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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 2340
 - posted July 21, 2005 07:08
They are talking about the new explosions in London on the BBC.

"We have not journeyed across the centuries, across the oceans, ...because we are made of sugar candy."-- Churchill 1941
Member # 3446
 - posted July 21, 2005 08:31
It seems fairly unimportant to me. It's as if someone's proving how easy it is to do, to ridicule the security.

No one has been reported hurt, so far, have they?
Member # 966
 - posted July 21, 2005 08:50
I heard one injury on Channel 4, between the cricket coverage. And they are looking for a tall man in a blue top with a hole in the back, possibly with wires hanging out of it.
Member # 3778
 - posted July 21, 2005 08:56
One person has been reported injured, from what I have read. Sounds like the bombs did not explode properly or were not very powerful. At least this time there are live suspects to catch.
Member # 780
 - posted July 21, 2005 09:01
Best regards to our English readers - sounds like a nonevent, though. [Smile]
Member # 2172
 - posted July 21, 2005 09:36
I dunno... I can't call 4 attempted bombings a "non-event," D'Man.

I call it lucky that no one was seriously injured or killed.
Member # 2128
 - posted July 21, 2005 12:16
G_g, I think I know what Dman means and to a large extent I tend to agree. Just as well it was such a (comparative) non-event -- one particularly chilling rumour I heard was that these were actually nail bombs...

In other news, the train was finally lifted from the Edgeware Road station last night but as far as I know the wreckage is still in situ on the Piccadilly line at Russell Square.

Most amusing remark I spotted was apparently from a witness: ""The man who was holding the rucksack looked extremely dismayed"... Well, you would, wouldn't you? Wonder if anyone caught his expression on a phone-cam...

Pragmatically, I've had to change my route again (the Charing Cross leg of the Northern line was still closed this evening, apparently) -- so, to tune up my increasing knowledge of the London Underground, I think it's time I go and brush up on the rules of Mornington Crescent:



Member # 2172
 - posted July 21, 2005 12:34
What I think I'm experiencing is that I don't want to consider this a non-event. I don't ever want to get so habituated to this sort of thing that it is barely registered in my consciousness. I watched the World Trade Center fall. As much as that and the train bombings are traumatic events, I don't want to stop feeling that these are horrible, horrible things that people are doing. I don't want them to become normal, and for it to be a non-event, that implies normalcy, in some small way.
Member # 780
 - posted July 21, 2005 12:57
Originally posted by Grey_girl:
I dunno... I can't call 4 attempted bombings a "non-event," D'Man.

I call it lucky that no one was seriously injured or killed.

Grey_girl: I realized as soon as I said it that it might be taken the wrong way, but I couldn't think of anoter way to put it. I certainly mean no disrespect to anyone over there, to say that it "doesn't matter." However, I guess I'm just extremely glad that no major damage was done, and only one person was injured in this debacle. Remember the first bombing of WTC? This pales by comparison, and that did not do 'significant damage' to the building (nowhere near 9/11, at any rate), though it had a rather high injury rate.

I understand your point of having no wish to get accustomed to attacks against *anyone*, but as I've said before, and I'll say again - I will not live in constant fear because of these terrorists, and so I'm not going to flip out by this particular event. If the people of the area are handling it calmly, then I certainly will. [Smile] I really hope that these acts will be brought to an end, and please [insert deity here], without full body X-ray scanners being placed at all the Tube entry points...

*sigh* It's a sad state of affairs. :-/

On a tangentially related note, I'm reminded of this, w.r.t. the spyware wars:

Secondly, Microsoft's biggest mistake here was in buying/launching an
anti-spyware product at all, thereby legitimising a whole
area/industry/arms-race that only exists because of their own sloth and

From: Rob MOIR <[redacted]\lutonsfc/ac/uk>
Date: Jul 19, 2005 4:55 AM
Subject: Re: MEDIA, MISC: Microsoft and Claria -- Going Soft on Malware

Member # 2128
 - posted July 21, 2005 13:18
But this kind of event *is* "normal"! It's the everyday reality for many, many people across the planet. Yes, it's horrible but one cannot remain shocked and outraged indefinitely, there comes a point where we have to start getting on with our everyday lives. That doesn't mean one has to become hardened to it or alienated by it. I think that the answers, if there are any, lie in changes in people's attitudes -- *our* attitudes, all of us -- and that takes time, lots of time... The old cliche of the butterfly flapping its wings in China causing a hurricane on the other side of the world comes to mind, albeit incoherently. Sorry, I'm not making much sense, I'm tired and I need to eat -- and think this through a little more...

Now, where did I leave my asbestos pants?...
Member # 2950
 - posted July 21, 2005 16:14
Hey-U might not have been as coherent as he wanted to be but I think I can say I have agreed with the gist of what I thank he meant.

Here in the UK those of us of a "certain age'' are innured to IRA bombings,etc.

9/11 is to me our generation's version of the JFK shooting...

If you saw it you will never forget it and our children will never understand why we always refer to it as the day the world changed until they experience whatever horrible event has the same impact on their lives as that did on ours.

This appears to be a fairly low level "copy cat" event though current news now claims one dead...

Without more info I can't really comment but I suspect the real point of this was simply to make the security services and all their recent proclamations look stupid.

2 weeks on and we still can't stop these people?

Too right. How do you stop a fanatic suicide "type" bomber...?

Member # 736
 - posted July 21, 2005 17:18
The cynic in me is thinking that these terror attacks will continue until you Brits show some sign of being, you know, terrified.
Member # 1941
 - posted July 21, 2005 18:05
Originally posted by Xanthine:
The cynic in me is thinking that these terror attacks will continue until you Brits show some sign of being, you know, terrified.

I must admit, it was interesting to hear Blair and Howard talk about things last night. The interesting point that one/both was making was that the terrorist attacks were happening well before "we" went into Iraq. I would imagine that the terrorists are trying to scare the coalition out of Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. Unfortunately, (for them), whenever anything like this happens, the politician's resolve to keep going in those countries gets stronger. I see no way forward in this, it's just going to keep escalating.
Member # 2950
 - posted July 21, 2005 18:44
csk is of course correct because Xanth, us Brits will never be "terrified" - at least not by this sort of "piddling" terrorism - we've seen it all before as I am sure Hey-U and others will corroborate...

IRA, ETA, Bader Meinhoff, Black September. etc., etc.,

We're well accustomed to this stuff - no matter how wrong it may be - not that plenty of others aren't either.

Every death hurts us all, just as deaths in Israel, Iraq, Congo, Eriatrea, Sudan, etc. diminish us all as human beings.

But somehow (and no political rhetoric here) does it *really* impact you and yours or me and mine - NO!

We feel the loss but carry on regardless....
Member # 736
 - posted July 21, 2005 19:13
Yeah, well, I didn't think the terrorist's tactics were going to work that well on Britain. Especially in a city like London, which, to paraphrase a quote from somewhere, has been blown up by a better class of bastards than this.
Member # 2460
 - posted July 21, 2005 19:45
The IRA's tactics never seemed to work but they keep at it. There's never an end to people who can't get along in polite society.
Member # 2071
 - posted July 22, 2005 02:17
Well we were just lucky this time, because the bombs were not made properly. Otherwise this would have been just as bad as the last lot. One may like to pretend that this has no effect, but obviously it does. However we must just carry on as we have no alternative.

But it is vile.
Member # 3698
 - posted July 22, 2005 11:44
I was seeing security video shots of these terrorists this morning, and one was wearing a New York baseball jersey (which apparently was abandoned and recovered by police later). Does it strike anyone else as particularly sick for a terrorist to be wearing that? It doesn't seem like he would have picked out that shirt by accident.
Member # 2128
 - posted July 22, 2005 12:22
Serenak: Good point(s) well made matey
Xanth: U funny girl! First time I've smiled in ages: "Better class of bastard", indeed! Arf!
Member # 780
 - posted July 22, 2005 21:56
Mmm...this reminds me of sorryeverybuddy.com:
[site with somewhat rude language, incl. link [Razz] [Smile]

Meanwhile, I revisited the former site - this picture is still burned in my brain:

This one may occupy a bit of real estate there as well:
[from that site again]

I would have left the links as is, but I know there's an interest to keep these boards moderately clean. *snickers* Kids, stay away from the less kind links if you shouldn't be reading four letter words and stuff.

Thanks to b3ta for the new site's link.
Member # 1523
 - posted July 23, 2005 05:42
Excellente dman! [Big Grin] Me, I'm not worried about a &$%@#* thing. I just bought a three-pack of new underwear.
Member # 2128
 - posted July 25, 2005 13:11
Couple of interesting articles:


("When London, Beirut and Sharm el-Sheikh are all attacked in less than 48 hours, there is no more Muslim or Christian or Jew. There is no more believer or infidel. There is no more East or West. When the dead in Sharm el-Sheikh included Britons, Dutch, Egyptians, French, Kuwaitis, Spaniards, and Qataris, it is all we and we are all in this together.")


("In his weekly opinion column, Brian Walden considers the impact the London bombings could have on British society.")

...oh, and there's a documentary on the BBC right now which seems to be gearing up to saying that the Intermaweb is to blame because anybody can set up a website about anything at all, including people whose views we might disagree with...

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