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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 1659
 - posted September 24, 2010 07:12
[Wink] Watching my fan, I have taken a DC-motor (permanent Magnet) so if turned it will behave as a dynamo. I mounted said motor on a vertical pipe that allows it to turn out of the wind, downwind facing, for a blade I got an old truck radiator fan nine (9) blades with a fair amount of pitch. The Blade is about 27.7" inches in Dia. .66Meter.

[Wink] Today was very windy gusts up to and exceeding 60mph/100kph' Observations of the unit, due to its mass, quite heavy it behaved as a gyroscope. Some of you may have played with tops as children. What a show, gusts would accelerate the blade rotation then the lull between gusts the blade would act as a fan and start pushing air. This would cause a huge slow down in rotation and the unit would regress (when viewed from above it would Yaw rotate Clockwise). On occasion it would make a full turn. Some times regression would cause the unit to buck up and down (Pitch).

[Wink] New design will use a lighter blade set, fewer blades, and have some amount of controlled allowable pitch.

[Wink] So while this setup is a failure, I can clearly see its flaws and am ready to start V2 [Wink]

[Smile] I couldn't wait I went out and tinkered with the unit some today, I installed a different load, a forty watt fog lamp bulb. That is lighting quite nicely at this time. Tonight will be a show, as it yaws.
Member # 2854
 - posted September 24, 2010 19:02
It's amazing how your mind works, Mo. I love it!
Member # 1659
 - posted September 25, 2010 06:19
____ Well for over thirty years I built machines and had to repair or fix them as needed, So I became very good at watching how things FAIL. So as I try things, I watch. So now I may buy a set of this companies blades, I sure know that my set up is not optimal.

Member # 123
 - posted September 25, 2010 09:27
very cool MoMan!
Member # 615
 - posted September 25, 2010 15:40
Excellent stuff. Did you put a weathervane type sail on the back of it like you see in those water pumping windmills? If not one might go some to stopping the gyroscopic effect.
Member # 1659
 - posted September 25, 2010 18:09
____ Zwilnik You raise a good point. Now a recounting of the past five years of windmill experiments.

____ Year one I buy one of those windmills that you see at garden centers, Tractor supply and big box stores. Some are even painted Green and Yellow like the famous tractor brand, do not be fooled. Their design is flawed the tail is too big. and the blade has too much mass, again the gyro. effect comes into play, I have seen the blade bend the front shaft trying to bring the unit around in yaw, then if a gust should hit the forces are the other direction. I have had total blade failure THROWN BLADES.

____ Since I, still have that nice tower lets put a bicycle generator on the tower and tail with a smaller blade, That worked but it burnt out the headlight, and tail light.

____ Lets just get a fan to spin, bought a yard sale fan took the blade and mounted it to the tower nice very low mass did not fight the tail spun about six (6) months chewed up the bearings.

____ Year four, I get my hands on a furnace fan, a so called squirrel cage and mounted it on a motor with the shaft vertical. Not a thing to write about it would not capture enough wind to keep rotating even when brought up to speed by energizing the motor, it would just coast to a stop.

____ This year the tower came apart from vibration, Built a better test stand tower. Decided to try down winders as watching the tails beat the main bearings up was disheartening.

____ From people that know fluid dynamics an odd number blades causes less harmonics and wake turbulence. I have found out that a magneto is more suited to this type of experimentation than a true dynamo, however if I get the dynamo to put out then I will spend the bucks for a magneto. [Smile] Right now the unit will light the space between the house and the barn if I have winds over about 35MPH. So time to build blades with less mass and finer pitch.
Member # 1659
 - posted September 26, 2010 06:22
____ How often do we as geeks re-purpose some item:


Member # 1659
 - posted October 06, 2010 17:29
____ Okay tonight I relocated the vertical Gimbal on my Windmill, it appears to turn with the wind better than before. Tomorrow will be the test we are supposed to get 40mph winds, those winds should prove if it will stop regressing so violently.

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