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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 955
 - posted October 15, 2012 12:49
I've been out of work since July 31st when my last job ended. I'm finding it extremely hard to find work, as I know a lot of people are. What I'm seeing as a job-seeker is a kind of series of inflated qualifications; that is to say, jobs that would normally require a high school diploma and a couple years experience are asking for Bachelor's Degrees and jobs that would normally require an Associate's Degree are asking for Master's Degrees. Having been on the other side of this just a year or so ago, I know that people with Master's Degrees really *are* applying for $30k/yr. jobs and they're getting hired for them; and if a company can get away with that shite, then they will.

I've been happily employed as a Music Director for my church (Catholic) for the last four years. I was part-time, living in poverty, but I was totally happy with it because, for the first time in my life, I *loved* what I did. My church got merged (more like a hostile takeover) with the church 1/8 mile down the road and so my job ended. My job and my lease ended at the exact same time, which is probably for the best, but now I'm back home with Mom & Dad... and unemployed.

The prospect of getting a paid position similar to my previous one is very slim since this whole church merger thing is happening everywhere. There's no church music positions left.

With this wave of qualification inflation, jobs that I would hate, but be qualified for and would pay well (i.e. mid-level I.T.) seem out of my grasp. I have an AA in Liberal Arts, and even with 10 years of experience in I.T., most of the jobs I'm looking at *require* a B.S. or even an M.A. Grr!

I got an automated e-mail from Michigan Works today, though, and saw that they're hiring ten Dish Network installers in Niles (about 30 min. away from here). It's kind of a strange blend of manual labor and technical work, but I actually think it might be fun. I wouldn't be stuck behind a desk, I'd be at a new place every day, and I'd get to interact with people and explain to them how their new dish works. Teaching tech was one of my favorite parts of I.T.

I think I'm actually looking forward to this, I hope they call!
Member # 1659
 - posted October 15, 2012 14:07
MMKK within that job description there are two levels of jobs. Receive only installers, and the guys that install for the home modem, (up and down) Up stream has to be aimed very carefully so as to make sure only your companies birds are in the beam width.

Good Luck.
Member # 955
 - posted October 16, 2012 14:03
Or.. as in the case of my brother's Dish Network installation: make sure there aren't any electric pole transformers in the line-of-sight between the dish and the satellite. His installation meets the minimum signal requirements, but just barely. Of course the part that frustrates me is that if the installer would have moved the pole just a half-foot further from the house they would've had totally clear line-of-sight and at least 2x the signal (and a lot less rain fade problems).

Anyway, MoMan, thanks for the luck.
Member # 1659
 - posted October 16, 2012 15:44
Well if you get the job then some weekend you and your brother relocate the post.

And again GOOD LUCK
Member # 4924
 - posted October 16, 2012 18:06
I agree with the inflated requriements for having jobs in america.

I had written a long paragraph whith A similar situation I had but then I read through it and couldn't kame sense of what I wrote. So I deleted that and wrote this.
Member # 780
 - posted October 16, 2012 21:07
I second/third Ash.

(In fact, I wrote a 3 paragraph spiel and then thought better of it.)

Moral of the story: The requirements are mostly ridiculous. Try and make your case to a smaller employer if you think you're a strong fit. A large place will have an impenetrable HR dept., but a reasonable place might know a good deal when they see it.

Best of luck to you - and if you get this new gig, congrats on getting a new job so quickly. (You'd be quite ahead of many peers of mine.)
The Famous Druid
Member # 1769
 - posted October 17, 2012 00:59
yeah, times are tough, the company I work for looks unlikely to make it to the end of the year, so I've been bringing my CV up to date (it's 6 years since I last used it).

The trick to job hunting these days is keyword engineering.

Many HR departments and recruiting agencies feed CVs into a database, and then do keyword searches. If your CV doesn't match the keyword search, no human being will ever see it.
So, think about what you've done, make a list of likely keywords that match your experience, and be sure to use all of them somewhere in your CV.
Member # 3187
 - posted October 18, 2012 15:44
Good luck getting the job! Though when I saw the
title 'Satellite Installer' I pictured someone with
longer arms... Then I realized you've just gotta
be the guy who owns a 22,300 mile high ladder.
Member # 1659
 - posted October 21, 2012 10:22
While you are up there don't drop any tools.
Member # 546
 - posted October 24, 2012 17:00
Originally posted by HalfVast:
Good luck getting the job! Though when I saw the
title 'Satellite Installer' I pictured someone with
longer arms... Then I realized you've just gotta
be the guy who owns a 22,300 mile high ladder.

That's what I thought, too! I would love that job. Although I would get vertigo on a ladder that high.

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