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The Aliens plan their week...

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The After Y2K QuickPoll was...
What's the most annoying thing about Aliens?
  • They're so smug about the whole space travel thing.
  • They way they've set up [email protected] as a way to gather information about Earthlings.
  • They're making billions off of alien-branded merchandise.
  • They run around naked all the time.
  • Their computer graphics are way better than ours.
  • Quit picking on us Nitrozac, or we will vaporize Earth.

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Meet the cast!

  • Next Monday, July 26, will be a special episode of After Y2K, ...it will appear in anaglyph 3D! You will need those geeky red/blue glasses (red on the left side) to see it in three dimensions.)
    Need anaglyph glasses? Try here!
  • Previous polls are now available for viewing! You'll find them on the comics they originated on, in the archives!
  • Rumor has it that in early 2000, my geeky pals at Motorola and IBM will ship the "Nitro" G4, which will raise PowerPC performance above 600MHz! Gee, guys, I'm so flattered... ;-)
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After Y2K™ is a frightfully funny look at what might happen if the Millennium Bug bites hard! Created by Nitrozac, it follows the hapless exploits of a perhaps-slightly-over-paranoid geek as he and his friends seek to come to terms with the legacy of careless coding.
The setting: the days and months after January 1st, 2000... all computers, high technology, and most electricity is gone... civilization as Geeks know it has collapsed!

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