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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Mac D
Member # 2926
 - posted July 07, 2007 11:15
I just received a letter from a friend of mine that is in BCT (Basic Combat Training) in SC. She says she is having a blast. I had some doubts when I took my oath for the Army at the end of Arpil but now that I have gone to a couple drills and have someone telling me about what is going on there I feel a lot more confident.

I am up to running 1 mile 3 days a week. I run the last mile of a 3 mile walk I have been doing. I go at night when there is less traffic and go to a walgreens (It's 3 miles from my front door) and they have really cheap store brand water. I have also been randomly doing push up's just whenever.

But anyway, my friend that is there right now joined without telling anyone. Her boyfriend left her for another girl and she just went. She told me after she took her oath and she left a week later. She didn't even tell her parents till after she took her oath.

And drills have been a blast. I am in the RSP program. It's preatty much for people that have a long wait before they go off to BCT. Mine is 4 months from the time I took my oath till I leave. Apparently I live in one of the few states that offer this. It is great, we get to learn all the basics before we leave. Like how to address officers, how to get into formation, how to march and a ton of other things. The last 2 drills we have been doing room clearing and and a lot of other fun stuff. Since I am a 19Kilo I got to ride in an Abrams when I was there. 19Kilo is armored by the way. The Abrams is the American Main Battle Tank (MBT).

We have also gotten to do room clearing with paintball guns against the Cadre. Cadre are the people in charge of the RSP program. Most of the people in the house we where clearing have been to Iraq or Afganastan and the person that was in charge of the whole thing acctually did room clearings in Iraq.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I think I made a good choice with the Army. I am already takeing classes online for free and when I get back I can take advantage of my GI bill and my kicker. The kicker is on top of the GI bill for covering other bills related to school, like books and gas to get there. One person said thay have $200 left over from it every month.

Only 2 more months till I leave.
Member # 4289
 - posted July 07, 2007 11:38
Mac D - I have to say that I have never understood the attraction of voluntarily joining the military, never have - and I don't suppose I ever will.

But it is clear from your post that this is something very deep inside which you now have an opportunity to bring to fruition. On that basis...
[Applause] [Applause] CONGRATULATIONS [Big Grin]

It's good to hear about when people get to follow their chosen way in life, and I hope that your time in the military brings you everything you want from the experience.

You are, of course, completely bonkers for signing-up in the first place, but hey... 'different strokes' and all that.

Have fun, and try to stay safe.
Member # 1181
 - posted July 07, 2007 13:10
I'm glad you are happy with your choice and enjoying what you are doing.

While you are gone, I will keep voting for the people least likely to try undermining veteran's benefits, including tuition, in order to give tax breaks to their rich friends. Hopefully then you will still have them when you come home. [Wink]

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