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January 29, 2017

JoT #2377: UnLadylike Liberty!

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Keep your tired, especially if they're poor!


Posted by Snaggy at 03:02 PM

January 26, 2017

JoT #2376: Doomsday Clock!

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He's changing the world!


Posted by Snaggy at 07:48 PM

January 25, 2017

JoT #2375: Brain freeze!

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What are you going for the next four years?


Posted by Snaggy at 12:09 AM

January 22, 2017

JoT #2374: Alternate facts?

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Truth is not always logical anymore!


Posted by Snaggy at 01:42 PM

January 19, 2017

JoT #2373: Apple's boring?

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Tim Cook dares to disagree!


Posted by Snaggy at 08:37 PM

January 16, 2017

JoT #2372: The Greatest Shitshow on Earth!

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I'm afraid of clowns!


Posted by Snaggy at 05:03 PM

January 11, 2017

JoT #2371: Heavenly tech

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Paradise is staying on the couch!


Posted by Snaggy at 12:43 AM

January 09, 2017

JoT #2370: iPhone's 100th birthday!

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Beneath the Planet of the iPhone Geeks!


Posted by Snaggy at 12:00 AM

January 06, 2017

JoT #2369: A hair-brained idea?

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The Internet of stupid things!


Posted by Snaggy at 12:00 AM

January 04, 2017

JoT #2368: Your phone is snooping on you!

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You're on a party line with advertisers!


Posted by Snaggy at 12:00 AM

January 01, 2017

The Internet's got your back.

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Sometimes, you need a little fake news!


Posted by Snaggy at 05:24 PM