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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 15702
 - posted December 13, 2008 16:18
for cough syrup at Kroger!!! The girl who rang me up said she had to turn down an 80 year old, very sick lady today for not having her I.D. on her. What is up with that???
Member # 2097
 - posted December 13, 2008 16:21

The new laws all because of a bunch of tweakers.
Member # 780
 - posted December 13, 2008 17:15
Originally posted by CommanderShroom:

The new laws all because of a bunch of tweakers.

Yeah...this has been the case for a bit now - I find pseudoephedrine (the generic of Sudafed) helps clear me up...and I go through this hassle whenever I go to get any. :/

As per Shroom's comments, there is a law out there controlling the sale of products containing pseudoephedrine, as this can be used to make methamphetamines (i.e. 'crystal meth'). By law, pharmacies must place these products behind the counter, verify ID for sales, and keep records of their sales. Furthermore, there is a quantity restriction - I know the receipts say something about how much may be purchased in 30 days. It has a real purpose, but the civil liberties guy in me really doesn't like it. (I never thought of the elderly about this - personally I worried about 'undocumented residents' trying to care for their families. Legal status shouldn't impact health.)

Also - the geek in me is curious: Can the barcode scanner at CVS really read 2D barcodes?

I'd be really surprised if they can, and would expect them to scan the 1D code in my NYS Driver's License, but the girl who struggled to make it read insisted that was the one to use. She handed it over to a dude at the photo counter who handled everything perfectly, but I didn't see which code he scanned. It might really be a very good scanner, but I really don't see the point in spending that much money when almost all the barcodes they scan are 1D (i.e. 12 digit UPCs).

But hey...what do I know...I'm just a geek with an old commercial handheld barcode scanner that a friend gave me from a lab. [Razz] (And an interest in nifty things.)

P.S. I'll buy anyone a pint if they can tell me how to easily read the Windows COA license code from the side of a computer in a semi-automated fashion. The two 1D barcodes contain unrelated codes (prob. in a MS DB), and I haven't gotten around to trying to read the 2D barcode. Reading and typing the 25 digit code stinks, and I'd like to automate the process to make the junior crew's life easier.
Member # 955
 - posted December 13, 2008 20:25
The stupidest part of this law, IMHO, is that there are MANY other ways of making meth that don't involve pseudophedrine. From what I've read, most of them involve automotive starting fluid and the ilk..... I can't believe people put this in their bodies.
The Famous Druid
Member # 1769
 - posted December 13, 2008 21:46
Originally posted by MacManKrisK:
I can't believe people put this in their bodies.

People eat at McDonalds. [ohwell]
Member # 1659
 - posted December 14, 2008 03:03
__________________ TheMoMan Here __ Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. Where do they come from, Ephedrine can be found in many foods Pepper, is one of the easiest. I have found that ground black pepper on my food clears my nose better than pseudoephedrine and with out the drosiness, also green peppers in chilli does the same, Mexican food does much the same.

So how long before we have to sign for peppers?

"Dman" where I worked we printed barcodes right on the assembly line for the parts and their packages. As for the reader head I think it has no problem with the digits it must be the software looking for the stop signal at a certain place. and does not have a way of handling the extra digits.
Member # 2097
 - posted December 14, 2008 08:09

When I was still working at the school we were trying to find the same info. It is a definite 2D code. But the exact format is not out in the open. From what I was able to garner is the M$ may have built their own format. But I never had a 2D scanner to really test it out.

On speed and the laws to limit it ease of cooking.

My big gripe is that the laws only affect the price of what is available and how people get a hold of the stuff. So instead of going to the store to buy it, it is stolen. Or bought in Mexico, over the internet, etc. Or it is just cooked somewhere the laws are not in effect and shipped in.
Member # 5566
 - posted December 14, 2008 10:18
Whoah! Didn't know that. I guess I could be considered a dealer if I brought some Sudafed into the States. :-o

I don't think we get carded here for that. At least not that I know of...
Member # 780
 - posted December 14, 2008 10:46
Curiosity got the better of me:
Ugh, MightyClub
Member # 3112
 - posted December 15, 2008 10:37
dman, regarding the scanners, we had to implement bar code scanning on a handheld terminal for a client a year or so ago. We compared a simple barcode scanner with a 2D capable scanner and found the 2D version to be way more usable even with the 1D barcodes we needed to read. Given our experience, it's possible retailers use 2D-capable scanners for the same reason.

If the visible light emitted by the scanner is in the shape of a square with a plus-sign in the middle it's 2D-capable. The square indicates the area the scanner software is evaluating.
Member # 1429
 - posted December 15, 2008 15:02
There are also lots of teenagers and similarly retarded adults who think chugging a whole bottle of the stuff is a fun way to have a little trip.

Personally, I've always preferred a good walk along the beach in Oregon to find some tasty fun-gi.. Sorry, couldn't resist the pun. [Big Grin]
Member # 2340
 - posted December 17, 2008 08:55
A lady in front of me at CVS met her limit the other day. She was not a happy camper. She had prescriptions that she was picking up for the whole family, who had colds, but she couldn't buy any more products with Psued. in it.
Member # 748
 - posted December 19, 2008 09:12
Originally posted by Aditu:
A lady in front of me at CVS met her limit the other day. She was not a happy camper. She had prescriptions that she was picking up for the whole family, who had colds, but she couldn't buy any more products with Psued. in it.

I should have replied earlier, but I wanted some comfirmation of this before I say it: cough sirup and most cold drugs are effectless. So what's the point of buying them in the first place?

As for the lady, she may have been lying. 1) How could she reach the limit? Can't the different members of her family share the same bottle? 2) And even if there are some for children and some for adult, two syrup bottles is probably not enough to meet the limit. 3) If the lady has met her limit, can't her husband buy the missing ones? That's three strikes. Plus the fact stated above, plus the new recommendation that children under 6 shouldn't have any of those (only fever-lowering drugs, like Tylenol) because of dangerous side-effect... It's probably a good thing she was turned down.
Member # 1659
 - posted December 20, 2008 11:34
____________________ Stereo -- You have to remember that laws and codes in the USA have no logic to them. She has exceeded her limit it does not matter who she is buying for, her limit is exceeded now she has to send in the hubby. Or sister maybe even her brother to make the required purchases, who knows maybe they all have exceeded their limit. Or a child over the age of majority or no cough syrup. It does not matter to the rule makers or the enforcers they could pull the stores permit to sell controlled substances.

Remember the DEA still answers to GWB. THE SHRUB.

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