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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 1659
 - posted June 05, 2015 20:58
Say What Washington Times

Thanks for not blocking the GEO CODE.
Member # 123
 - posted June 06, 2015 11:43
Just a few things about this that bug me...

Where's this supposed selfie?

Sounds like a bad idea to let ISIL know how Air Combat Command are getting their intel, no matter how stupid it makes ISIL appear. Think ENIGMA here.

Sounds like a great way for ISIL to set up traps and resource-wasting missions.
Member # 1659
 - posted June 06, 2015 16:19
Snaggy, I too have questions. No I have not seen the selfie and its date stamp. How long ago did this occur.

I do know that the reason the U-505 was captured was a submariner pillow talked to a French Lady of The Evening, so that the allies knew when and where it was going.

I do not know how to find the recruting websites that ISIL uses to find fresh meat.
The Famous Druid
Member # 1769
 - posted June 06, 2015 22:04
News from next week...

Drone strike wipes out a friendly police/army base, or an orphanage, or a UN hospital, because ISIL posted a 'selfie' with forged geocode info.
Member # 2205
 - posted June 08, 2015 18:57
Originally posted by The Famous Druid:
News from next week...

Drone strike wipes out a friendly police/army base, or an orphanage, or a UN hospital, because ISIL posted a 'selfie' with forged geocode info.

Ouch! Can't we read that NEXT week?
I'm so ready for this stuff to end. But it seems the human condition does not allow for that. There's always going to be some group of morons somewhere who have to cause intensive bloodshed and misery over some invisible being who supposedly told them to do so.

Why not teach people to "just say no" to invisible beings when they demand that you kill others." See if it makes the invisible being mad enough to show itself. Better still, say "no; and what are you going to do about it, Invisible Being?"

Of course, we know exactly what Invisible Being will do: it will tell some even dumber group to do the same thing, and by the way, also kill the last group who said "No." It just doesn't work until EVERYONE agrees: say "NO" to all invisible beings who demand that you kill everyone they're angry with.

Starting here:
  • Hey all you invisible beings; we've done a bang up job so far of trying to appease you, and we're starting to get a handle on things like Climate Change, evolution, science, accepting other people who don't look or talk like us, letting our women be the bosses of themselves, punishing men who molest little boys and other really, really bad stuff, so we'd like for you to say "thank you" instead of "kill this group" or "hate that group" or whatever, whomever. SO, from here on out, you just stay invisible and keep your mouth shut if you can't be appreciative of all we've done and are trying to do to help make this world a better place. Not to mention the super-great buildings we've put up for you, with their flying buttresses and stained glass and pointy spires. What could you possibly be unhappy about?

    Oh... and we suggest you start a club and learn to like the other invisible beings. You guys can have an invisible party every day, and you can pirate our TV reruns, even the X-rated stuff. You can sit around and tell each other stories, like "remember when I sent those poor saps wandering around in the desert for 40 years? Oh, those were the days!" OR... "say guys, does anyone know where I can get a good plague of locusts on the cheap?"

    Just enjoy being invisible and when you get mad and want someone dead, just shut the fuck up, ok? We're not doing that anymore. Try the monkeys. They seem angry about something or another. Maybe you can get them to throw poo at monkeys you don't like. But we've had about enough of your meddling in human affairs. Got it? I'll interpret the silence that follows as a yes. [...] Good. Now, if you REALLY want to show how omnipotent you are, why not see if you can call off your dogs? Yeah, you. I double-dog-dare you to see if you can STOP what you started, and then see if you can cause everyone to like each other for a change, and to cooperate in stewarding this world into the challenges that await all life on earth over the next century or two. Only a truly omnipotent invisible being could do that. You second-rate ones probably can't even read the crap you've written, much less change it for the benefit of all you've created. But until you DO, just stay invisible, and keep your damned mouth shut.

Member # 780
 - posted June 09, 2015 01:24
Nicely said, Shooshie. [Big Grin]

What really gets my goat is the two sects of one given religion (which is obviously better than other religions and merits fighting those who have a different affiliation to the death) are killing each other because the other's branch of the *same religion* is 'thoroughly wrong.' This stuff is beyond messed up.

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