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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 5728
 - posted September 13, 2007 01:06
XD So... I'm not a supermodel geek (who is?)


http://myspace.com/sircait - a lot here

Im 18.. live in michigan..

So... I'm looking for a geeky guy to perhaps talk to a lot over IM ;3

then maybe evolve to other things..

But uhm.. Yeah preferably one who.. isnt head over heels for his computer (as i was 'dumped' by a guy for his computer once -_-)

but LIKES computers.. video games.. anime.. someone i can talk to about various things...

and by video games i mean RPGS/Simualtions.. and not like Metal Gear Liquidtonic, Call of Duty 3.14159265358979323846, Super Virtua Fighter Action Powers Go

and whatnot ^^

RPGS + sims like final fantasy, atelier iris, rhapsody, magic pengel, graffiti kingdom, DDR, Crystalis, Earthbound, super mario rpg, etc. etc.

and anime i dont mean gundam wing.. the uh. 'shoujo' like stufff. like.. sailor moon, card captor sakura, chobits, DearS, Tsubasa Chronicles, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, etc. you know.. romantic-like comedy things..

As far as looks.. I REALLY dont care.. If someone has an amazing personality, it doesnt matter what they look like. heck if i met a girl with an amazing personality, id go for that too. As long as it's not self-mutiliation-involved im pretty much open minded.

actually.. ill just get my ultimate personals post from another forum >_>

i dont want someone whos OBSESSED with how they look.. (like... NOT METRO) I just want someone whos moderately clean.. and cleans up after themselves.. (like if they drop jello in the kitchen or soemthing) and not just leave it there for hours..

a guy (not neccisarily male) who is cute (in my opinion) (and not neccisarily)... who is romantic and willing to teach me HOW.. because i duno how ;-;

a guy who really likes me.. like (if its offline) the kind that will do stuff like.. you know.. call for no reason.. or leave little notes around.. or... you know.. think of me a lot.

but not the paranoid kind whos like "WHERE ARE YOU. WHO ARE YOU WITH. WHAT ARE YOU DOING." all the time..

I want a guy who will get on his comp and go about his business on the internet.. but when "caiternoodle has signed on" has appeared in the taskbar, his heart skips a beat and IM's me instantly.. saying how much he missed me.. etc. etc. XD thats cool.

some guy who likes anime/video games and stuff.. but isnt obsessed.. and will do like nothing but play them.. a guy who likes to do random stuff.. like drive to the lions den and laugh at the scary things.. or go to walmart and wave at people who look at us strangely..

a guy who shares a BILLION inside jokes with me... ...and will love me no matter how i look... and wont LUST after things.. and be obsessed with stuff and..


other craps to know:

yeah so i am also asexual so you know.. meaning sex = teh scary. Guys with shirts off = teh scary. Male private parts = teh scary. Boxors = teh scary. XD

Uhm.. I act like a guyyyyyyyy alot.. i wear guy clothes... (but generally girl jeans because.. guy jeans = 8 mile zipper... 8 mile zipper = teh scary )..

Um.. ive been in the guys bathroom before ive seen the couches.. XD

I like to play with my kitties and run with them adn stuff.. but lately they are all dead so.. i dont do that anymore..

I have long hair.. 32" last time i checked.. its brown with.. dead blonde highlights.. (which i wish i could get rid of...) i have bangs.. my eyes are brown..

people tell me i have nice eyes..

i have a billion freckles...


i dont do drugs, alcohol, smoke, or sex people..

that is bad. and if you do, i dont like you.

i detest driving.. and cars.. and sports.. (unless im playing)

Im a crazed penny pincher..

Im EXTREMELY low maintenance money wise.. shane + travis try to buy me things but im like "HELLZ NO BEOTCH" i dont like people buying me expensive things. (IE: anything over $2-4) It makes me feel bad. i am not worthy.

so yes.. now you know everything pretty much about me.. good and bad..

i like to take pictures of me with bananas on my head.

Im going to sk00l for graphic arts

so yes

Contact me or post if interested:

AIM: caiternoodle
MSN/email: [email protected]
YIM: k_newberry
ICQ: 29388317
myspace: sircait
Member # 5114
 - posted September 13, 2007 12:02
Hi Azalie,

Nice profile (I love the picture of the kitty).

I wonder if anyone in GC's existance has found someone here?

Maybe you will someone on here.
Member # 9896
 - posted September 14, 2007 06:52
[URL=http://www.sweetongeeks.com ]http://www.sweetongeeks.com [/URL]
Cap'n Vic
Member # 1477
 - posted September 14, 2007 10:57
Originally posted by stevenback7:
I wonder if anyone in GC's existance has found someone here?

Many have.
Member # 5114
 - posted September 14, 2007 11:45
Originally posted by Cap'n Vic:
Originally posted by stevenback7:
I wonder if anyone in GC's existance has found someone here?

Many have.
Like fall in Love, get married, mix chemicals under the moonlight, and have kids?
Member # 2950
 - posted September 14, 2007 15:05
I think you find the answer is yes...

Not sure about the kids... but the rest is as far as I know a definitely yes...
Member # 10751
 - posted September 14, 2007 17:22
*dreamy sigh* Oh love on the intarbloggotubes ^^
business attire
Member # 6102
 - posted September 15, 2007 04:32
Originally posted by Cap'n Vic:
Originally posted by stevenback7:
I wonder if anyone in GC's existance has found someone here?

Many have.
I have... Twice. Maybe not the married and kids bit... too young for that. But I've met and gotten down and dirty with a few GCers. [hearts]
Member # 5728
 - posted September 16, 2007 01:55
aw ;-; all these posts and none of them were interested T_T oh well XD

yeah im on quite a few of those.. dating site things


Ive had the most people message me from justsayhi..

But uh

a lot of them are creeps o_O

i had this one 32 year old guy.. claiming to be 2'6 because of some growth defincy.. whos like "omg u r so hawt" and i was like "lolz, no."

and this other guy who was 59 years old and looked CRAZY said "ohh i like the chunky ones" and im like "......Um no"

Kinda creepy but.. eheheh.. kinda fun to scare them deeply on MSN or whatever.. (that is assuming im in the right mood to mess with people o_O) :3
Member # 1181
 - posted November 01, 2007 05:23
Azalie, my suggestion is to just hang out here and chat it up. You'll get a much better feel for the people (and they for you) than if you just rely on posting a personals ad. You can always pop into IRC and chat it up in there too.

Anyway, there's lots of cool people around here. But, being geeks, they take more than just a quick introduction to get warmed up, so don't despair if the responses aren't exactly what you were looking for.
Member # 955
 - posted November 01, 2007 09:14
fs is precisely on the mark, here. Let us not forget that many of us male geeks have been burned in the past (generally in those formative high school years) by cruel young women who wanted to play us up and rip our hearts out. Even if that's not the case, most geeks are still tentative and shy around new people. And though a good number of geeks would /like/ a relationship, I don't feel that geeks are the kind of people that /tend/ to drift toward the personals ads.

All you've provided us with, so far, is a terse advertisement of yourself. Though you seem interesting, none of us here /really/ know you at all. Love has been found many-a-times on this board, but no one found it by posting up one personal ad and leaving... you have to interact around here.. we kind of expect it; though maybe we're just spoiled by our little friendly niche of the Internet.
Member # 5728
 - posted March 28, 2009 04:10
*hugs bumpasaurus rex pt2*

wow it was really that long ago when I posted that? crazy... time went WHERE?

anyway - from the 2 bumping posts i never got to read..

I know.. that posting... 19 times wont let you guys know more about me.. but thats why i posted a long thread w/ contact info.

Perhaps that was selfish of me..

To waltz into your community and just said "Here i am, someone love me!"

at the time i was feeling rather lonely x3

I've been in several communities.. racked up thousands of posts.. it's a lot of effort..

..So i apologize, geekculture.. For trying something out of desperation. For intruding on your community expecting something for somewhat nothing.

Perhaps someday... I may most regularly.. but i have a lot of commitments to other communities *cough* mmos..

So! :3

I'll talk to you guys some other time hopefully.

*huggles* [Big Grin]

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