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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 10210
 - posted May 13, 2008 19:19
Ok so the day started like normal. Work Work and Some more Work. Once all that was done i did some running around and finally met up with MacManKrisK (MMKK) to go for a much needed ride in his VW Bus.

Before we leave for our walk to the bus MMKK hands me his keys and says "Now your ready to go"!!!!

So MMKK and I leave his apartment to walk to the Bus. We talk about how long a filename and pathname can be in the NTFS filesystem. Just if you are curious it is 255 characters. MMKK can explain in more detail.

Upon arriving at the bus we climb in and buckle up.

It was like a dream that you always wanted to come true. When i stuck the key into the ignition its like I became one with the bus. I started it up and took off down the road with no real destination in mind except the middle of nowhere.

We drive for a while and i realize that i am in New Boston MI which is east and south of here by a good distance.

So i am driving through the town of Willis MI next and i remember that i always wanted to stop at this restaurant called the Pickle Barrel. They are famous for two things:

1. Deep-fried Dill Pickles

2. The Restaurant Being Haunted

We go by it and drive a ways. Then i started to circle around back to Willis again and we decide to stop at the Pickle Barrel. I ordered Deep Fried Pickles and so did MMKK as well as a french dip sandwich.

While we are waiting for our food one of the waitresses comes up to us and asks me where the pizza shop is that im wearing a shirt from is located. I told her the closest one is in Canton about a twenty minute drive from Willis.

So we talk some with her about different pizzas that are there like Macaroni and Cheese Pizza (really good btw) and such. Then about no less than five minutes later another lady that works there approaches me and asks me if i work at a pizza place. I told her that i used to work at two different shops. She asked if we wanted to try some pizza that they just made (that is not on the menu) and wanted to know what i thought. I am a very adventurous guy when it comes to pizza so i say sure why not. She brings this piece of pizza out and i try it and it is really really good. MMKK try's some and he really likes it as well. So we told them that it was good and that it should be on the menu.

Well then we get our food and boy was it good. Who knew that deep fried pickles would taste so good. The french dip was good as well.

Then we head back to Ypsilanti for it was getting late and dark. While in Ypsilanti we get this car behind us at a red light that is blaring his music (sub, amp,... the whole nine yards) and MMKK tells me to run second out to about thirty and go from there. It was awesome Taking off that fast in the bus. It was just so cool.

Then we parked it and walked back to his apartment. We said good bye and i walked to my truck.

On the drive home i am sitting at the corner of Hewit and Michigan Ave. with this mustang next to me. Well i looked over and he revved his engine. So i revved mine. (just so you all know i drive a ford ranger with a 4-cylinder 2.3L engine, but it is a manual). When the light turned green i smoked him for a little bit then his extra cylinders kicked in and he passed me by. But i beat him off the line. I LOVE MY MANUAL!!!!!!!

And now here i am typing this...

So till next time the bus goes out....

This is the story of my day....

Member # 955
 - posted May 13, 2008 19:53
Well, I guess Sprocket pretty much got everything. The maximum file name in NTFS is 255 characters (a "nice round number" if you start counting at 0 and count by factors of 2). The strange thing is, the maximum length for a PATH name is also 255 characters. But that's a work-related story, really, and a topic for another time.

One interesting snippet of conversation that Sprocket didn't mention:
Sprocket: "uhm, dude, is your gas gauge broke again?"
MMKK: "yeah, it's still broke, but if you can still see the needle we have a half tank or so"
Sprocket: "so if the needle drops off we're in trouble?"
MMKK: "when you can't see the needle anymore we need to think very seriously about getting gas."

So the big event of the night was the Pickle Barrel. Their fried pickle chips are awesome. It's one of those places that has a real laid back, friendly atmosphere... the kind of atmosphere places like Applebees /try/ to have but never really achieve.

The waitresses are genuinely friendly and appear genuinely happy to serve you. But more then that, they actually /talk/ to you... take the time and energy to strike up a real conversation. Sprocket, ladies man that he is, had not one but two waitresses ask him about his Cici's Pizza shirt. Our waitress inquired about where it is, said she'd heard about it but never knew where it was located. The other waitress, though, came up to our table while we were waiting for our food and asked "so are you a pizza guy?" Sprocket replied "yeah, I've worked at a couple different pizza places." And she says "so I guess you know about pizza then. Would you try a slice of pizza for us, it's something new, it's not on the menu yet." Hell, free food, who could turn that down!

Anyway, it was a good night for me as well, after an excruciatingly long day at work I got to ride around in the bus and eat free food. [Smile]
Member # 3187
 - posted May 15, 2008 15:57
Hmmm... Looks like I have to make a side trip to Willis
the next time I go down to Carleton. Thanks for the tip!
Member # 10210
 - posted May 16, 2008 06:32
Halfvast, Do visit it next time you are in Carleton. Its worth the extra distance. Course i dont know how far you are from Wilis anyways, but do check it out.
Member # 955
 - posted May 18, 2008 13:44
Originally posted by Sprocket:
Course i dont know how far you are from Wilis anyways

Note the bottom line under each message where it says "From:", in HalfVast's case, Mount Clemens.
Member # 10210
 - posted May 18, 2008 17:08
ooops forgot about that

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