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Episode II

Ain't he still the coolest!
Since the Great Crash, we geeks have been through a lot. The loss of computers, electricity, the fall of civilization, the closing of all theaters. My eyes are watering just remembering. Throughout this, we still had the vision of people like George Lucas and Kurt, people who will go on despite all odds, make the very best from the worst, and continue to create, and continue to TELL THEIR STORY!.

Perhaps you've been reading my humble little bulletin board lately. You know how excited I was when I learned that George had found his way to Kurt's and was undergoing Geek Therapy. And when I heard about the Premiere performance of Episode II, ... I PASSED OUT!

The anticipation, the hopes, the dreams, the terror... Could Episode II live up to the mythology that I created in my mind around Jar Jar Binks? And what of the new format, as a puppet show?! Would a lack of digital effects prevent the telling of the Star Wars STORY?

But now I've seen it. It is etched into my memory. And I am humbled, and outraged. And I will never be the same.

To begin with, the Obi-wan/Amidala/Anakin love triangle was expected. (I had read an old napkin that George left in the cafeteria that had detailed this subplot). What floored me was the "New Apprentice"... Queen Amidala! I am in total disbelief and shock and I cried and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!!! Blown away.

Needless to say, I was wide eyed with amazement throughout the performance, and completely did not notice the complete lack of space battles and tie fighters.

The ending was totally a SHOCK, yet completely predictable. OF COURSE they would use the protocol droid for Anakin's body. WHY ELSE WOULD THEY HAVE HAD C3P0 IN THE FIRST MOVIE???!!! Yet there was something dark and mysterious and crazy and wonderful about seeing Anakin and C3PO merged together... it was seeing the convergence of fire and ice, water and stone, Apple and Microsoft. It said SO MUCH and SO LITTLE, both at the same time!!!!!!

But what I was most afraid of, the Jar Jar Backlash, became a reality. As I watched the puppet show progress I kept thinking…..

I guess it was inevitable. George just had to give in to the hordes of angry fans who have demanded to see Jar Jar die. Well I hope you're happy you big bullies!!!! YOU'VE GOT WHAT YOU WANTED AND NOW A WONDERFUL CHARACTER IS DEAD!!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Mesa loved Jar Jar! Jar Jar was a GEEK, and I mean it in the best sense of the word. An outcast, living the life of an independent soul, but living life the WAY HE WANTED TO!!!!

I have a theory... no it is more than a theory. it is FACT…
Think about it... every one of his actions led to an advancement of the Force of Good. For instance, in Episode I:

  • He alone brought the Jedi to the hidden underwater city!
  • He led the Jedi through the planet core to rescue Queen Amidala.
  • It was HIS IDEAS that led the Queen to seek out the Gungan help.
  • HE brought the two sides together and UNITED A PLANET!
  • He basically single-handily WON THE WAR against the battle droids. The Force was DRIPPING out of this one!!!!

I refuse to believe Jar Jar is really dead. He was too powerful. I believed he transformed himself on to a higher level of existence, into a green ghost like Obi-Wan and Yoda and the post-Darth Vader Anakin.
He WILL be back in Episode III.


Mesa wants to be his puppet master!

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