this $20 seems like too small an amount for all the joy you've brought me, so I'll just have to give more in the future. Thank you so much for a wonderful comic. Thank you Shoosie!!!

April 2006


March 2006

Francis K. send 10 bucks! Message: Keep up the great work! I saved lots of the comics and use them as a picture folder screensaver on my Mac! :D Oh cool! Thanks Francis!

George H. sends us an almighty buck! Message: Hey Guys, Point well made! (although I'm already looking forward to the possible birthday supprises.. hehe) Here, have a dollar - don't spend it all at once! Cheers Thanks George!

February 2006

David B. send 50 bucks! WOW! Message: It's disgraceful! You're just DETERMINED to get me to pay by drawing these HILARIOUS retro cartoons! ..Thank You. Thank you David! (heh, that's about 6 POLARIS NUCLEAR SUBS!)

M & T send $25.00! Message: My wife and I love your comics! Keep up the great work. Thanks M & T!

Russ M. sends 5 bucks! Message: It's not much but here's something to let you know I really enjoy your strip and all of your effort. :) Thanks Russ! When you add it to your very kind words, that five dollars is a lot to us. :-)

George H sends us a buck! Message: A smile for me, a dollar for you - sound like a fair trade? :) Sure does George! All we need is a million more people like you. :-)

Steven L. sends 6 bucks! Thanks Steven! :-)

January 2006

Katya S. K. sends us 12 bucks! Message:Your comics are always REALLY GREAT!!! Keep up the good work. Thank you Katya, that was very kind of you!

SuperFan RScottV sends in 20 bucks!!! Message:Thanks for bringing attention to the Google issue in a creative way! Wow, thank you again RScottV!

Ian M. send 10 dollars and this lovely message... I have very few absolute heroes in life, but the man who stopped the tanks in Tiananmen is one of them. Thank you very much for creating a cartoon that put the matter so clearly. Thank you Ian!

Robert J sends in 10 bucks! Message: The latest in the series of "Jobbie takes over the world" cartoons was great! Who ever imagined (besides Steve) where iCrack (iTunes+iPod) would lead, beside you! Can't afford a subscription (we are overseas missionaries) but here's a donation. Thanks Robert!

Susan C. sends us 35 bucks!!! Message: tnx for the giggles. Now we're laughing! Thank you Susan!

George H. sends a buck! Message: Keep up the good work! :D (yeah, I know but I'm a poor student - $1 is all ya get..) lol A buck is a buck! Thanks George!

Caliber Photography sends us $5.30! Message: ok, _that_ was funny; kutgw. Thanks Caliber Photography!

Peter A. sends us 20 bucks! Message: Your cartoon with the caption "Daddy, does Santa work for President Bush?" was awesome. Well worth $20! (BTW your "Duct Tape Nation" may have been the best single panel cartoon ever drawn!) Thanks Peter!!

December 2005

Too Cool to Quit sends us 20 bucks!!!! Message: Merry Christmas!! Wow, thanks Too Cool, that is really cool of you, and really generous! :D

Robert W. sends 15 bucks!!! Message: My wife and I love your comic. I hope there will be another book. Thanks Robert! We hope there's another so too.. let O'reilly know you want one!

The wonderful PB sends 15 bucks!! " Merry Christmas! Keep up all the good work at GC, but go out to lunch first. ;) Thanks PB! That is a real perk-us up. :-)

fredd sends us 15 bucks! Message: Just found your site, it's great. Merry xmas, fredd. Thank you fredd.. it's merrier already!

November 2005

Ralph S. sends us five big ones! Thanks Ralph!

Thomas L. donates 5 bucks! Message: I'm living such a "brain in a vat" life this month.  I appreciate you trying to send me secret messages to let me know (sort of like the "How will it end?" button in The Truman Show).  However, could you let me enjoy this at least until the end of the year? (or until the brain-in-a-vat system lets me think it is the end of the year?)  Thanks! Ha Ha! Thanks Thomas!

Peter D. sends 10 bucks! Message: This is a bribe - do some new Joy of Tech!! Ok, will do! (As soon as they release us from the Tech Conference!) Thanks Peter!

October 2005

Outi sends us 10 bucks! Message:For the video iPod cartoon, a tip is REALLY called for! Thanks Outi!

Aaron M. sends us $1.00! Thanks Aaron!
Jonathan F. fires a buck our way! Message: Anybody who likes Macs and Firefly can't be all bad... Shiny!

September 2005

Wow! David B sends us $50.00! Message: Haven't laughed so much in ages at the 'Squirting iPod' and 'X-Ray Specs' ..these used to be on the back of British kids' mags,too, in the 50s. (..I confess I bought 'Black Face Soap'..) ...David. Thanks David!

WHOA! anonymous has done it again and sent us 110 bucks! Message: As always, thanks for the clever commentary over the past year but I still despise the prairie dogs. Can Simon not put his wings to good use? Thanks anonymous, that is so generous of you... again!!

August 2005

Aaron M. sends us buck! Thanks Aaron!

Adzoox donates $2.00! Message: Thanks for the Atkins porn - I'm blowing it up to 24x36 as part of a birthday presentation - it just so happens - his name is Frank. Ha ha! Have fun Adzoox!

WHOA 2 !!! angryjungman sends us 100 bucks!!! Message: Earmark this for the Snaggy Gets a Mac Mini Fund (TM).  ;-) Wow angry, that is really insanely generous of you... Nitro and I are blown away. Thanks!

WHOA! James H. sends us 100 bucks! Thanks James, that was incredibly generous of you!

July 2005

Joel sends us 20 bucks!! Message: Thanks for the fun! Thank you Joel! That really made our day!

Terry B. sends us 10 bucks! Message: For bringing back my four favorite JOT ladies. Thank you! Thank you Terry, from us and the TTBs!

Anthony P.sends 5 bucks! Thank you Anthony!

Kent S. send us twenty five bucks!!! Thanks Kent, that is very kind of you! (btw, we love Snak! If you haven't tried Snak IRC client for Macintosh, go get it!)

Chris L. sends five bucks! Message: Thanks, like your work. Thanks Chris!

June 2005

SuperFan RScottV sends in an additional 20 bucks! Wow, thanks RScott, that is really SUPER of you!

Tut-an-geek sends 30 big ones! Message: Thanks N+S! (Yes, I /finally/ got paypal!) Wow thanks Tut!!!

William C. sends 30 bucks! Message: Thanks for taking note of Jack Kilby's accomplishments. Jobs, Gates, and the others have clearly benefitted from standing on the shoulders of a giant... Thank you William, you are a giant to us!

Patrick send 25 bucks! Message: I've been a big JoT fan for years!  I check your page every day hoping for a new strip...  ;-)  Here's a little something that should help defray the cost of the bandwidth I've used all these years... Wow! Thanks Patrick!!

Raymond P. gives $5.00! Thank you Raymond!

Keith T. donates 10 bucks! Message: keep up the good work! Thanks Keith, we can in part because of people like you!

C. Adam B. sends 5.30! Thank you C. Adam!

Damien send 5 dollars! Thanks Damien!

Cyril send us 30 bucks!! Thank you for your excellent job, I really love what you are doing.Cyril P. MacGeneration.com co-founder. Holy Dogcow! Thanks Cyril!

Mark C. sends $10.00! Message: Thanks for all the great moments.  It's amazing how Joy of Tech keeps its finger on the pulse of geekdom.  I love the PCB floor in the current Joy episode!  The TTBs are hot!--someone there must have great taste.  Keep sprinkling them into the Joy episodes when you get the chance. Wow thank you Mark!... yep I suspect you will be seeing more TTB in the JoT.

Our guardian angel Tristan sends $15.00! Message: Nice Steve Comic. Thank you AGAIN Tristan!

Jeff sends 10 bucks, with this wonderful message: You guys are incredible.  Today's flash animation is the coolest thing you all have done yet.  Keep up the INSANELY GREAT work.  :) Aw shucks Jeff... thanks!!!!

Sergey from Moscow sends 15 bucks! Message: You guys are super cool. Sergey, you ROCK!

Karl send us 10 bucks! Thank you Karl!

Cliff sends us 10 bucks! Thanks Cliff!

May 2005

Longtime fan and supporter Tristan goes Solid Nitrozanium and donates $30.00... WOW! Thanks again Tristan!

April 2005

Thomas sends 5 bucks! Message:You guys ROCK!!! Thanks Thomas! You rock too!

Ellen sends 25 dollars! Message: Thank you! I've been enjoying JOT for years. Thank you Ellen, we hope to bring you many more years of Joy! :)

Carlos sends us $5.00 with this message: JOT is a wonderful comic, you folks rock. Thanks Carlos! :D

February and March 2005

Ouch! Thank goodness for Superfans, or there would be no Joy in this world!

January 2005

Allan donates 30 dollars! "Birthday dinners on me!!" Yum! Thanks Allan!

Mister Boo donates 50 bucks! "Have a birthday dinner on Mister Boo! I hope you guys both have a wonderful year until the next one." Awww that is so nice, thank you Mister Boo! Looks like we eat great this month!

December 2004
Jack H. donates $5! Thanks for another episode of AfterY2K! Thank you Jack!

Allan donates another 30 dollars! Thanks again Allan! And did you catch Allan's comic in the latest issue of MacWorld UK?
PB gives us the gift of 10 dollars.. Merry X-mas! Thanks PB, you are a sweatheart! :-)
Cool! Pete S. donates 10 dollars and a great beanie picture... "Here's a pic of your beanie hat autographed by a writer for a hit TV show here in the states called "Everybody Loves Raymond." Hey, now that is one hip beanie! Thanks Pete!

November 2004
Dana donates 20 bucks! Message: Love Your Work! Thanks for sharing it! Thank you for sharing Dana!
David D. donates 100 bucks! Thank you for JoT. I've been enjoying for years - time to make a contribution. Two cartoons in particular motivated me: 613 and 610. Thank you for a smile where so few can now be found. Wow, thank you David, that really made our week!

Sept/October/November 2004
Allan donates 30 bucks after we shut off pop-up ads in order to save people's santy... I hate pop ups too!! Thanks Allan!

August 2004
anonymous has done it again, and donated 110 bucks! Message: Thanks for: 1) the laughs this past year, 2) the JoT book earlier this year in the mail (signed/autographed with personalized message!), IMHO the current JoT comic is the coolest (for angryjungman and Steph). Simon has been freaked for a while; when you can, can you please make a AY2K update?... Heh heh, we will try to un-phreak Simon asap... wow, thank you again anonymous, that really made our day! :-)
Tristan does it again too! 20 bucks! Message: Love the latest comic. Glad to see Tim is covering for Steve in all ways possible. Thanks Tristan!

July 2004
Longtime fan and supporter Tristan donates 25 bucks! Thanks Tristan!
Jack H. strikes again and send us 5 bucks! Message:Greets from WWDC. Loved the "Spiderman" JoyOfTech from today. It would make a great poster (hint hint, nudge nudge). Thanks Jack, we think so too, it's now available!

May/June 2004
It was a little bleak during this time period, but thanks to all who have bought merchandise. :)

April 2004
Jack H. sends $5.00! Message: Today's "Kill Bill" JoT is great! I'm sure, if it were a poster, many geeks like myself would buy it. *hint hint nudge nudge* Here's a little
donation in appreciation.
Cool! Will do, thanks Jack!
Whoa!!! Eolake from maccreator.com sends us $50.00! Message:Good work. Wow, thank you Eolake! :happytears:
James S. sends us 50 big ones! Message:I hope this helps with your bandwidth costs. Thanks James, that will really help and wow, we really appreciate it!
Mighty macmcseboy donates 50 dollars! Message:Add this to bandwith fund ;-) Wow, thank you macmcseboy, that is really amazing of you!
William V sends us 5 bucks! Thank you William! :-)

Febuary and March 2004

Yay! Adam sends us 5 bucks! Message:rotfl! geek living! I love it! Thanks Adam!

Hey this is really nice... James donated $10.00 afer winning a free copy of our book. Message: Thanks for the book I won from ehMac! You did an excellent job wrapping it up and the stickers were very cute, too. I hope this is your lucky donation. - James

January 2004

WOW! Tristan donates $20 and renews Solid Nitrozanium SuperFandom! "I keep hoping for another Genius VS Genius comic where they get back at the Dell Dude..." Hee hee sounds good to us. Thank you Tristan! :-)

Jack Holt starts off our 2004 with a bang and 5 bucks! I loved today's Joy of Tech! Keep up the good work, and have a great 2004!
Thank you Jack!

December 2003
PB gives us some Christmas cheer! Merry Christmas guys, PB.!
Thanks PB!

November 2003
Tristan donates 20 and renews Solid Nitrozanium SuperFandom! "I keep hoping for another Genius VS Genius comic where they get back at the Dell Dude..."
Outi donates 10 dollars! Thanks Outi! :-)
Stephen donated 50 dollars!!!! and includes this wonderful note...
I've been reading your comics for years (ay2k and then joy of tech). In all that time, I've never bought any merchandise, or otherwise let you know how much I've enjoyed reading. In that time, I'm sure I've run up your bandwidth bill a small amount. This last week I went back and re-read all the ay2k strips. I can't believe how much work you put into them. Thank you, and please accept my donation.
Wow, that is really really nice of you Stephen, thanks!!!

September/ October 2003
Ian Young donates $5.00! Thanks Ian!
Emko sends us $25.00! Thanks Emko, you rock!. :-)

July and August 2003
Jack Holt donates $5.00! Message: Thanks for another episode of AfterY2K! Thank you Jack!

June 2003
anonymous has done it again, and donated 110 bucks!... WOW! ... We are most humbled and most thrilled, thank you!!
Jennifer Lemen, the ever-loving TMBWITW,PB, gives a very lucky $7.00! Message: Thanks for the new AY2K. I can't wait to see the next one. ;) Thanks Peebs! :-)

May 2003
Lee Dralle sends us 10 big ones! Message: You crack me up!
Hey, Thanks Lee, much appreciated! :-)

April 2003
Chris Matzen mails us 2 bucks cash, (one of the bills folded like a bow-tie... or was it tie fighter origami? ), and a Statue of Liberty postcard and an Anne Murray "County Croonin'" ad! Thanks Chris!

March 2003
March was bleak folks, but we did get a couple of SuperFans! yay!

February 2003
Mark Wintle sends in $10.00! Thanks Mark! :-)

January 2003
Wow! Mr.Boo sent us 50 big ones for our birthdays!! Have Happy Birthdays Nitro and Snaggy!!!!!! And wishes for many more! From mister boo, mrs boo, Marble and Maxine(my AV). Wow, thank you Mr. Boo!
Lee Dralle sends 10.00! Message: You rock! Thanks again Lee!
Lynda Botez sends $5.00! Message: Extremely Easy Rider -- man, that's hilarious!!! Keep up the good work!!! Thank you Lynda!
Jennifer Lemen, the amazing TMBWITW,PB sends 3.50! -
Thanks again PB! :-)

December 2002
Jennifer Lemen, the ever-loving TMBWITW,PB, sends 6.00! Thanks for all your hard work guys! Happy holidays. - TMBWITW,PB
! Thank YOU PB!
Lee Dralle sends us $5.00! Thanks again Lee!

November 2002
" Here's for the cats... " Wow, Anne Griffin gave us $30.00. Thank you Anne!
John Comeaux sends in $7.50! "Your Joy is my Joy. Keep up the good work with Joy of Tech!" ...thanks John!
Adam Barisoff gives us $5.00 and these kind words... That was the funniest one yet. just the expression, it's so... fitting. Here's my tip, thanks for the laughs. Jobbie the jaguar! LOL! Thanks Adam!

October 2002
$11.00 !
Stephan Fiedler sends in 5 bucks thanking us for the new AY2k episode! Thank you Stephan! :)
Jack Holt! $5.00! Message: Thanks for the new AfterY2K! Thank you!
Lawrence Person sent us a buck and this message: The Ellen Feiss pumpkin is amazing! Thanks Lawrence! :)

September 2002
$6.30 !
The fab Eric Heikes continues his dollar-a-month marathon. Thanks Erik!
$5.30 from Lee Dralle! Thank you Lee! :)

August 2002
$0.55 from David Kopec. Thanks David!
$10.00 from Jerry W. Tompkins. Thanks Jerry!

July 2002
John Hill ($10.00, thank you John!)
The ever-loving Eric Heikes continues his dollar-a-month support. Thanks Erik!

June 2002
Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus! $25.00 Message: Y'all ROCK! (sent via satellite from somewhere off the coast of Alaska...). Wow thanks Dr. Mac, you rock! :)
Brian Stretch ($10.00! Yay! Thanks Brian!)
Brian Redman (hold on to your beanie... Brian donated $110.00, plus made his Tubes Rock shirt lucky! Whoa!!! thanks Brian, YOU ROCK!)
Stephan Fiedler ($13.91) Thanks Stephan!

May 2002
Xah Lee! "Superb work. Most Insightful to the people of IT industry. Thanks." (Thank you Xah Lee!)
Eric Heikes (Eric gives a buck a month, yay!)
April 2002 total
Thomas Deliduka! ($25.00 wow, thanks Thomas!)
Seth Taplin ($5.00 Thanks Seth!)
anonymous ( wow $100.00!!!!, thank you anonymous, that was very generous!)
Eric Heikes (Eric continues giving a buck a month, yay!)
Seth Steinberg ($25.00, many thanks Seth!)
Keith Woeltje (15.00 woot! thanks Keith!)
Yaron Kaplan ($5.00 Thanks Yaron!)
Lee Dralle ($5.00 Thanks Lee!)

March 2002 total
JP Sugarbroad ($5.00! Thanks JP!)
Greg Wooledge ($5.00 from longtime supporter and Forum member greycat!)
Gary Shelton ($10 dollars! Thanks Gary!)
Laura Brown ($5.00 Thanks Laura!)
Jack Holt! ($2.50 thanks Jack!)

February 2002 total

Thanks to:
Eugenio Sanchez (5 bucks!)
Geordie Korper (20 bucks!)
10 bucks, thank you again Steen!
Michael Chastain (20 bucks from alien investor, thanks!)
Eric Heikes! (Eric continues giving a buck a month, yay!)
Britta Koch! (5 dollars, thank you!)
Karen Anderson! (5 dollars, thanks Karen!)
Mike Ma! (wow, thanks Mike, twenty dollars!)

January 2002:
Many thanks to:
Matthew Gessel
Richard Jordan
Daniel Spiegel
Skip Press
Christopher Gagne!
Eric Heikes! (Eric has been giving a buck a month, yay!)
Eric Stein! (wow 20 bucks! thank you!)
Steen again! (51 dollars to Nitrozac for her birthday! Thank you Steen!)
Heiko Hellweg (5 bucks!)
Pete Biggs (10 bucks!)

December 2001's total.
Thanks Eric Heikes and S R Janssen Jr.!