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T O P I C     R E V I E W
The Famous Druid
Member # 1769
 - posted December 06, 2009 04:16
Here's the license plate of Rob Kindler, Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley


Your taxes at work. [Mad]
Member # 1659
 - posted December 06, 2009 07:19
____ Funny that TFD posted his at about the same time I got this from my SIS-IN-Law.

A DC airport ticket

agent offers some examples of 'why' our country is in trouble!

1. I had a New Hampshire Congresswoman (Carol

Shea-Porter) ask for an

seat so that her hair wouldn't get messed up by being near

the window.
(On an


2. I got a call

from a Kansas Congressman's (Moore) staffer (Howard


who wanted to go to Capetown. I started to explain the length of the flight

and the passport information, and then he interrupted me with, ''I'm not

trying to make you look stupid, but Capetown is in Massachusetts '' .

Without trying to make him look stupid, I calmly explained, ''Cape Cod is

in Massachusetts , Capetown is in Africa '' his response --


3. A senior Vermont Congressman (Bernie Sanders) called,

furious about


Florida package we did. I asked what was wrong with the vacation

in Orlando. He said he was expecting an ocean-view room. I tried

to explain that's not possible, since Orlando is in the middle of

the state. He replied, 'don't lie to me, I looked on the map and

Florida’s a

very thin state!''


4. I got a call from a lawmaker's wife (Landra Reid) who

asked, ''Is it possible to see England from Canada?'' I said, ''No.'' She

said, ''But they look so close on the map.''

(OMG, again!)

5. An aide for a cabinet member (Janet Napolitano) once

called and
asked if he

could rent a car in Dallas. I pulled up the reservation and


he had only a 1-hour layover in Dallas. When I asked him why


wanted to rent a car, he said, ''I heard Dallas was a big airport, and we

will need a car to drive between gates to save time.''


6. An Illinois Congresswoman (Jan Schakowsky) called last

week. She needed to know how it was possible that her flight from

Detroit left at 8:30 a.m.,

and got

to Chicago at 8:33 a.m. I explained that Michigan was an hour ahead of

Illinois, but she couldn't understand the concept of time


Finally, I told her the

plane went fast, and she bought that.

7. A New York lawmaker, (Jerrold Nadler) called and

asked, ''Do airlines put your physical description on your bag so

they know whose luggage belongs to whom?'' I said, 'No, why do you

ask?' He replied, ''Well, when I checked in with the airline, they put

a tag on my luggage that said (FAT), and I'm


I think that's very rude!'' After putting him on hold for a minute, while I

looked into it. (I was dying laughing). I came back and explained the city

code for Fresno, Ca. is (FAT - Fresno Air Terminal), and the airline

was just putting a destination tag on his luggage.

8. A Senator John Kerry aide (Lindsay Ross) called to

inquire about a trip package to Hawaii. After going over all the cost info,

she asked, ''Would it be cheaper to fly to California and then take

the train to Hawaii?''

9. I just got off th e phone with a freshman Congressman,

Bobby Bright (D) from Alaska who

asked, ''How do I know which plane to get on?'' I asked him what exactly he

meant, to which he replied, ''I was told my flight number is 823, but

none of these planes have numbers on them.''

10. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) called and said, ''I

need to fly to Pepsi-Cola, Florida. Do I have to get on one of those

little computer planes?'' I asked if she meant fly to Pensacola, FL on

a commuter plane. She said, ''Yeah, whatever,


11. Mary Landrieu (D)

La. Senator called and had a question about the documents she needed in

order to fly to China. After a lengthy discussion about

passports, I reminded her that she needed a visa. 'Oh, no I don't.

I've been to China many times

and never had to have one of those.'' I double checked and sure enough, her

stay required a visa. When I told her this she said, ''Look, I've been to

China four times and every time they have accepted my American


12. A New Jersey Congressman (John Adler) called to

make reservations, ''I want to go from Chicago to Rhino, New

York.'' I was at a loss for words. Finally, I said, ''Are

you sure that's the name of the town?''
'Yes, what flights do you have?'' replied the man. After

some searching, I
came back with, ''I'm

sorry, sir, I've looked up every airport code in the
country and can't find a rhino anywhere." The man

retorted, ''Oh, don't be silly! Everyone knows where it is. Check your

map!'' So I scoured a map of the state of New York

and finally offered, ''You don't mean Buffalo, do you?'' The reply?

''Whatever! I knew it was a big animal.'' Now you know why the

Government is in the shape that it's in!

Could anyone be this DUMB?

Member # 736
 - posted December 06, 2009 13:16
Yes, we bailed them out so they could put vanity plates on their Porsches. [Roll Eyes]

There are the people who should be running the country. And then there are the people who can actually get elected. If you're very lucky, you'll find someone who's a member of both populations. Otherwise, you're just sort of stuck with the people who can get elected.
Member # 966
 - posted December 06, 2009 15:25
Meh, the smart people are the ones who realise that running the country is more trouble than it's worth.

Those that seek power are the ones we should not allow it to.
The Famous Druid
Member # 1769
 - posted December 06, 2009 16:07
MoMan: I've seen that list before - minus the political references - just as "dumb things people have said to travel agents".

Most politicians aren't dumb, but some of them make a career out of pandering to dumb voters, so they say and do dumb things calculated to please their target audience.

I checked several of the 'dumb politicians' on the list, all turned out to be Democrats. No prize for guessing the political allegiance of the liar who produced it.
Member # 1659
 - posted December 06, 2009 17:40
____ Well the SIS-IN-Law is a republican.
Member # 955
 - posted December 06, 2009 20:47
TFD: I'm calling "photoshopped" on that license plate.
Member # 780
 - posted December 06, 2009 21:33
MMKK: Quite possibly so. The font doesn't look entirely right.

Also, while certainly possible, it's kinda silly have a CT plate holder on a car with NY plates. In fact, it's illegal to use that particular holder, as it obstructs the words "New York" partially, and completely hides the words "The Empire State" at the bottom.
The Famous Druid
Member # 1769
 - posted December 06, 2009 22:41
Originally posted by MacManKrisK:
TFD: I'm calling "photoshopped" on that license plate.

I went a-googling, lots of sites running with the story, none exposing it as a fake.

Dman: the kind of arrogant wanker who'd have that plate probably thinks the law only applies to 'little people'.
Member # 4924
 - posted December 07, 2009 00:38
nice list moman, but I am calling BS 'cause I would expect more of an even distribution between dems and republicans if the list were true.
The Famous Druid
Member # 1769
 - posted December 07, 2009 01:14
Original list - without the FOX NEWS treatment.
Member # 1659
 - posted December 07, 2009 03:25
____ Ahem, it is quite possible that the car was bought by a New York state resident, but bought in Conn. Along the Mich./Ohio Mich./Ind. Border one sees the plates not match the bezel quite often. The customer just lets the dealership get and install the plates.

____ many years ago my father bought my brother a car with his discount, (Auto Engineer) The Paper work for my brother to plate the car in NY was almost funny power of att. for a car.
Member # 170
 - posted December 07, 2009 05:18

Member # 852
 - posted December 07, 2009 08:13
this one is just too easy for me to throw my trademarked blend of conspiracy theories and outright anger towards our government.

it is not very often that i don't have something to say....
Member # 3698
 - posted December 07, 2009 11:07
Originally posted by GrumpySteen:

I figured as much. While I can almost buy some of the mistakes, others are completely unbelievable given how heavily most politicians travel. When I noticed the predominance of Democrats, I figured it was created for political reasons.
Member # 780
 - posted December 07, 2009 22:45
MoMan: I know...I live not terribly far from that neck of the woods. It's still atupid. [Wink]

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