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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 1986
 - posted June 06, 2005 20:20

how much do you think I could get?


Ummm, comes with windows CE. Its got a DVD/CD bay (think its CDR), floppy drive, HD is 8 gig if memory serves me. 128 RAM and a Pentium III.

The two media bays are removable and swappable, its got two pcmcia slots.

The keyboard has been replaced a few times, and is in great condition (punk ass sister wailed on it- hence problems below).

I got it from a friend of mine, and I just dont use it that much, the problems with it are:

Battery doesnt hold charge

The charger socket is screwed up, its all loose, and doesnt hold a connection well. If you hold the power button and wiggle the charging cord though, it starts right up, and once that happens you can wiggle it aruond all you want and it stays on (and charging). Its really weird. Should be an easy/cheap fix, or just use the thing below:

Theres a docking station that plugs into the back and coveres all the ports, but the dock has its own ports. Unfortunatly, the right few pins are bent on the dock connector, so something wouldnt connect properly, but I am not sure which it is. However, this does fix the situation with the power not working properly, so it could be a non-issue.

The door to the CD bay is broken off, so you have to push the little button yourself.

The mouse buttons suck, they dont audibly/tangibly click, they just move up and down a bit, but the computer registers the clicks

It was my friends sister's, I got it from them (they were gonna throw it out, silly kids) and said I would use it for a toy. You need to offer me enough money in order to get rid of the guilt of selling a computer I got for an amazing deal from my friends, and selling it without giving them the money. I did have to pay $30 for a new charger though, so take that into account.

If you dont take it off my hands, it will likely become either a music carputer or a linux playtoy, or both

It was once a "desktop replacement", so its a tad large/heavy

The pic of the dock showing the multiple plugs, it was taken with it upside down, then I rotated the pic, but now you can tell the pic is upside down. sooo.... yeah.


Member # 2854
 - posted June 06, 2005 20:52
What's the trick to viewing pages like that? When I click on the link it takes me to a "IF YOU WANT TO EDIT THIS PAGE YOU MUST LOG IN OR ELSE" notice. I tried the copy-and-paste into a new window trick but that didn't work either. [ohwell]
Member # 1986
 - posted June 06, 2005 20:58
oh yeah that forum is off limits to non members, sorry, quick edit coming
Member # 2814
 - posted June 07, 2005 05:46
I'd guess maybe $200 USD.

I can get a laptop that *does* hold a charge, with little to no damage with comparable specs for $450-500 CAD.
Member # 1986
 - posted June 07, 2005 08:24
Yeah, I got an offer for 200. Theres the same model on ebay, with 256RAM, 20 gig HD, and better condition going for 435 Buy It Now. I think Ill either make a carputer out of it or just have another linux toy
Member # 1177
 - posted June 07, 2005 10:00
On a similar note, how much would I get for a 500MHz PB Pismo? It has 512 megs RAM, 20 gig hard drive (will probably toss in an 80 gig, 5400RPM drive I have lying around,) DVD drive, battery still hold a good charge, case is in good condition.
Member # 2814
 - posted June 07, 2005 13:04
Originally posted by dp004i:
On a similar note, how much would I get for a 500MHz PB Pismo? It has 512 megs RAM, 20 gig hard drive (will probably toss in an 80 gig, 5400RPM drive I have lying around,) DVD drive, battery still hold a good charge, case is in good condition.

I'd buy it off of you in a second if I could afford it. :S
Member # 1177
 - posted June 08, 2005 14:58
How much do you think it's worth though? A friend of mine has that laptop right now and wants to swap it for my Tungsten T5; I know I can get around $300 for the Palm, just wondering if the PB would fetch some more cash than that.

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