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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 2713
 - posted May 15, 2004 21:20
hmm i hear all about how it's possible and not too terrible hard to find a geek boy when you're a girl looking for that, but i think there are many hindrances often overlooked. such as where do you find them? becoming more of a social person doesn't necessarily work because many geek boys, not to say that all of them are like this as they are very much not, but often they will not be the ones who are active socially, who are in the clubs or out doing things where they meet people. and the ones who are, i have found, are as likely to be awkward "i think i'm social but i'm not" as they are to be the actual real cool guys that i know are there but haven't had a chance to meet more than one ever (and he was engaged to my good friend...:-(...).

i was just wondering if any guys had any thoughts on how to go about finding guys to chill with, hang out with, and possibly even date though the first two would be okay by themselves.

i get frustrated as i am told that i would be the perfect girlfriend for a "geek guy," as i am not terribly demanding, love being the supportive cheer-person no matter what it is i'm cheering, and also have this weird love for just sitting in silence while watching guys play video games.

where do i start? where can i look? i'm a somewhat social person, so it's not like i stay in my room all the time. is it possible? how?
Member # 2397
 - posted May 15, 2004 23:36
Hmm, well there's always TX [Wink]

In general though, we probably spend tons of time online. Don't know what age group you're in but you could try coffee houses and book stores, even the more quiet neighborhood bars if you're old enough. I'd say comic and game stores as that's where I used to hang out a lot when I was younger but there are quite a few less well rounded geeks there. I was always very shy and quiet up until college, still am really but I do get out much more.

good luck!
Member # 2515
 - posted May 16, 2004 07:02
You need to hunt for us in our natural habitat - somewhere like border's is always good for finding geek guys, in the computer/science section if you are after mature (age>16) guys, comic/manga section for younger. But even at that age the REAL geeks will be sat with their head inside a Python book - or maybe that was just me [Smile]

Speaking from experience, the "chill with, hang out with" bit sounds more probable that the dating bit, at least until you get to know us well through the hanging out with part. The troglodyte image of geek guys is undeserved - all the geek guys I know including myself are out just about every weekend (and most weekdays) for movies, meals, etc. Just don't expect to drag us into some scratty night-club full of underage boozers with the floor coated in what you can only hope *is* sick as it may be something far worse. It's got to be worth doing, and with friends, and for a reason. And preferably with a nice red wine, or failing that a real ale/cider to drink [Big Grin]
Crimson Rider
Member # 2709
 - posted May 17, 2004 02:59
Well, natural habitat is probably right on the mark. But be carefull, there are always risks, for example, we run a live werewolf campaign once a month, have done so for 5 years, with about 35 to 40 people. Lot's of geeks involved, and of course, a guy girl ratio of about 75 to 25. So whenever a new girl comes to join the group she has to contend with a whole bunch of, desperate, guys, to fend of before she can actually enjoy the game, or get to know anyone.

Hunt for us in our natural habitat, but beware of the natural predators there as well kay ?
Member # 2749
 - posted May 31, 2004 04:24
Yeah, generally my personal habits seem pretty hermetic. I rarely goto book stores (thats what Online Docs are for [Wink] ) but there are a few internet cafe's that I gravatate to. Panera Bread and Starbucks are good coffee houses that attract geeks (look for the laptops). Also, if you want to find the hardcore guys, look for your local LUG (Linux User Group) or other UG and attend a couple of times to see what the guy pool is like there. Just a few suggestions for ya. Ofcourse these may be more city type locations and may not work in the suburbs or rural areas. ::: shruggs ::: Im just a Chicago boy, lol.
Member # 2366
 - posted June 04, 2004 13:19
I'm in the rural area so I can only speak for myself, who's geeky traits are computer trickery and case modification...

book store, either the computer or historical whatever section, or occasionally the coffee area when in the mood.

Wal-Mart Superstore, suprising how many of us buy hardware, case modification parts (for those of us ambitious enough to fabricate our own parts), and otherwise, munchies over there. Also a good place to find geek women from my experience...

Otherwise, we're running amok on the internet, looking for drivers and such, usually chatting with people at the same time.
Member # 2322
 - posted June 21, 2004 09:00
Walmart Supercenter. Amen. You can find me there at 1 in the morning on Friday nights (Saturday mornings?) with my buds buying food for LAN parties. And Stibbons: Hey! I spend time there. Manga isn't just for the kiddies, ya know. [Big Grin]
Member # 2603
 - posted June 21, 2004 10:56
I tried hanging out at coffee shops for a bit thinking i would bump into someone neat. I just felt stupid about it because i knew that i wouldn't just hang out there on my own. You shouldn't do something that is entirely out of character for you because you'll end up meeting people that like to do things you don't like to do.

I really think parties are the way to go. Go to 'em, host 'em. It beats going out to a club (something i dread). There may or may not be dancing, but there will be people hanging out and socializing. Geeks love parties (esp. technocentric parties). At a party you can always allow yourself to have a good time, even if you don't find a nice boy. Basically, you can treat finding a geek of your own as a plus.
Aves Corax
Member # 2533
 - posted June 21, 2004 13:22
Stores that sell rpgs are a nice bet, at least, if you're trying to pick up guys like me. Well, not guys exactly like me, because I'm strictly a WoD gamer and White Wolf won't be releasng any new books in that line until August.

Bookstores are always a good bit, and to the computer and history sections I'd like to add philosophy and science.

If you're high school age, i'd suggest taking the higher level science classes. Physics and AP Chemistry seem to be geek magnets. I'd also join any computer, science, or chess clubs you can find. Be wary though, my friends and I learned through the chess club that there are some geeks that are just plain scary. I thought my social skills were bad, but half of those guys hadn't discovered basic hygeine yet.

If you're in college, look cute (I wouldn't say dress up, but do whatever you do to make a good first impression on a guy), grab a notepad and a pen and screw around with your computer until you've got a problem. Now get all of the information on your box and the problem you can, print it up, and go down to the computer science department and ask intelligent questions about how to fix it. Any geek who's ever had to give tech support to a lazy idiot (99.9999% of them) will want to make sweet love to you on the spot.

Showing of Monty Python movies are also a good bet, especially right now, seeing as they've just rereleased The Life of Brian to theaters.
Member # 960
 - posted June 22, 2004 00:30
I've had little luck finding geek women as friends let alone as more here in Portland [Smile] So I've just been looking for friends in general and working on myself - Learning Smalltalk has kept me busy [Smile]

Add in my love of Disneyland, garden railroads and wanting a family someday, finding "her" is damned near impossible.

Rather than lament on that, however, one must remain upbeat and have a positive soul so that should lightning strike, one is well grounded in order to sustain the event [Smile]

Member # 2378
 - posted June 22, 2004 11:22
Hang around, or better yet be a student at a university known for geeks (I'm going to the University of Chicago this fall and can't wait to meet some geek girls at last).

Maybe that's not possible, but if it is, I think it's worth a try.

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