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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 748
 - posted February 05, 2007 06:44
Remember a month ago? Well my hard drive did it again this week-end. Same error message when doing the hardware test (2stf/8/3:S-ATA Bus 0 - Master). This time, SOS Disk couldn't even see it, so I can't revive it. It did gave a warning a few minutes before giving up the ghost - I was trying on a data recovery software (I was getting tired of having only Civ IV to play with, and wanted to reinstall The Sims 2, so I thought I could try to recover things before risking rewriting over them), when it started doing some clicking noise. I still left it continue, and coming back later, my computer was frozen. And wouldn't boot up afterward.

So I'm without (recent) computer until I get it fixed. Hopefully, it will be done within a week or so, and also hopefully, it won't cost me too much.

So, now that I have no choice to have the HD replaced, how much does it cost to send it to a data recovery shop?

(As for the future, I now have an external back-up drive - too bad it can't be used as a bootable drive.)
Member # 209
 - posted February 05, 2007 07:13
see my pm

don't send to a data recovery shop there's gonna rape you, and not in the fun way

your external usb drive *should* be bootable on any recently new computer though
Member # 1659
 - posted February 05, 2007 10:36
Stereo__________________________I have to agree with -ct- on this. I contacted a drive recovery company and got a quote once on saving a Syjet 1.5 gig removable SCSI Disk, huge sum of money, For a copy of stuff I could rebuild if I really wanted to. My next box will have two CD-ROM drives one set up to do audio and the other to boot from. then I plan on using Live Linux CD's to boot from and removable media for files and preferences. Also any thing I really want to save will be burnt to a CD, oops now I need three drives, and a bunch of USB sticks.
Member # 748
 - posted February 05, 2007 12:03
Coming to think of it, the worst is not the lost data, or even paying for replacing a not-event-two-years-old hard drive. It's having to go home to a place without a computer. Can you imagine that? (Seems the place I'll have my computer repaired is open until 9PM every week day, so I'll leave it there tonight. I want it back as fast as possible.)
Member # 1659
 - posted February 06, 2007 10:29
Stereo____________________Stop at the shop and buy the drive you want and install tonight or get your hands on a live CD and use it to boot, and keep your files in the USB back up drive. Also some one wants to make a sound file of your drive failing so they can pull a prank.
Member # 748
 - posted February 06, 2007 11:27
Too late - I left it at the shop yesterday (I was kinda surprised to learn they were open until 9PM, I'm used to 5:30PM as standard closing time). Maybe -ct- will be able to register the sound (if the repair doesn't cost too much so I can afford data recovery). Also, the only bootable CDs I have are the OS install/diagnosis ones, and they don't allow for anything else but instal the software and test the hardware.

On the other hand, I might be able to have some money back under Quebec's consumer protection law about reasonnable use guarantee. Although I know drive may fail any time, a 1800$ computer should stay usable more than 2 years. I know I should have contacted Apple first to notify them of the defect, then wait for their instructions, but I won't be able to live without my computer for the time to get an answer, notify them of my legal rights, ship them my computer then have it back. Oh well, luckily I'm not broke and I have some "rainy day" savings (and a good paycheck every other week).
Member # 1232
 - posted February 06, 2007 23:19

If the unit was an Apple supplied drive and you have an AppleCare protection plan the drive replacement is no cost to you. A hard drive being mechanical in nature, can unfortunatly fail. Apple gets threir drives from a separate manufacturer. Under this OEM contract the drive cary a 1 year warranty, unless you have an APP.

No one can predict if and when a drive goes bad. I have a rule of thumb wrt ard drives. They should be swapped out at the 3 year mark, because on average, a hard drive will last about 3 years. after that 3 year mark, It's not a matter of IF, its a matter of when will it fail.

Retail hard drives carry a 3 to 5 (seagate only) year warranty. I Have my doubts that The Québec consumer protection law will cover the replacent of your drive, hoever I am no expert in the laws in the province of Quebec.

It should be noted that Hard drives are relatively inexpensive theses days and depending on what machine this is being installed in, the replacement should take no more than 1.5 hour with an os in a tower or sload loading imac, and up to 2 hours in a laptop (depending on odel). more time of course if data recover and or dat transfer is required.

On a final note, wrt warranty replacent, Apple cover drive and labor of drive installation. whereas, Drive manufacture on covers the drive, and not the installation or shipping and handling of defective drive back to manufacturer, and will take a lot longer.
Member # 748
 - posted February 12, 2007 10:07
Quick update (as if you wanted to know [Roll Eyes] but I feel like telling, so there! [Razz] ):

Well, haven't got my iMac back yet. They were out of HD, and they will only get them by Wednesday, so no computer till then. Well, I did some cleaning instead, and my kitchen is thanking me! [crazy] [Big Grin]
Member # 4993
 - posted February 12, 2007 18:27
My condolences, I know how it fells to lose a HDD, be strong [Frown]
Member # 1232
 - posted February 12, 2007 18:57

If I can't turn a simple repair like that around in 3 business days, there is trouble... What kind of load does he have... and is he familiar with the product...
Member # 748
 - posted February 13, 2007 09:13
Originally posted by macmcseboy:

If I can't turn a simple repair like that around in 3 business days, there is trouble... What kind of load does he have... and is he familiar with the product...

As I said... they didn't have the HD in stock, so they have to wait until they get some more. I wouldn't doubth their technician's competency about that, but rather their manager's...
Member # 1659
 - posted February 13, 2007 09:43
Stereo__________________________Is he going for an exact replacement right down to the part numbers? Go to best buy and get a generic drive, put it in, format and reinstall.
Member # 748
 - posted February 13, 2007 10:22
But my best buy didn't have internal HD either (and their external stock was a pity - not a single name I could recognize!). But anyway, when the salesboy came back telling me I coudn't change the HD, I decided I wouldn't buy from them, period. maybe there's a local HD shortage.

Plus I'll get a 250 gig HD to replace my 160 gig - for a CDN$30 difference, I said why not. And at least, if the new drive fails too, I'll have a new warranty - part and installation. (Now that I have a back-up drive, and that I know I can survive almost two weeks without a home computer, the idea of a HD failure is not quite as stressful.)

Oh, and while cleaning up, I think I found the back-up I had made not too long ago. I just can't check for sure as I made it a Stuffit archive, and my work computer doesn't have the expander (and whatever Aladdin is now called, they insist I download the full Stuffit just to have the free expander and ask for an email address to send the download link so they can contact me without allowing me to opt out of future communication right away: to hell with them).
Member # 1659
 - posted February 13, 2007 12:26
Stereo_______________________I choose best buy because I thought there would be one near you. CC, BB are all the same, know nothing help, some times more interested in each other rather than the customers. The few times that you find help the next time that person is gone.
Member # 6767
 - posted February 13, 2007 15:46
I was just at Best Buy today using the gift card I got for Christmas, and the people at checkout were definitely more interested in themselves than in the customer. Sometimes I think it's because of the job... [ohwell]

Anyway, I got a USB Flash drive to back up my data files that have critical info. I'm glad you got a backup drive, Stereo. I keep telling people to backup (there's a Joy Of Tech comic that talks about that), and my desktop is a little cluttered from the external drives I have, but I'd rather have it that way.

What I am waiting for is a big external Firewire HD so I can consolidate everything.
Member # 748
 - posted February 16, 2007 20:06
At long, looooong last, I have my computer back and going. I'll tell you more tomorrow, as I just got the system reinstalled, and now I want to go to bed while it goes through a gazillion software updates. But...

I have my iMac back! [Big Grin]

Edit: so we're now "tomorrow." Would you believe the tech thought the repair was already done, so when I went after work to pick it up, he had to come out and tell me that, well, it wasn't, but he would do it that evening, but he couldn't tell me when? So I stayed in the mall, ate, did all three floors of stores, and around 8:45, went back at the computer store, waited some more, and then he asked me if I wanted them to do the software install. "Is it working?" "Yes" "So I'll just have it back." [Mad] (As if I was going to pay them for something that pretty much install itself.)

And as I had gone just after work, I didn't have my car, so I had to wait another half hour for a bus with a stop close enough to home to come by. So finally, around 10pm, I was home with my iMac.

I'm not going there any more. [thumbsdown]

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