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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 123
 - posted June 12, 2015 16:01
I'm extending my French Drain, to improve drainage around Geek Culture Headquarters. There was a big flood outside this winter, so I dug a quick mini-ditch to show me where it was needed, now I'm putting in a larger French Drain.

Taking the summer to dig it since I'm a wimpy geek. Finding neat stuff, like ancient wood and bark (well... 50 years old at least) and lots of round rocks and sand. Old river bed I think. Nitro wants to pan for gold. [Big Grin]

Member # 1659
 - posted June 13, 2015 05:39
Ditches and drains, Field tile, it is eazier to drain to the West and towards the Equator than toward the poles.
Member # 123
 - posted June 13, 2015 12:45
It's heading north-east, but luckily downhill! [Cool]
Member # 780
 - posted June 13, 2015 15:01
You're not doing the hardcore stuff shown in the Wikipedia article, right? [Wink]

If you are, my hat is off to you, but that seems like a heck of a lot of work. [Razz]

Assuming you're making more of a moat, I'm down with that - after all, if it was suggested as a viable option for protecting the White House, it ought to be sufficient to protect Nitrokitty (and loving caretakers) from predators.
Member # 1659
 - posted June 13, 2015 15:04
When draining fields Westerly works the best because of the tidal effect from the Sun and Moon. Towards the equartor is better because the slightly larger radius from the axis of rotation in creases the Centripital forces, so more slope may be needed to get the water to flow towards the poles.

Dag Nabit Snaggy, I have forgotten how to calculate the loss of force due to shortining the radius.

I know I am 101 Kilos anywhere however what force in pounds am I at the Poles / the Equator. I used to know how to calculate that.

We used to have to calculate whether a grinding wheel would explode from speed as brought up to grinding tangental velocity. Never stand in line with the Arc of rotation.
Member # 123
 - posted June 13, 2015 18:45
Dragon, semi hardcore. Just one drainage pipe, not two. Still a ton of work for this geek, hence I'm just doing a bit here and there, rather than all in one go.

So I have to pick and shovel the trench, lay down gravel, lay pipe, then put more gravel over the pipe, then I'm topping with the occasional flat stone to make it look pretty.

I do like the sound of a moat! Would love to add a tower and cannon too! [Big Grin]
Member # 1659
 - posted June 13, 2015 19:51
It gots to have a drawbridge!
The Famous Druid
Member # 1769
 - posted June 13, 2015 20:56
I had no idea what a French Drain is until now, which is odd, given that 12 year old me was used as slave labour on one by The Great Mother Druid many many years ago.

Backbreaking work if you're digging the trenches by hand.

Even more so if the 'gravel' is being wheelbarrowed in from a site about a block and a half downhill.
Member # 123
 - posted August 28, 2015 19:58
OK, update on my French drain extension...

It's pretty much all dug now, and I await the first rainstorm, due tonight. Lots of rocks along the way (pretty sure there used to be a stream where my yard is now), and oh man did I ever have to axe through a lot of roots. [tired]

Note: a pickaxe is essential for digging a ditch, especially in clay soils with tons of rocks.

There's no pipe or gravel in the trench yet, I want to let the rain wash out any loose dirt from the trench before I put those in, plus I want to see how the flow is, in case I have to dig some more.



The white tarp is where the trench will eventually join the current drain, but for this first deluge I don't want all the loose dirt washing into the existing pipe, so hopefully the tarp will deflect water and sediment on to the grass for now.

Next up, dig some side channels, and then install the pipe and gravel! [Cool]
Ugh, MightyClub
Member # 3112
 - posted August 31, 2015 13:08
Looking good, Snaggy!

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