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September 30, 2015

JoT 2196: Apple's plan for growth!

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Consume consumer, consume!


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September 28, 2015

JoT 2195: The Dawn of Distraction!

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How did humans ever get past this?


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September 27, 2015

Nitrozac's latest paintings... Pluto and Charon!

Nitrozac has two new paintings up on eBay, and they are super neat. They are Pluto and Charon, both painted on tiny stretched canvas and include wooden easels to display them on.

Check them out, the two charming underdogs of the Solar System that have charmed the inhabitants of planet Earth!


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September 25, 2015

JoT 2194: Reach out and 3D Touch!

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The haptic engine is strong with this one!


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September 23, 2015

JoT 2193: Code for living.

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If only we could re-program humans!


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September 21, 2015

JoT 2192: When websites get pathetic, ad blocker edition

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Here come the ad-blocker drama queens!


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September 18, 2015

JoT 2191: Block that content!

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What content will you be blocking?


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September 16, 2015

JoT 2190: Tech generations

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Hey you kids, get off of my LAN!


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September 14, 2015

JoT 2189: When pencil-necked geeks snap!

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You'd think they could just brush it off!


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September 11, 2015

JoT 2188: Same old/same old!

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Are you tired of the upgrade game?


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September 09, 2015

JoT 2187: Swipe Right?

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It's hard not to treat them as sex objects!


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September 07, 2015

JoT 2186: Busy weekend?

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All play and no work!


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September 03, 2015

JoT 2185: A sneak peek at some Apple-produced TV shows!

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Streaming to an AppleTV near you!


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September 01, 2015

JoT 2184: Apple TV: us and them!

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Wish I may, wish I might, that the cord be cut tonight!


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