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A Zuckerberg Presidency!

Today's comic is brought to you exclusively by Canada's NeoNet Corp!
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The JoyPoll was...

What would be the best thing about a Mark Zuckerberg Presidency?

  • That comforting feeling of knowing someone is constantly watching over you every second of the day.
  • Everyone would get a customized State of the Union Address, filtered by algorithms based upon your existing world view.
  • As Commander in Chief, his orders to the troops would be "move fast and break things."
  • Vice President Sheryl Sandberg.
  • Please, don't make me even think about that, I have enough to deal with now!!!

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The MoMan says I'm the president and you're not, ... Nitrozac wished her non-Net mom Happy Mother's Day, ... Snaggy likes SPLIT, is looking for business attire, and wonders Where have all the insects gone?

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