October 05, 2015

Sponsor: MRO Supply

This week, our comic is sponsored by MRO Supply, who supply just about anything you need to do maintenance, repairs, and operations! Motors, bearings, paint, plumbing, rubber seals, cleaning tools, fasteners, electrical, gears, pulleys, tools, ... the list is almost endless! Check out their website at MRO Supply.com!

MRO Supply!


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September 27, 2015

Nitrozac's latest paintings... Pluto and Charon!

Nitrozac has two new paintings up on eBay, and they are super neat. They are Pluto and Charon, both painted on tiny stretched canvas and include wooden easels to display them on.

Check them out, the two charming underdogs of the Solar System that have charmed the inhabitants of planet Earth!


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August 17, 2015

Betelgeuse, a new painting by Nitrozac

Nitrozac has a new painting up on eBay, and it's a giant beauty! A 3 feet by 3 feet depiction of Betelgeuse the star.

There's even a secret ultraviolet mode! Check it out here.


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June 19, 2015

Nitrozac painting now in webstore

Nitrozac's Apple Watch painting. It's an adorable little depiction, and comes with its own adorable little easel. Check it out !
Sorry folks, IT'S SOLD!
Apple watch painting!


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June 18, 2015

Sponsor: Girrion!


We'd like to thank our sponsor this week... GIRRION! A sweeping sci-fi story of a small creature called a gunflin caught in a war of other-worldly magic and weaponry.

Need a Miyazaki, Star Wars, LOTR, Dark Crystal type thing in your life? Check out their Kickstarter!

It's folks like this that help us to keep bringing you the comics, so please check 'em out!


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May 11, 2015

Nitrozac's Portrait Sale!

It's that time of year again... Nitrozac portrait sale time! You've seen them at re/code's Code Conference, on Twit.tv, on iTunes, on Facebook, on Twitter, on books, and beyond! Now you too can join the ranks of famous geeks who have been drawn by the venerable Nitrozac! And for a limited time, Nitrozac will create one of her gorgeous portraits of you or one of your loved ones, (Mom, Dad, cat, dog, kids) for only 99 bucks! Use these for avatars, Twitter, Facebook, smartphone screens, or prints! And of course every portrait arrives with several smaller sizes of the portrait so that you can use it as an avatar on Facebook, G+, Twitter, blog, or anywhere else!

Get 'em while they're available, or buy now for a later portrait! This is only for a limited time and won't last long, as her schedule fills up quickly!


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August 04, 2014

Instant Gratification!

Check out Liz Gannes new series I Want It, and I Want It Now — It’s Time for Instant Gratification over on Re/code. Nitrozac and I created some animated gifs for it!
Instant Gratification


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May 01, 2014

Nitrozac Portrait Sale!

Sorry folks, sale is over! Nitrozac is swamped!


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December 23, 2013

The Cat Carol

JoT thumb

We're off helping Santa today, in the meantime, here is what we hope is a special treat. For those who haven't seen it yet, it's Snaggy's song "The Cat Carol", sung by Meryn Cadell, with a new video he made using Nitrozac's illustrations.


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October 12, 2013

New Nitrozac painting... the mini iPad mini!

mini iPad mini

Nitrozac has a new painting up for auction, it's an adorably mini iPad mini! It comes with the tiny artist easel, the two of them standing about 5 inches high. Check out all the details on the auction page!


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July 16, 2013

Send a geeky girl to App Camp!

App Camp for Girls!

App Camp for Girls is a great non-profit project by our pal Jean MacDonald, and worthy of your support. The campaign is in its final hours, and needs your help. So let's push them over $100K today, and help bring the joy of tech and coding skills to a new generation of women.

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May 31, 2013

Deep Fried Pudge is an ass this month. ;-)

JoT thumb

My pal Stroganoff is the creator of the cartoon Deep Fried Pudge, and she is just wrapping up a silly month of butt-related puns. I did an episode for her, featuring my favorite silent movie star... check it out here!

All her other Butt Month comics start here:

Butt be warned, it's extremely cheeky humor! :-D

-Cheers, Snaggy


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April 21, 2013

Mars! (A painting by Nitrozac)

Nitrozac here, just letting you know about my new painting that's up for auction.

If you are tired of all the ego-stroking this overrated planet Earth is getting this week, (joking!), I have just the thing for you... a painting of the mighty planet Mars! I know you will love this depiction of our rusty neighbour and I hope it inspires you as much as Mars does me!

Auction is here.


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March 03, 2013

Nitrozac Portrait Sale!

Nitrozac is having a special! For a limited time, she'll create one of her gorgeous portraits for only 99 bucks! Get 'em while they're hot, this is only for a limited time and won't last long!


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March 01, 2013

Take Control of your Passwords!

The incredible folks over at TidBITS have a new eBook on password strategy that I highly recommend. It will get you up to speed on why your passwords need to be secure, how to do that, and how to make doing that easy.

And check out the cool comic over on their site. :-)


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February 21, 2013

JoyPoll lovers, this one's for you...

Due to an overwhelming demand, The JoyPoll is back! I"ve set it up over at geeklove.com. Hopefully we'll have html links over at Tapastic soon, so it will be easier to get to it.



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February 12, 2013

The Joy of Tech is now also on Tapastic!

JoT on Taptastic!

We're trying out a new platform for our comic. It's simpler, and for the time being, there are no ads, so that is very nice indeed. We'll always be here at GeekCulture.com, but you can now also find us over at Tapastic!


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January 07, 2013

Full Moon, a painting by Nitrozac

Nitrozac here, just letting you know about my new painting that's up for auction.

I think you will love this painting. Like the Moon, its palette is limited, but there is a richness and lushness to the paint that depicts its surface. And like the Moon it only reveals its secrets when looking at it closer up. From far away this painting looks like the Moon does when viewing from our planet with the naked eye. Closer up and it's like viewing our friend through a telescope.

Best of luck to all bidders, and to the winner, I know you will adore this painting as much as I do. It was an absolute pleasure to paint and to be honest, it will be very hard to part with!

Auction is here.

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September 20, 2012

Nitrozac's Curiosity painting

Another painting by Nitrozac is up for auction! It's one small tribute to Curiosity's first transmitted image, and an accolade to the NASA engineers whose talents landed it on Mars. Includes the tiny wooden stand!

Up for auction


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September 08, 2012

Nitrozac's newest painting!

Nitrozac's newest painting is up for auction, and it's a beauty. At 5 feet high by 4 feet wide, it's her largest ever, and it is spectacular. Check it out!

Up for auction


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November 10, 2008

Presenting our newest advertiser...

We'd like to welcome JRC9.CA as a new JoyPixel advertiser!

JRC9.CA - Blog, Technology, Visual Art, New Media, Architecture & Web Design. WWW.JRC9.CA - Blog, Technology, Visual Art, New Media, Architecture & Web Design

Advertise your software, blog, business, or cause, on The Joy of Tech page. A whole year beside the comic, and forever in the archives, for only a 100 bucks. Sweet! JoyPixels... Grab some!

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September 29, 2008

Mackorisnik.com interview.


Roberta Barbaric from the Croatian Mac Site Mackorisnik.com has posted a nice interview with us, which you can find here. The English part is in blue font, just scroll down the page to find it.

Thanks Roberta!


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November 28, 2006

Nitrozac portraits and paintings: time is running out for Christmas orders!

Nitrozac PortraitsJust a few reminders... We've had many people ordering portraits and avatars to give to their loved ones as gifts, it's a fabulous idea! But hurry, Nitrozac is very close to being booked solid for the next few weeks. If you've been thinking about getting a portrait done, especially as a gift, now is the time to place your order before all of Nitrozac's pre-Christmas time is booked up.

iChatSpeaking of presents, you couldn't find a more original or unique gift for a geek than one of Nitrozac's original oil paintings! Currently on the auction block and ending today is her gorgeous little painting of the iChat icon... at this moment the highest bid is under 100 bucks! Don't let this one slip by, it's a real treasure.
UPDATE.... "The iChat painting has now been sold. Thanks pvmuir! The rest of you, stand by for a couple of new paintings going on the block soon ... two PacMan paintings!

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September 05, 2005

Serenity Giveaway!

Serenity now!Browncoats unite! It's time for a Serenity giveaway! That's right, the big screen continuation of the amazing TV series Firefly soars into theatres on September 30th, so we thought we'd launch things early by giving away a Serenity t-shirt and a pack of Serenity trading cards!

And thanks to the generosity of our friends at Garlic Head BBQ Sauce, we're also giving away some terrific goodness! Four lucky winners will get a two-pack of gourmet BBQ Sauce! And we're also tossing our hat into the prize ring too... yep, some lucky winner will receive their choice of one of our great Geek Culture beanies or one of our awesome new t-shirts, or a signed Joy of Tech book!

So, how can you win? Easy! All you have to do is post a reply to this thread, and you're in on the giveaway. And, if you are a SuperFan, you can enter again here and get double the chance to win!

Note.. Giveaway is now over!


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June 20, 2005

Tiger-ific Giveaway!

Giveaway!We're holding another giveaway this week, this time we're celebrating the start of summer by giving away some terrrrific goodies including our new Tiger Inside t-shirt. There will also be three lucky winners of Garlic Head Gourmet BBQ sauce, and seven more winners of Garlic Head gear! It's free to enter, just post a reply to the giveaway forum.

Also please note... today is your last chance to order one of our Happy Computer polos!


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