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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 4924
 - posted March 14, 2013 13:26
you , you and you, I blame all of you. Years back at gek culture we celebrated RSS day, and I was introduced to RSS and google reader. And now, they are shutting down my google reader. for years and years I have manucired my feeds. everythign is perfect. I do 80% of my web surfing through google reader.

and now, as if it was not bad enough that my daily show feed would be sans J. Stewert for 3 months or more, there is going be no feed to check to know when stewert is back


Its like I am a drug addict sentanced to rehab, knowing there is only a little more time of fun with my habit before I have to go cold turkey. Maybe I'll go done to the methadone clinic and see if they'll give me some.
Member # 170
 - posted March 14, 2013 14:29
You you could just switch dealers
Member # 780
 - posted March 14, 2013 19:51
Ash: It would be a stretch to say I was crushed when I saw the alert yesterday, but it did hit me hard. I quickly scoured the web for more details on the matter, finding details on Wired, and some quick notes from ars. "Newsblur" looks like the way to go, but it seems like it's run by one guy and his server(s) got completely hammered by the onslaught of people jumping ship. I'll try to check it out over the weekend or sometime early next week if the crowds die down.

GS' lifehacker link is definitely a good starting point. (LH is great, but lately I find I don't have time to follow it given the frequent updates.)

I was paging through this earlier today and I think I may test the waters on some of the links there. In particular, this seems promising:
Tiny Tiny RSS [tt-rss.org] is an open source aggregator that you can host yourself and offers an API and has two android clients (don't know about iphone). I use it and think it is a worthy replacement for google reader.

Personally, I have zero interest in Google+, nor in Twitter, but I rely heavily on RSS to keep track of stuff that I'd have no time to check otherwise. Before Google Reader, I used to use the Sage extension for Firefox, but the web-based approach of Google Reader ensures that read/unread stays synced wherever you are, so I can read some things at work, some at home, and some on a portable device if I so desire. (I really find it lacking on a non-computer...opening new links/tabs works so much better in a real browser.)

I can't /really/ complain about the fact that I've been getting such a wonderful service from Google for free and am about to lose it, but it really stinks. It seems that a number of the 'good' alternatives either have fees or are software that you probably need to run on a server. I'm not sure what the bandwidth and/or CPU requirements are for some of the latter, as that might negate the discount of not paying someone else for the functionality. (Back when I worked for a nicer employer, I'd probably just put it on a server at work, but that probably wouldn't fly now. :/)

Anyway, I'm not going to panic just yet - there's still a little under 3 months left, which ought to be more than enough time to kick the tires on a few options and get something working.

Please Google, won't just just let us keep Google Reader a little bit longer?
Member # 4924
 - posted March 15, 2013 12:28
yea, looks like I am going wiht that life hacker stuff. only thing is I liked that i could get to google reader from my home page (google) without having to use up precious firefox favorites real estate at the top of my browser. oh well

guess i have 3 months to choose which of the favorite tabs I currently use are going to be pushed of my bar in forefox. ( I will only use 1 favorites bar, more then that and it interferes with your browsing experience.
Member # 780
 - posted March 15, 2013 17:37
Originally posted by Ashitaka:
yea, looks like I am going wiht that life hacker stuff. only thing is I liked that i could get to google reader from my home page (google) without having to use up precious firefox favorites real estate at the top of my browser. oh well

guess i have 3 months to choose which of the favorite tabs I currently use are going to be pushed of my bar in forefox. ( I will only use 1 favorites bar, more then that and it interferes with your browsing experience.

Favorites...bah! I just use the Awesomebar. To get to Google Reader, I type "r" and press Enter. (I use the "Enter to Select" addon - it picks the first hit.)

If I go with something like Newsblur, I might have to hit a few characters, as it would compete with NYT & Netflix ... my productivity (ahem) will be ruined. Damn you, Google!
Ugh, MightyClub
Member # 3112
 - posted March 15, 2013 23:26
I'm trying out Feedly, which seems to be a suitable, if imperfect, replacement so far. Feedly does not seem to be very good at marking articles as read when you scroll a page at a time, but it does support the "j" and "k" keyboard shortcuts to skip through the article list.

Right now Feedly integrates with Google Reader, so there is no need to set up your feeds all over again. And when Reader is put to pasture they have a replacement backend that implements the Reader API, so allegedly everything will continue to "just work".

Like dman, I appreciate a solution that lets me sync my read/unread states across various devices.

Edit: Sigh, I guess I should have looked at the Lifehacker page before I started blabbing. So, yeah, what they said.
Member # 4924
 - posted March 16, 2013 05:44
was about to switch to newsblur, thanks to the life hacker link, then I saw it was 24 bucks a year ( 34 feeds are free but I am subscribed to over 100 at the moment ( most of them , like GC , don't post that many articles in a day.) guess I am going with net vibes.
Member # 170
 - posted March 16, 2013 19:53
Don't forget to leave a flower in the Google graveyard as you say goodbye to another Google product going away.
Member # 4924
 - posted March 17, 2013 06:10
wow , I didn't even notice when google video died. , nothing competes with youtube, well except pirate bay that is.
Member # 4924
 - posted March 17, 2013 07:57

google never let a gmail accoutn be one of the feeds. I was so waiting fo r that to happen. I even had made "mail" sub catagory for when it it was implemented. they never implemented it.

Also it seems not possivle with net vibes as well, But I am learning to adapt to netvibes.

I guess this is what it is like to switch opiates.
Member # 170
 - posted March 17, 2013 16:09
Ashitaka wrote:
I didn't even notice when google video died. , nothing competes with youtube

Very few people noticed when Google Video died. Despite allowing longer videos to be uploaded, it never successfully competed with YouTube. That's half of why it was killed. The other half is that Google bought YouTube. Why maintain a losing brand when you have the winning brand? That's also why YouTube now allows two hour long uploads like Google Video did.

google never let a gmail accoutn be one of the feeds.

That's actually an interesting idea; a multi-source feed reader. RSS and email would be easy to combine in a reader. Twitter has a fairly open API as well, so it shouldn't too hard to add. Facebook has an API, but I know nothing about it. It might be possible to make a feed of facebook posts. Forums would be harder unless they have a freshest 15 topics/posts like GC, but not impossible. I suspect the biggest problem is that it would be a nightmare to maintain without someone dedicated to the job.
Ugh, MightyClub
Member # 3112
 - posted March 18, 2013 21:15
I figured I'd give NetVibes and/or NewsBlur a spin today for perspective. NewsBlur is still not accepting free accounts, but they didn't bother to tell me until I'd gone through the whole signup process. That was a bit irritating.

NetVibes seems OK, but I'm very bothered by the apparent lack of an "oldest first" option. I like to catch up on stuff in the order it was posted, not backwards through time. Apparently I'm weird. Well, in addition to all my other eccentricities, I mean.
Member # 780
 - posted March 18, 2013 21:49
Hmm...so while it snows outside (!) and the Interwebs have let up some of the pressure on the Newsblur site, I started to play with the 'try it now' feature, sans login. Since I can get the story list on top, and toggle all sorts of things, I'm finding it different, but 'okay.' I've seen some comments elsewhere that suggest "it has things I didn't even know I need." For me, that's the [hand smacks forehead] ability to see the entire linked HTML page in lieu of the RSS bit. When I stop to think how many things I end up 'o' for and then close the tab when I've finished reading...this is definitely such a feature. (Either for things like JoT, which only have teaser summaries, or blogs where I (sort of) want to read the comments.)

And for folks who couldn't care less about RSS readers, the demo site led me to this:
[Big Grin]
Ugh, MightyClub
Member # 3112
 - posted March 19, 2013 22:27
I tried another web-based service called NewsIsFree today. It was pretty awful. I couldn't even find a way to passively mark things as read -- you have to select the item and then explicitly mark it as read. No reverse sorting, looks like 1997 all over again. So far Feedly is the least of the evils for me, though the NewsBlur sample looked interesting.
Member # 2950
 - posted March 20, 2013 11:33
I too have been experimenting with alternatives to Reader...

NetNewsWire and Vienna are pretty good if you like the standalone 3 pane "mail" type affair - though it is not to my taste... Vienna seems perhaps slightly nicer but has no mobile App, NetNewsWire has some paid and some free (ad supported) apps...

Netvibes seems like it might do for me, but I have come across this - 1kpl.us via mentions on Slashdot and Reddit (iirc) and although the developer admits it was just something he happened to be working on it seems to be working ok... and I quite like the look and feel of it. Downside is no mobile Apps and although it works on my iPhone it is in no way shape or form "mobile optimised" and therefore less than ideal on such a small screen... still for now that seems a small price to pay...

As no one else seems to be shouting about its existence I thought I would let people know it is out there... and looks like it could be a very nice alternative. Don't be put off by the Facebook and Twitter login rubbish, you can simply register with an email and create a password...
Member # 780
 - posted March 20, 2013 18:40
Hey...that's not bad. However, unless it's an 'option,' the lack of a 'subject line' view (i.e. like e-mail) is a real no-no for me.

One thing that neither this, nor NewsBlur seem to have is the best-of-both-worlds approach in Google Reader, of a 'subject line' view that becomes the full story when you click it (or press 'o'). NewsBlur seems to have more of a 3-pane view and since the bottom-half (default: top) is so good, I'm willing to forgive it for the seeming lack of a condensed view. It also has the ability to see endless stories, but I'm really not so keen on that.

All of this calls to mind what an utter mess it is that Google is doing this. Clearly a /lot/ of people are affected. (Maybe not a 'Google-scale' quantity, but a significant crowd.) I can't speak for anyone else, but great features like Google Reader are why I've spoken highly about Google to others. It's safe to say that I have a pretty sour taste in my mouth right now. Clearly I'm not going to recommend Bing or Outlook.com, but I can't say that I'd give a ringing endorsement of 'going Google' today (which no longer has free accts, even).
Member # 170
 - posted March 21, 2013 15:09

Looks interesting, though it's in beta.
Member # 780
 - posted March 21, 2013 23:39
Nice, JoT, N+S! [Big Grin]

As for Keep, in the wake of this and other pulled products, I can't help but think it a bit mad to start using another such free product w/o any certainty as to whether it will remain. As for Gmail - I can't help but think a key reason to hold onto it these days is to keep people logged into Google. I suppose there are ads, but I can't recall the last time I noticed one. (The same is /not/ true of Yahoo Mail. [Wink] )
Member # 2950
 - posted March 22, 2013 10:23

Re: 1kpl.us - as I said the Dev freely admitted that this was just a little "project" and would probably never have even got beyond his own little circle if not for the Google Reader thing...

You can toggle between headline and expanded view... but only from within a feed atm it seems... if you view the "all unread" aggregation currently the toggle button disappears [Frown] however experimentation has proved that the view preference remains... so if you are expanded and want headlines you must pop open the feeds list, enter one of the feeds and close the view up to headlines only with the toggle in the top right, and then return to all unread... so that may help you like it a bit more [Big Grin]

I have also dabbled with Skimr and NetVibes... at the moment I am not sure which of the three I like most - NetVibes has the advantage of a mobile optimised site... but it also has a lot of extra stuff I really don't want..., sure I don't have to use any of it but I don't know - that whole "web portal" thing just still makes me want to shy away. Skimr is really minimal, and in many ways ideal for a phone... but a bit too minimal for my general taste... so I keep coming back to 1kpl.us at least on the desktop/laptop

Of course if there was just some central way to sync your read feeds so it didn't matter if you used a different client on different devices... oh wait [Wink]

As to "Keep" well you can keep that one... with the Reader fiasco, and the opening and closing of a bucketful of other "great ideas" I wouldn't trust that one to stick around long... and anyway cloud synced stickies? Never seen that before - (not)! And even without a dedicated notes everywhere tool like Evernote etc. the functionality is trivial to replicate via Dropbox/Box/ADrive/a bazillion other cloud services...

As for Gmail - that is one thing that currently no one I know of can match and something I would be sorely p****ed off about having taken away - of course I think that is pretty safe... it has millions upon millions of users, serves up ads (that I don't even notice), keeps you signed in to google and no doubt reports back all sort of juicy information... However I accept that - it is a contract I am prepared to make in exchange for a service I find valuable provided at no monetary fee.
Member # 780
 - posted March 25, 2013 20:19
Well, this takes the cake - I thought I'd heard the last of Digg many years ago. I'm pretty sure the contenders for filling the void of Google Reader are pretty clear, and the odds of an upstart gaining hold strike me a quite slim. It strikes me as stupid enough to be an AOL corporate maneuver.

In other news, I finally signed up for a free NewsBlur account this weekend, and have been moving feeds over to it. As part of the process, I'm making sure feeds are still current, but I expect I may still go over 64 and will pony up. In the interim, I've been getting used to it, and I found that the 'dev' copy is a bit more to my liking. If there's one thing going for it, it's that it's *great* for reading JoT - you can load the Tapastic page right from within NewsBlur (ads and all).

I'm incredibly used to Reader, but definitely warming to NewsBlur. Maybe this will be a good thing after all, but I'd rather it didn't have to go like this. On the plus side, this further diminishes the personal information Google gets to track. [Big Grin]
Ugh, MightyClub
Member # 3112
 - posted March 27, 2013 12:56
Wow, what a difference a week makes! I went back to NewsBlur.com on the strength of dman's implication that free accounts are available again. You'll (probably not) recall that I left that site lst time irritated that I had to go through the whole signup process before they bothered to tell me I couldn't have a free account.

This time they remembered me, immediately offered to import my Google Reader feeds, and sent me on my merry way. My only twinge is that they remembered me, which implies I didn't log out last time, which makes me think it was not at all obvious I was logged in after they told me to pay up or get lost.

In any case, I'm glad I went back, because NewsBlur had me hooked within about 2 minutes. I can do everything I did with Reader, plus I can choose a larger text size to reduce eye strain.
Member # 780
 - posted March 27, 2013 18:54
Ugh, I got the same message as you did, but if you see some of the author's postings, he notes that the 'paywall is porous.' The dirty little secret (as I surmise) is that à la OS X's 'register your Mac' -> Cmd-Q to skip, if you close out and immediately revisit Newsblur, you're in as a free account.

*ahem* I didn't say that. [Wink]

Seriously, I plan to upgrade my account soon, but I didn't really want to do so until I was sure it worked for me on a limited number of feeds. It certainly has, though I much prefer https://dev.newsblur.com instead of the 'www.' version. In fact, it now has the two-pane format (where only one story is visible at a time) that I love from Reader as one view option. (Also, the toggle icons make a lot more sense.)

Every evening this week, I've gone through my Google Reader subscriptions screen and tested out the feeds I'm subscribed to, learning that close to a quarter either resolve to a 404 or haven't been updated in years. Given the 'set it and forget it' nature of Google Reader, I never really thought to check on them - I only followed the feeds that showed up with new posts. I'm sure it would be easier to sync everything, but I found this a good time to take stock of my subscriptions, since I've also been ignoring a number of feeds as 'tl;dr.' It feels quite good to have a low number of unread posts for a change. [Big Grin]
Ugh, MightyClub
Member # 3112
 - posted March 29, 2013 15:50
Well, as it turns out, I apparently didn't save my username and/or password for NewsBlur in my password manager, so I ended up making a new account anyway. I discovered the "porosity" of the paywall in that process.

I'm considering upgrading to a paid account just because it looks like a lot of good, thoughtful work has been put into the site. And then I start to feel guilty about mooching off JoT for years with just a couple small donations here and there. [blush]
Member # 780
 - posted April 01, 2013 18:37
Loosely related note: Tapastic now has RSS!!!

It's probably crazy of me to subscribe to both Snaggy's RSS feed and Tap's feed, but I think I'll do it for a short while to goose the stats and encourage them to keep it.

On a diff note, I see that there are 8 subscribers to Tap's feed (myself included [Razz] ) and 823 for Snaggy's - in NewsBlur! (In Google Reader, the latter has 7,798.)

Who says RSS is dead?!
Member # 996
 - posted April 24, 2013 09:24
I am so glad I saw this thread mentioned next to the comic. NewsBlur rocks and getting around the paywall to try it is probably going to make me buy it!

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