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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 9238
 - posted June 27, 2007 17:22
First of all let me introduce myself, my real name is Oghuz, and I'm from Turkey, I'll be 16 next September, my first year at high-school ended in July, I'm learning English as foreign language at school, altough I often spend my spare time with my computer I use it to surf on the internet, read the news, read about everything, chat on the msn, and play some online games like OGame, NationStates and participate some forums, and as you can guess I don't know really about programming, I love reading books,and reading magazines like National Geographic, my favourite TV series were BtVS and The OC, but I watch some comedy series like How I Met Your Mother, I like indie music (The Shins, Evermore etc) , Muse and Radiohead are my favourite bands, I'm good at school, the best of my class and the 3rd of my school.
But I'm so bored and I know I'm not a geek really but I want to, because if not I feel like I will only be someone who knows lessons but at the other hand has no interest.
So, please light my way, and don't think it's a temporary desire, which books should I read and which programming language should I start with? And the other aspects of geekness. I've googled it but wanted to ask here anyway.

*sorry for grammar mistakes if I've did
Member # 1089
 - posted June 27, 2007 18:16
Hello and Welcome! [Smile]

With regard to your question -- don't worry about it -- learn whatever looks interesting. That's all that matters.
Member # 5114
 - posted June 27, 2007 18:38
yeah - just do what interests you - a geek dosn't have to be someone who programs - yes there are programming geeks out there but it only makes up a small part of the geek population.

Plus you are only turning 16 so you have plenty of time to discover who you really are - now you have your whole life to figure that out - but its usually good to get the bulk of things out of the way now.

I know when I was your age and still do a bit now is just try out various things and see what interests me and what doesn't - but i never got really involved in anything really. But at least i know a bit more about myself and what i don't like and what i like a bit.

Now welcome to the forums.
Member # 4993
 - posted June 27, 2007 18:54
He he, well, well...
Welcome to the forums xander92!
Member # 6919
 - posted June 27, 2007 21:42
'sright, you're not the baby anymore. Don't worry, we can wear our green tights no matter how old we get...
Member # 934
 - posted June 28, 2007 10:00
Welcome! It's an interesting forum most of the time. I'm sure you'll enjoy.
Member # 9102
 - posted June 28, 2007 11:09
Welcome to the forums! Nice to have so many of us young 'uns. [Smile]
business attire
Member # 6102
 - posted June 28, 2007 11:24
nice music [Smile]
Member # 2161
 - posted June 28, 2007 12:35
Xander, you write more eloquently than most people your age whose first language is English.

Um, fictionwise, I'm a big fan of Ray Bradbury. Well, and myself. As for computer languages, I'm an end user (as WS will remind you with a miserable sigh as he fixes my computer issues yet again).

But . . . if you ever need a heads-up on vegetarian cookbooks or punctuation handbooks, I will be there. [Big Grin]
Member # 6767
 - posted June 28, 2007 20:15
Welcome! I am not a programming geek by any means. I do a little fiddling around but it's very minor, usually to fix something that just takes a line or two of code. Sometimes it is not code at all, just files. I'm usually told what to do.

I hope to see you around!
Member # 4767
 - posted June 29, 2007 13:58
Originally posted by iWanToUseaMac:
He he, well, well...
Welcome to the forums xander92!

If he's younger that yu then I'm deffinately yoounger than you.

BTW how many "younger" people are on Geek Culture, and what's the average age?
Member # 4993
 - posted June 29, 2007 15:34
I turned 16 on May 25, and I was the youngest active member to date.
However, xander92 seems to be a bit inactive *pokes with a stick*...
Since I was unable to find your birth date stringlion, I dunno if you're younger than me.
Member # 5114
 - posted June 30, 2007 06:08
Originally posted by stringlion:
Originally posted by iWanToUseaMac:
He he, well, well...
Welcome to the forums xander92!

If he's younger that yu then I'm deffinately yoounger than you.

BTW how many "younger" people are on Geek Culture, and what's the average age?

I dunno - I think it changes dependent on the week. Last couple weeks there's been a lot of new younger members while the older more senior members have crawled underneath a rock - so the average age has probably dropped. But then there are weeks where it is clearly the week of the old and the average age jumps as the younger geeks run away for a bit.
business attire
Member # 6102
 - posted July 02, 2007 06:10
I don't know why you'd take any pride in being the youngest person on a forum anymore than you would being the oldest...

other than younger people like to carve out a niche for themselves...
Member # 170
 - posted July 02, 2007 08:28
Much like having a larger post count, winning a few dollars in a lottery, being elected homecoming queen or buying a powerful character in WoW, being the youngest is an 'accomplishment' that provides a false sense of success that validates self esteem.

... but I'll be nice and not dig into that too far.

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