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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 4527
 - posted December 05, 2005 17:32

Member # 209
 - posted December 05, 2005 18:22

good beer

4 good beers, in a row
Member # 4707
 - posted December 05, 2005 18:45
You won't believe it, but coffee and chocolate.
And music =)
And all my collection of super mario games.
Member # 780
 - posted December 05, 2005 18:51
I /was/ relaxing...listening to iTunes, and cranking through tons of unread items in Google Reader...and then, at 2100....my Nextel went off on "alert."


And it was a BS call at that!


What was that about relaxing? Sign me up. [Razz]
Member # 3773
 - posted December 05, 2005 18:52
Meditation or walking. When it comes to walking, I need either a really nice forest (so basically any part of western Montana), or a dry desert environment.

When it comes to meditation, the first step is to calm the body. I usually do this by first reducing my breathing. I do this by breathing into my stomach, then filling my chest, then letting it all out slowly. After a couple repetitions, I can begin to feel my own heart beat. My next step is to slow my heart rate. I do this by feeling my own heart beat, and every time it does, I mentally say 'hit' or something like that, and try to make it seem like I'm controlling its natural beating. After getting a handle on that, I start saying 'hit' and willing my heart to beat at longer and longer intervals.

I'm sure there are better ways to go about it, but this seems to work very well, especially if I'm listening to some very slow music with a regular beat.
Member # 2918
 - posted December 05, 2005 21:37
Thich Naht Hahn has some great guided meditations available online (I think as MP3, but certainly in text form) if you want to get started meditating. Google around for 'em, and do those along with some breathing focused meditation. (They tend to go along the lines of "breathing in, I know I'm calm ... breathing out, I am at peace ... in, calm, out, peace").

I'm told that walking meditation is a good next step after that (no pun intended), but I haven't done much of it myself.
Member # 4505
 - posted December 06, 2005 10:20
I talk/bribe my daughter into giving me a foot rub. [Smile]
Member # 1734
 - posted December 06, 2005 10:52
A long soak in a bubble bath or a massage.
Jace Raven
Member # 2444
 - posted December 06, 2005 12:06
hmmm... relaxing...

Reading usually does it for me but I love to just lay out on the beach and watch my loved one surf.


A good cup of tea or coffee and some chocolate with a good friend that I can have an intelligent conversation with.

Cuddling in a park at night on a blanket.
Member # 2814
 - posted December 06, 2005 12:08
Sex does it for me. Good sex.

Oh who'm I kidding? ALL sex is good. Some is just better than others. [Wink]

Also, if I want to just veg, generally, on the couch, with Amanda, other blankets, staring at the boob tube does it too.
Member # 3698
 - posted December 06, 2005 12:37
It varies a lot.

If I'm just plain stressed, a cup of tea and a good book at a coffee shop is a good thing. If I'm in a bad mood, too, then I might pull out a video game in which I can destroy/beat up/shoot something. Loud music sometimes helps, too.

It's always helped to talk with my girlfriend, even before we started actually dating.
Member # 2918
 - posted December 06, 2005 12:39
Originally posted by drunkennewfiemidget:
Sex does it for me. Good sex.

Oh who'm I kidding? ALL sex is good. Some is just better than others. [Wink]

Also, if I want to just veg, generally, on the couch, with Amanda, other blankets, staring at the boob tube does it too.

Yeah, staring at a pair of boobs right next to ... oh. Right, sorry, misread that.
Member # 3124
 - posted December 06, 2005 13:23
It depends on the kind of stress. But I find a good way to blow off steam is to play some violent video game. Doom and Wolf 3D are favorites.

Originally posted by -ct-:

good beer

4 good beers, in a row

That works too.
Member # 530
 - posted December 06, 2005 14:26
Coming back from a long, harried bike ride, complete with angry cabbies and highways.

The post-tattoo, post-piercing, or post-fistfight feeling. Once the endorphin rush cools off, my entire body goes pretty limp.

If none of these options are available, I've been known to dance around my house in my underpants. [Embarrassed]
Member # 955
 - posted December 06, 2005 15:16
Two words:

Cosmic Bong! [crazy]
Member # 3187
 - posted December 06, 2005 15:31
Lay track.

As an HO scale model railroader I enjoy building my own track and
it does what any good hobby will do.

1. It is complex enough to require your full attention so you can
only think of what you are doing in front of you and not worry/obsess
over anything else.
2. It is not so complex that it becomes frustrating.
3. While your forebrain is occupied your subconscious (backbrain?)
is able to do what it needs to do and not be bothered by conscious
listmaking and sorting of coworker hit-lists.

I believe this is what some people call meditation.
Member # 3783
 - posted December 06, 2005 15:53
Taoist Tai Chi. It's moving meditation, good for you, and (believe it or not) it's a pretty good workout.
Member # 1941
 - posted December 06, 2005 16:34
Originally posted by Demosthenes:
If none of these options are available, I've been known to dance around my house in my underpants. [Embarrassed]

This comment is useless without pics... [Wink]

(what do you mean, wrong site...)
Member # 4527
 - posted December 06, 2005 17:00

Member # 3541
 - posted December 06, 2005 19:26
[Smile] Hello people.

When I want to relax, I often do a bit of drawing with pencil and paper. If that doesn't work, a good session of internet surfing, and if not that, then eating chocolate and biscuits. However nowadays that numbered list has been jumbled up a bit and resulted in me gaining a little bit of weight. Pah [Razz]
Member # 1177
 - posted December 06, 2005 19:53
A nice long walk through the city usually does the trick for me - with some good music on my ipod, obviously, and preferably at least a foot of snow on the ground. I love winter... A leisurely 15-20 mile bike ride is quite relaxing as well, when the weather is right.

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