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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 4924
 - posted August 16, 2010 14:22
So I just watched sunshine on DVD.

It was ok, but it got me thinking. Are straight up sci fi movies not enough of a box office draw? I mean it seems to me, often sci fi set in space usually ends up being a sci fi / horror film. I think they are trying to combine the horror genre with sci fi to get members of both groups to come see the film. In the end, it is starting to annoy me, it has happened so much, a few alioens movies and then sphere and then I would say the sci fi / horror mix genre has been totally expoilted.

back to the film sunshine, it would have been a perfectly good sci fi / suspense / adventure flick without the horror elements. specifically; ( spoilers below)

- I hate stobe effects during films, ( I know it works to unsettle the viewer and make them scare easier but it just annoys me)

-the sabotaging captain didn't have to be horribly burned to work as a antagonist, they just did it to try to make this sci fi flick more of a horro flick. frankly, the film would have been better if he was a well kept "together" type of charachter.

-the didn't have to only show the first capt'n in blurred shots. He wasn't a scary character, next time they should try to rely more on writting to make him scary than cheap film tricks ( ex. stobe, burred shots, hand held shaky shots, close face ups panting int othe cammera alà blair witch)

they could have not much more with good writting in this film. Delving into why the first capt'n went crazy, the psycological efects of goign on a one way mission. but they didn't they took a decent idea and ruined it trying to make it into a slasher / horror flick.


I cannot stand horror films, and it is not becasue they scare me, just the opposite, I find them extremely boring as they never come close to scaring me, I guess I have s detachent that most horro flim enthuisiasts lack.
Member # 123
 - posted August 17, 2010 09:50
I generally hate that too... the sci-fi horror mix, 'cept for ALIEN.

Although I did like the Reavers in Firefly. [Big Grin]
Member # 748
 - posted August 17, 2010 10:52
Well, good science-fiction (so I am not talking space opera either) requires people to _think_! How do you sell that in this era of "if it doesn't have a chance of being a blockbuster, we don't finance it" flicks? And good special effects cost money...

I still remember fondly "The 13th Floor"...

Hmmm, now that I think about it, I'll have to watch it again! (And there are quite a few of the oldies I haven't seen yet...)
Member # 170
 - posted August 17, 2010 11:32
Is sci fi alone not enough?

No. I don't think it is.

I should start by saying that this is how I categories things and doesn't entirely match the way other people categorize them. As such, you're welcome to disagree and categorize things your own way, but it won't make sense or seem logical to me.

The first issue, in my opinion, is that sci-fi doesn't qualify as a genre (by my definition of genre). The type of story is what I think of as the genre and that will fall into the usual categories; romance, horror, comedy, drama and the like. Sci-fi is a setting in which a story takes place or a style in which it is told, but it isn't the genre or type of story being told.

The second issue is the target demographic (or studio perception of the target demographic). Sci-fi is seen as having a primarily young, male audience and young men aren't well known for their love of romance and drama. Studios want to appeal to the most common denominator, so you're unlikely to see romance or drama in a sci-fi setting. Comedy, horror and action are all popular with younger men, however, so those can be found in abundance.

On a tangent, I personally would love to see Sandra Bullock in a sci-fi comedy-romance, but I am probably only person who would watch it, so I'm not going to hold my breath. [Smile]
Mr. Geek 2U
Member # 28663
 - posted August 17, 2010 19:30
Hello! Hello! Hello!

Time to think! Put on my thinking hat on this one!

This may be a fool's errant but I try. Everybody plays the fool, sometime! May be factual. May be cruel!

That is the old school John-Ra! Ha! Ha! Ha! LOLMAOAWL!

Boy oh Boy did Mary Shelly mess up her science friction story with that monster, huh? Yes, Indeedy. Ruined that!

I will tell you what. It is cool I have a cell phone and I can talk on it just like Captain Kirk! Thank you science friction. Beam me up Scotty! But horrors of horrors did George Langelaan put The Fly in that ointment!

Do not beam me up no mo, no mo, no mo!

I suppose in a Brave New World that science friction would never have anything scary. NO! Let the Epsilon without imagination caste the first aspersion!

How about an Englishter writes about aliens who invade the planet an are killed by smallpox! Or is it really an Englishter writing about aliens invading with smallpox in blankets and killing the Ear-A-Coy! Those sneaky Englishers!

What is science friction all about, I wonder?

This is what I think. It is my only cent. I don't have two! Ha! Ha! Ha!

I think when science and technol O-ghee-whiz make good thinks, then Science Friction has happy stories! Phone Home!

I think when science and technol O-ghee-whiz makes bad thinks, then Science Friction has monsters! Like Dick Cheney only prettier!

Google is a scary monster! Yes. Yes. Yes! Facebook is a scary monster! Yes! Yes! Yes!

And how did Steve Jobs get his new liver so fast? Hmmm? Maybe from a computer factory slave camp in a country where they shoot you and take your liver and sell it to rich American Computer Typhoons! Hmmm? Maybe that is scary science friction. Maybe --- it is real!


Scary Kids!

Here is a true fact!

In places where no science is in the food there is no prostate cancer!

In places where science is in the food there is prostate cancer!

Wanna ear something really scary?

"You have cancer!"

I know. They ripped the ugly alien out of my bottom nine months ago! I hope it did not leave eggs!

So here is my question. Ready or not here I come!

If science does bad scary things and makes monsters, then should not science friction?

What do you think?

Mr. Geek 2U!
Member # 4924
 - posted August 18, 2010 00:50
I suppose in a Brave New World that science friction would never have anything scary. NO! Let the Epsilon without imagination caste the first aspersion!

I wouldn't care if the films were actually scary. I just don't like the cheap tricks used by poor directors to try to make them scary such as; the strobe effect of inserting a few white frames into the reel, or some fake blood or an inury one could not live with, or out of focus shaky camera shots.

This is not about sanitizing entertainment and making things G rated.

Mary Shelly, George Langelaan, and others were able to write good scary sci fi. And when their movies were made they didn't need to use cheap tricks because they had good writting.

I am just sick of strobed out, shaky, blurry, frantic camera shots that just subtract from the movie and are not scary.

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