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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 2205
 - posted September 21, 2015 21:49
The problem isn't ads, per se. The problem is in the people making the ads. Some sites think you ought to be just fine with ads that last a minute or more for a news video that lasts 15 seconds. Those sites invariably require you to watch such ads (usually the same one over and over) for EVERY story you want to read or watch. I've gradually shunted those sites off my bookmarks. No news is worth that. Period.

Then there are the ads that blast out audio at maximum volume, no matter how loud your volume is set. That's accomplished by flat-lining the limiter during mastering, and has been an ongoing debate since limiting became possible. Congress supposedly passed a law stating that commercials cannot exceed the volume of the TV shows that you're watching, but I don't think those laws cover the internet.

I needn't mention the inanity of ads. That's been a staple of advertisements since the early radio days. It's proven that insults to your intelligence do help you to remember the product later, so when you finally need such a product, that's the name you'll recall.

Internet ads used to be fairly innocuous. Little banners or corner ads. Now they're full-blown videos that play whether you want them to or not, full volume. How many times have you scurried through a pile of windows and tabs, scrolling and closing windows, unable to find the crazy ad that's broadcasting to the whole household about the latest poop remover to remove your poop when your poop needs removing and no other poop remover is removing your poop???

So yeah, when I can get by with an ad blocker, I use it. I also turn it off periodically, because sometimes I want to see things that don't seem to work right if there is an ad blocker. But then I hit one of those sites whose creator thinks he can hit me over the head with his freaking crap, full-volume, and I have to fire up the old ad blocker again.

Oh... and have you noticed that there are now ad videos that go into pause mode when you scroll down the page to read the article while ad is playing? Plus they do their best to hide the controls from you, or make it difficult to use them. These people are trying to control you — force-feed their poop stirring agitators down your throat.

This is war.

People who want ads to work should do their best to lobby their fellow admen to stop with the heavy artillery. You know, I can get by for long periods with nothing but email and text messages. Put an ad in them, and you're off my list. The internet is always going to be an amazing thing, but ads will kill it. I can take unobtrusive ads. I actually appreciate sites that use such ads, and do my best to support them. But...

Remember UseNET? I LOVED the newsgroups. I absolutely thought that was the thinking-person's heaven. Then SPAM hit, and bots were posting it, and there was no stopping it. UseNET died. That gigantic host of newsgroups of every flavor, something for everyone, simply died. There was no way to have a conversation anymore. Ads killed it. SPAM killed it. Rude people posting SPAM killed our favorite internet app. Those same people are now working on the rest of the internet. It doesn't matter that they look more sophisticated now. STOP THEM!

Member # 1659
 - posted September 22, 2015 09:11
Shooshie, You articulated that far better than I ever could. I know that advertising provides the money for websites to thrive and prosper but come on how many time must I see an ad for something I searched for once six months ago. If I have not bought one by now I am now no longer interested. Amazon and your people also searched for, I do not care what other people searched for I am not them.

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