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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 111
 - posted March 31, 2009 19:39
Now that Woz has been voted off DWTS, I wonder if he has inspired any geeks around here to take up dancing? Or inspired to do something else? I think that's really important to him, to have inspired nerds.

The message I get from this Woz DWTS experience is that there is a life beyond the computer and tech realm, and it's fun. I thought Woz did great, and I was addicted to his DWTS updates. He tried his best, and worked hard. Unfortunately his competition was really tough.

Personally, I don't think I'm going to take up ballroom dancing. I'm fine with doing some dance lessons on DVD, in my T-shirt and yoga pants, with no one around. That's when I can dance like no one is watching, because really, no one is watching. [Razz] That's as far as the DWTS's inspiration goes with me. It was quite entertaining, wasn't it? [Applause]
The real Stealth
Member # 4615
 - posted March 31, 2009 20:48
Sadly I had to miss the show because I was pulling orders at FritoLay but I was informed by my fiance some time ago that after our first kid comes (due July 4) and before our wedding (date to be set later) that I am going to take ballroom dancing lessons whether I want to or not.

i sshared now.
Member # 4924
 - posted March 31, 2009 23:11
after five years, last fall, my wife finally convinced me to take a dance class with her. (Salsa). In the end, it was my wife who didn't like the dance class and not me. (well i didn't enjoy the class but I didn't hate it either.)

though my wife blames me, because I made teh dancing no fun, because I complained when she didn't follow instructions.
Member # 199
 - posted April 01, 2009 01:04
You know, I probably would try taking dance lessons, except for two things:

(1) I'm really in no shape for dancing, especially given my old knee injury, which limits the strength in my left leg.

(2) Sabrina is in even less shape for dancing than I am. And I wouldn't dare try to dance with anyone else, as she can also get INCREDIBLY jealous. [Big Grin]
Member # 748
 - posted April 01, 2009 03:28
I didn't wait for Woz. I am now at pre-final bronze level ballroom dancing, American Style. Oh, plus a Viennese waltz summer class.

I go out, meet people, enjoy some different music from my usual, and get some exercise. I can't complain! (Except that the steps are getting more complicated, and I don't practice enough.)
Member # 111
 - posted April 01, 2009 09:36
That's impressive, guys! Stereo, way to go! You're making me re-think this whole ballroom thing. [Cool] I think the real story here with Woz and DWTS is his finding so much joy in a non-plugged-in activity. It's very surprising to me, I never thought that he would love dancing so much! That's really monumentous when you think about it in his case. Technology dominates everything he does. For example; Segway polo, and even riding his segway instead of walking whenever possible. He used to have a Sparrow, a battery operated, three wheeled vehicle, it was really cool. And he had a watch made from vacuum tubes, and he loved those amazing Fly pens. I'm curious to see if he keeps up dancing, I hope he will find a balance that will make him happy.
Member # 6992
 - posted April 01, 2009 11:54
Originally posted by Nitrozac:
... And he had a watch made from vacuum tubes,

Those weren't just vacuum tubes, those were Nixie Tubes. The watch was made by a fellow in Tucson, and the whole nixie community was pretty jazzed to see his watch in use.
Tech Angel
Member # 908
 - posted April 01, 2009 23:32
I started watching DWTS four years ago, and it inspired me to get an exercise video based on dancing. I love moving to music (hesitate to call it "dancing"), and with the right music I find I can really get my aerobic exercise for the day! (Beats the exercise bike any day.)

My daughter married a true computer geek a couple of years ago (and I say that as a compliment, J!), and the two of them took numerous ballroom dancing lessons beforehand so that they could look really good during their "first dance as husband and wife". And they did. [Applause]
business attire
Member # 6102
 - posted April 02, 2009 11:44
I would never watch that crap. Woz or not.
Member # 111
 - posted April 02, 2009 18:45
Tech Angel, I like dance DVDs way better than aerobics DVDs, it's a lot more fun, the time goes by quite quickly. Stationery cycles kinda suck sometimes, eh?

I wonder if Woz will go on other reality shows, he was really into Survivor when it first came out, I think he'd be awesome in that. Also, I'd be interested in seeing him in Celebrity Apprentice, I watched a couple of seasons of that in the very beginning, and haven't watched it since. I'd definitely watch that with him on it.

Ok, so who should be the next geek to go on DWTS? I'm thinking, Mark Zuckerburg would be good, ( I'd like to see him trip, to be honest [Wink] ) Now that Bill Gates is retired, he'd be good. Leo Laporte would be awesome, I bet he'd be very good at dancing. Guy Kawasaki? David Pogue? Kara Swisher would be great! Cali Lewis? She'd be very good. The Google guys, together? Who else?
Tech Angel
Member # 908
 - posted April 02, 2009 21:04
Microsoft bashing aside, I actually thought Bill Gates would be an interesting choice both in terms of seeing him in a totally different light, and because I think his personality and demeanor would be an interesting contrast with the entertainer-type celebrities while still being in line with the show.

But I think you missed the obvious choice here: why not throw your own hat into the ring? As far as I know, there haven't been any cartoonists or artists on DWTS yet. Surely they can come up with a dance number which requires high-heeled boots, eh? [Wink]

ADDENDUM: But not Walt Mossberg...or Steve Ballmer. [Eek!]
Member # 1181
 - posted April 03, 2009 00:19
We have missed the completely obvious.

Wil Wheaton, of course.
Member # 111
 - posted April 05, 2009 11:52
LOL, Tech Angel, I did suggest it to Snaggy, but he didn't go for it. [Razz] so, I'd have to go it alone. Honestly, I think I'd be too obscure as in not nearly famous enough. That would be fun, tho! [Wink] I'm thinking that cartoonist that does Bizarro would be really good, he's quite a character and really nice, I think (I never met him).

fs, absolutely Wil Wheaton would be awesome! I'd watch that! All the Star Trek cast would be hilarious! [Applause]
Member # 28496
 - posted April 07, 2009 15:30
Salsa has been a blast for me. It definitely takes some time to get used to. I take my classes from salsacrazy.com (I am not affiliated in any way with them) and he has a great video.

Now that I am into my 3rd 4 week session I am finally feeling a bit more confident and actually have the nerve to ask women to dance after class.

It was pretty funny the first few times after my class doing the basic step and the same one turn over and over for a whole song.

It is also a great place to meet cute girls [Wink]
Tech Angel
Member # 908
 - posted April 07, 2009 18:26
Originally posted by Nitrozac:
Honestly, I think I'd be too obscure as in not nearly famous enough.

You mean, "not nearly famous enough...yet". [Wink]

So assuming that the goal is to have more geek representation in pop culture like DWTS (now that Woz & Fans have put 18 million cracks in that monitor-glass ceiling), what card-carrying geek would actually have sufficient name recognition for most DWTS viewers, be entertaining enough to watch, and the potential to impress the judges? I was actually surprised that the producers tapped Woz for this season, primarily because most folks outside of Silicon Valley or Geekdom wouldn't immediately recognize the name or know what he's famous for. I think Dave Pogue has the right combination of name recognition, personality, and potential athletic prowness, but if Bill Gates could be convinced...that would certainly attract viewers! (...as well as draw the inevitable Mac-PC comparisons should he get further in the competition than Woz.)

At any rate, I hope the producers continue to look outside of the entertainment and sports industry to recruit new undiscovered dancing stars. Woz did us proud. [Smile]
Tech Angel
Member # 908
 - posted April 07, 2009 18:49
(To CharismaCoach, after looking at your website...) At the risk of hijacking this thread -- OK, I'll bite: I've never heard of a "dating coach", and certainly not one focused on the needs of geeks. Being on the flip side of the dating coin (as well as older), I won't be making use of your site's advice, but I like the approach you've taken: go from being a geek to being a self-respecting geek.
Member # 28496
 - posted April 09, 2009 15:33
Thanks Tech Angel,

I found my success as a geek with dating even though I am a huge Boardgames and World of Warcraft geek. I just like helping other guys and girls confidently express themselves and find their happiness too.

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