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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Colonel Panic
Member # 1200
 - posted March 15, 2009 16:08
Well, I think it's good news. After all I'm still alive!

I can feel one of the ribs I cracked rubbing inside, which is kinda gross.

It really hurts. Hard to sleep. I rest a lot.

Did it X-C skiing on the North American VASA trail last weekend, up around Traverse City, Michigan. (One reason I have not posted pictures is I am not trusting myself with a camera on the trails yet).

Anyway after 30 years away from the sport, I thought it had been coming back pretty good with the traditional Nordic "diagonal" style. I use some Fisher ultra-light wax skis. Really good camber, good glide. really takes good form to stick 'em. I like the SNS Pilot bindings -- wish I had them when I could ski better.

I had a Friday off last week and things went great that day. It was about 40F, but I found some klister at a local bike shop, so everything was fine.

Overnight the soft, damp snow froze and conditions were very spotty. Sometimes the klister would not grab, other times it would grab too much. Plus, I was really tired from skiing the day before. I cut my day short and was about one klick short of the trail head when it happened. The klister stuck as I was zooming downhill, sending me forward quickly on my ribs.

Ouch! But I'm alive.

Don't laugh, don't cough, don't hiccup.

Good excuse for bourbon -- see, good news!

Member # 1659
 - posted March 15, 2009 16:25
_________________________ CP __ Good thing I read the post before replying. When a known biker says he broke some ribs the first question usually is how's the BIKE.
Member # 123
 - posted March 15, 2009 16:46
ouch! hope you are better soon.

I cracked a rib coughing once! [Eek!]
Member # 1734
 - posted March 15, 2009 17:12
Ow ow ow ow ow. Get well soon.
Member # 15702
 - posted March 15, 2009 17:16
Hope you feel better real soon! It must suck having to be laid up in bed with nothing to do. Have you called Candy, Cinnamon, and Praline yet? They may help you take your mind off the pain:)
Member # 1232
 - posted March 15, 2009 18:26
OW OW OW. Dang it Colonel, that would definitely suck, but yes good to be alive. Rest them ribs and stay outta trouble.
Member # 780
 - posted March 15, 2009 20:24
D'oh...that sucks! Feel better, Colonel! [Smile]
The Famous Druid
Member # 1769
 - posted March 16, 2009 04:07
Skiing accident, right.

CP: there's no need to make up stories, most men your age would be proud to be beaten up by a jealous husband half their age.

I just hope she was worth it. [Wink]
Colonel Panic
Member # 1200
 - posted March 16, 2009 08:57
Thank you everybody for the well wishes.

Mo-Man: nope the ribs were a skiing mishap. Motorcycle broke the ball of my right foot once.

Snaggy: yes I've heard a lot of people have broken ribs due to coughing. My luck I'll contract whooping cough or a bad case of hiccups this week.

GeekyGoodness: Candy, Cinnamon and Praline have all been busy this week. They have to work extra hours because the recession has cut into their lap dance incomes. However, their good friend Half Caf Mocha Latte had some time available. Isn't it great when friends share? We had a lot of fun. We played "Brown Sugar" by the Rolling Stones as we engaged in a rousing game of "Twister." With my broken ribs, we drew colored dots all over my body and I got to be the plastic mat. Hey, I'm no schoolboy, but I know what I like.

Druid: Shhhhhhhhh! While my dear friends who work down at "The Golden Pole" like to share amongst themselves, they have yet to learn or approve of Veronica, the very sweet young thing with the very jealous young husband. Four angry strippers and a set of broken ribs do not mix!

Member # 4289
 - posted March 16, 2009 10:26
CP - Ouch! Sorry to hear you took a tumble. I hope the bourbon doesn't run out before the ribs have healed.

Has to be said though, I don't see how anything that happens as a result of putting on a pair of skis can be considered an accident [Wink]

Nevertheless, here's to a speedy recovery [Smile]
Member # 1659
 - posted March 17, 2009 06:34
___________________ Colonel Panic __ Been there done that, I mean the ball of the foot. If you remember two summers ago I landed (crash landing) on the trunk of the Ultra that felt like I broke my (round object)s I still flinch when I have to cough. Who is this young pup that Grummash is speaking, was your sking partner spoken for?
Member # 3890
 - posted March 17, 2009 15:40
Colonel – So sorry to hear about your adventures on skis. Take it easy, get a few good books, and hopefully you have someone (hot) who's willing to spoon feed you. Also be glad it's just your ribs and not your head. It would seem actress Natasha Richardson had a fall this morning taking skiing lessons and is now brain dead. Pretty freaky.

Well, I will be having a shot (or two) of some good Tequila Coffee Liqueur tonight, and I will be sure to drink to your health.

Oh, did they give you any good pain meds? That really is the most important thing, good, strong, pain meds. They make everything better.
Colonel Panic
Member # 1200
 - posted March 17, 2009 17:49

You've seen the T-shirts. "My girl, sure. My dog, maybe. My Harley Never!? and "If you can read this shirt the witch fell off."

It all started as a big misunderstanding. So there I am at the Broken Spoke Saloon singing a new verse to "Give me Three Steps."

The good part is Veronica took five steps and led the way!


I'm sure you understand.

Member # 4505
 - posted March 29, 2009 17:32
Dear god I disappear for a month or six or so and everyone falls apart.

Im sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you feel better very soon. Oh yeah, and heal. Healing is good.

Candy cinnamon a praline, eh? snort. [Wink]

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