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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 2205
 - posted January 20, 2011 00:56
Once again, you guys took the very thing I've been thinking and made it real. When Steve Jobs goes away for "health reasons," a part of me goes with him. When I bought the first 128K Mac, I was in the middle of an extremely creative, productive period of my life, in which I was performing concerts regularly for audiences who could be quite critical if you weren't first-rate. One can get a performance almost in shape with a little work, but that last 10% of perfecting it requires 90% of the work. I was acutely aware of that when I discovered the Mac sitting in a store. After buying it and using it, I realized how much work had gone into making something this smooth, this perfect. It was like a classical performance of a concerto, and Steve Jobs had just nailed it.

I've watched Jobs and Apple (also NeXT and Pixar) nail it again and again, while others and their companies just get it "almost there," and that's where they stop. Without intending to start a fight, Windows has never gotten there. Nor have many other systems, software, and hardware devices.

When you buy something Jobs and Apple have produced, you know it's going to be top-of-the-line. What most people do not realize is that getting it to that last increment of greatness takes as much time than all the rest of the process put together. It's the way of the world. It's just a given: that's how things work. And there are very few people who will go the distance. If there were, you wouldn't pay $200 to see Murray Perahia or Itzhak Perlman or Marta Argerich perform, for it would be commonplace. They may be gifted, but they had to put in the time. And that's what makes Jobs so unusual in the business world. He has put in the time. He has shown the business world -- or just the world itself -- where the bar is really placed.

I care nothing about the opinions that I'm idolizing Steve, or other such malarky. They can go wallow in the pig sty with others of their ilk. I'm grateful to Jobs, who is the same age as myself, for bringing quality back to the forefront of American production, and for sticking to his beliefs, not letting "good enough" become an excuse for short-term profits. Long term gain through a reputation for quality takes pain. Jobs has endured that pain and given us the benefits:
Apple ][, The Macintosh. MacWrite. MacPaint. MacDraw. Adobe (Apple was an early and large investor) Laser Printing, Fonts, Laptops, Digital Cameras, (a list of innovations a mile long), iMacs in colors, the iPod, iPhone, iPad, iChat, NeXTStep/Cocoa, Mac Pro, need I go on? Some he hit out of the ballpark. Others were just good, solid base-hits. But all were crafted with a love for Quality.

Pixar is another example. Would Pixar have flourished under any other CEO? We'll never know, but the people from Pixar hold a pretty high opinion of Steve, and he was thanked at the end of all their movies until the changeover to Disney. Those are some of my favorite films of all time.

Thank you, Steve Jobs. You've made this world a better place, many times over. You've done what many of us wish we could have done, and maybe we helped in some small way, but you really did it. Like many people, I'm very sad that you are having health problems. But I encourage you to be with those you love, now. Sure, I'd love to see you change the world yet again and again. I'd love to see you run for president. (well, I wouldn't wish that on anyone I liked, so maybe not THAT) But you've done way more than your share. Do what's best for you, and know that we're behind you 100%. Our gratitude knows no bounds.
Thank you, Steve.

PS: if you just happen to be on the phone with Tim anytime soon, would you ask him to make a full, 109-key wireless keyboard? [Wink] No, really; take care of yourself. Your place in history is secure. We love you, bro.
Member # 4924
 - posted January 20, 2011 14:58
I really do wonder what will happen to Apple if Steve in not there directing anymore.
Member # 2071
 - posted January 20, 2011 19:08
Shooshie just [Applause] [Applause] is all I can say.
Member # 2950
 - posted January 21, 2011 15:57

I agree 100% - I work in graphic design for print, and it is definitely the last 10% of polishing that takes probably 90% of the time (and yes you can normally spot the jobs that stopped at the 95% of the really required time if you look hard, or know what you are looking for, and you can sure as hell spot the ones that stopped at the "that is OK" point...) I can take a flying guess that DragonMan and other coders can tell you the same about codewriting - you can spot the 90%ers a long way off...

As to the numeric pad... that is why I still insist on the wired full size KB... until now possibly; because this 3rd party item may be what you are looking for - http://www.gizmag.com/cropmark-lmp-bluetooth-keypad/17652/picture/128750/

I can say I can see why the BT KB from Apple only comes in the "short" or "laptop" layout (80/20 - I can guess most users never use the added keys - I never really miss the number pad on my laptop at home, but I wouldn't want to give it up at work...)

Anyway - I applaud Stevie Jobs and Jonny Ives and all the other nameless techs below them that bust their backs in the attempt to make "insanely great" tech "for the rest of us" by refining and revising until it is "perfect" - and then honing it through half a dozen more iterations - sometime they suddenly change tack (like with the iPod Mini, Shuffle or Nano) and sometimes humanly realise they made a mistake and something wasn't as good as it seemed and they have to back up - but that just makes them seem more human and honest to me.

I also bite the bullet (or drink the Kool Aid) when Apple deprecate old tech (sure it can be a total PITA) but my Apple-centric ecoverse runs a hell of a lot better than the bog standard Windows section of my works - which seems plagued by endless niggles or incompatibilities regardless of the MS "backwards compatible to Win 95" spaghetti efforts - despite only running MS Office and our Printer's Management Information System (Accura in case anyone cares).

In my experience keeping at least one Mac on the network running one (or even 2) OS versions down from the "bleeding edge" (which isn't hard - as the previous topline Macs get replaced by newer ones you repurpose them into servers or secondary stations and replace the older versions you have, shoving the oldest ones out the door, or sell them off to employees glad to buy a once topline 5-6 year old Mac) pays big dividends - I can still use printers long dropped from 10.6 by sharing them from my old G5 (now used to serve as a RAID) or the second line workstation G5... TBH my 1st Gen Intel iMac that runs in Bootcamp as an XP station and my VirtualBox XP VM run better and faster than the newer hardware "real" Windows boxes seem to!

Ahh - Enough rambling, rationialisation or just plain gushing... GET WELL SOON STEVE - and if it all turns out bad, well you already did more than anyone has any real rights to to change and improve the world - and it isn't just IT you changed, you changed the world through/with IT that "just works"

We all owe you a humungous debt whether most of us realise it or not...
Member # 1659
 - posted January 21, 2011 17:02
____ Ah yes the 91 and 9 rule Having spent over thirty years building machines, how good they look and function tales longer than just putting them together.

____ In the realm of maintenance the size of your repair crew is determined in 9% of the time. Unless you have a very good predictive repair crew.
Member # 818
 - posted February 19, 2011 22:42
Wow Shooshie, I came to this forum to see if there were any pro-Jobs posts, and you did not disappoint! [Applause]

Steve Jobs can be mean and just rotten sometimes, but I'm just in love with him. [hearts] I've read many books about him, and he's a really interesting, mysterious character. So I love it when he appears in JOT!

Rumor has it that Steve has been doing worse lately. I won't believe it. It can't happen. Steve's going to be just fine. Because I say so.

That being said, if Steve's going to be away from Apple for a long while, I'd like to see AY2K revived so that we can enjoy a universe where he is still active and in power! How about it?
Member # 818
 - posted February 20, 2011 17:05
Here's something that might cheer us all up: an incredible video of a young Steve Jobs getting ready to go on TV for the first time!

Can we have that placed on the Geek Culture home page?
Member # 1659
 - posted February 22, 2011 23:55
____ The paparazzi have struck.

Member # 818
 - posted February 24, 2011 15:01
Haaaaappy birthday, Steve! [Smile]

Originally posted by Shooshie:
Would Pixar have flourished under any other CEO? We'll never know, but the people from Pixar hold a pretty high opinion of Steve, and he was thanked at the end of all their movies until the changeover to Disney.

Actually, they still do; he was in the credits for Toy Story 3 (I waited in the theater to see):

Originally posted by TheMoMan:
____ The paparazzi have struck.


Awwwww, no. [Frown]

At the very least, it's a step up for tabloids to take time off covering useless celebrities to pay attention to someone who actually matters for once. [ohwell]
Member # 2071
 - posted March 02, 2011 14:31
Originally posted by joliet_jane:

Rumor has it that Steve has been doing worse lately. I won't believe it. It can't happen. Steve's going to be just fine. Because I say so.

Maybe it's the power of your positive thoughts JJ, because I thought that, though the iPad 2 launch shows he is certainly not a well man, he nonetheless looks pretty fired up and happy to be there.

Better keep those good vibrations going JJ.
Member # 780
 - posted March 02, 2011 15:31
I heard a coworker repeating a bunch of this stuff, but I noted that it's just rumor. AFAIC, I'll believe it when I see the obit. And while I may not agree with Steve on some things, I certainly wouldn't wish ill on him. Also, I really hope he's treating J Ive alright, presumably contrary to hearsay, as he's likely a key player in continuity and growth for Apple. After all, regardless of how _very_ ill Steve is, or how _mildly_ ill he is, he's not doing so great lately, but he really is at the heart of Apple these days. I think the recent JoT, while a very nice summary of things, doesn't quite do justice to how significant the 'tastemaker' role is at Apple. Without good vision, Apple will slowly succumb to the same levels of 'adequacy' found at most other vendors.
Member # 2950
 - posted March 04, 2011 08:56
Whilst there is always that risk Dragonman I suspect that Mr Ive has a similar driven passion to make stuff that not only "just works" but is the "best stuff we can make right now"...

People talk about the "Apple Tax" - which I prefer to think of as the "Apple Premium"... because there is no denying that there is no "commodity priced" Apple stuff, hell the cheapest laptop they make is basically 2.5-3x the price of a commodity laptop here in the UK, maybe even 4-5x the price of a decent netbook - but on a like for like basis? Sorry no one stands up to Apple in my book...

I am happy to have owned and "paid the tax" on pretty much every Mac or bit of Apple kit I ever had/worked on (personally or indirectly via work) - even the widely despised Performa 6300 did me well for a good 3-4 years of commercial production...

FWIW I (or my direct family own) 1x 24" iMac (about 3 years old now iirc), 3xC2D MacBooks (probably in the 3-5yr old range now), 3x G4 White iBooks (across the range from 800MHz to 1.4GHz), 1x iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G and Original, 2 x iPod Nano 1st Gen, oh yes and a still working PB 1400 with G3 upgrade... (oh and to be clear we have a Samsung Win7 laptop, and an Elonex WebBook running Ubuntu 10.10) - and I won't bother to bore you with the piles of Mac kit I use at work...let us just say from initial "Cheesegrater" to latest I probably have one of them doing something in my works... even if it is just serving up a RAID or regularly backing up a variety of local storage to another array of NAS storage (Triple redundancy? Blimey you like to live dangerously don't you? [Wink] [Big Grin] )

I finally gave away or regrettably sent to the "recycle bin in the sky" all the pre G series stuff a couple of years back out of necessity really - though I would still have kept my SE30... if some [email protected]@rds hadn't broken into my car and taken it a few years back... (I think they were after CDs and stereos tbh... but they took my SE30 with Kensington Tilt and Swivel Stand, "Zero Footprint Syquest 44 Drive" and the Kensington "Travel Bag" it was all in.... I hope they rot in Rick Rolling hell the lot of em...)

Sorry - rambling - Steve has vison and drive... yes he does, and he infects everyone near him with it I am sure... and Jon Ive gets it (or probably got it way before him and SJ teamed up) that is why they make a team - SJ and JI care about the end product, and the "greatest product" and every fscking TINY WEENIE detail... and that isn't to say they never put a foot wrong (hockey puck mouse anyone?)

People say Apple hold back on features... I think that is true - you can read it as a cold hearted "exploitation", or a great business strategy, or in my view "concentrate on making it FSKING AMAZING at what it does... and then next year add some perhaps obvious improvements.. and do them AMAZINGLY WELL" and they will come!...

OK i admit that perhaps OS X isn't perhaps a shining example of that principle... but I promise you that every X I have used (and I started at 10.2.3 - when it got actually usable in a commercial environment for me) has worked well for me (OK I clung on to 10.4 at work while I used 10.5 at home till the bugs got worked out...) and I am not now ( and have never been) the guy in the office swearing at his "PC" because for some unfathomable reason it is just plain "misbehaving" this morning.... (think I am joking? I have colleagues who can't open ZIP files, or PDFs or do this or do that or the other... reasons unknown... we have XP, Vista and W7 PCs... no logic to the (real or imagined) problems... I mean there is even one PC that even I would almost swear refuses to have a mouse that will work right on Mondays and Fridays, regardless of what mouse you use...
Crikey... just read that back... either I am "waaaay" more intoxicated than a hard week at work and half a bottle of good Merlot has any right to produce... or I just lost it big style.

Basically I guess I am trying to say something like this guy here and say as long as those like Tim Cook and and Jon Ive and Phil Schiller who may take over remember the big key will always be "What would Steve Say/Do" then I think Apple can go for many years "post Steve" without too much worry .
Member # 780
 - posted March 05, 2011 08:20
Hmm...I'm willing to buy that - the '3-in-one' approach. I have /no/ confidence that Tim Cook alone could make the right decisions. I'm reasonably certain that like any good businessman, he'd just try to milk existing products, and make bland alterations. I don't always agree with him, but Jobs' approach of 'betting the company' has paid off big time. This probably flies in the face of common shareholder expectations, but obviously it's worked! I certainly hope this troika can pull it off, as I'm happily typing this from my Apple laptop (/great/ keyboard!), and I'd probably like a nice replacement for it somewhere down the line. [Smile]
Member # 2071
 - posted March 05, 2011 12:05
Steve Jobs has built a company and culture that will carry on for quite some time after he is gone, and now they have an impressive product lineup with plenty of potential for further development, but whether they will surf the rapidly changing waves of high technology as skilfully without him is less certain. His ability to analyse situations and see possibilities that conventional wisdom was completely blind to, and his feel for what the public would want (even if they didn't know it at the time) is without peer. He's an artist as much as a businessman, and well, genius is the word that comes to mind, and as such he's irreplaceable.

This article by John Siracusa is an interesting analysis of some of the challenges Apple faces now and in the near future.

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