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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 2982
 - posted September 26, 2004 00:01
If this is against the terms of service, I apologize ahead of time.

The deal.
Sign up at the website. Sign up for a free trial offer of AOL, NETSCAPE, BLOCKBUSTER, INFONE, etc (Only one needed.)
Refer 8 friends and get them to do the same.
Get your free flat panel monitor shipped to your house for free.

Why it's not a scam.
The owners of the freeipods, freeflatscreens and freedesktoppcs website are Gratis Internet aka Gratis Network. They are affiliated while high profile company such as the ones mentioned above and they would not sell or reveal your information like some marketing scams.

They have been registered with the BBB for over a year.

They were researched and deemed legitimate by CNN Headline News and WIRED MAGAZINE (Article Linked Below)

They economics involved behind this work if you would sit down and study them.

People are receiving free ipods, lcds and pcs everyday.

Tips on how to make this work quick and make it painless.
1. Use a free email service such as Yahoo!. You will get some spam from these companies and it's best to create and use an email address soley for this purpose and then forget about it once you have your free items.
2. You have to use a credit card for the free offers (NOT FOR THE PROMOTION COMPANY), but for AOL signup or etc. This is no different than if you signed up for these service on your own w/o even knowing about the freel deal.
3. The free flat screens offer has a trial to INFONE as one of the offers you can sign up for. This is the best offer as you are charged no sign up free, no monthly and can cancel at anytime. You are literally not charged anything if you don't use the service. So all you have to do is sign up and forget about it.
4. Join a conga line. Rather than go out and try to persuade 8 of your friends to sign up for this offer, join a Conga line. The line works like this. You sign up underneath the top person on the line which get's him a referral. You are then added to the list. Once he has gotten all of his referrals (8 for the lcd) he is then taken off the list and everyone is moved to the top. When new people join, they join underneath the new person at the top of the list and are added and the top bottom underneath you. The faster you sign up to a new conga line, the higher you'll be and the faster you'll move up to the top so you can get your 8 referrals.

Links for the sceptical.
Wired News Story http://www.wired.com/news/mac/0%2C2125%2C64614%2C00.html

Gearlive Message Board where you can read success stories all day long complete with details, tracking information, pictures and proof that this works and they got their items. http://gearlive.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=13

The Websites.

My Conga.

Please, if you're sceptical at least take the time to read the WIRED NEWS article. This a huge publication that has been around for a long time and they say it's legit, there isn't any reason for you not to believe it.

Pleas also, join through my Conga line. Yes, I'm trying to get some referrals, but it will also benefit you by placing you on the line so that you can get referrals as well.

Thanks for reading.
Member # 1941
 - posted September 26, 2004 02:59
Oh great, a pyramid scam. Why do people insist on bringing their real life stupidity to the net as well?
Member # 2982
 - posted September 26, 2004 03:17
It's a scam if it doesn't work. It just so happens that it does work, therefore it is not a scam. In addition, if you can tell a person is stupid by one internet post..... well let's just say I'd rather not say what you just revealed about yourself. If you're not interested then move along and let the thread will die. You will then no longer have to worry about it.
The Famous Druid
Member # 1769
 - posted September 26, 2004 03:49
Rule Number 1: "If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is"
Member # 1234
 - posted September 26, 2004 06:53
Originally posted by csk:
Oh great, a pyramid scam. Why do people insist on bringing their real life stupidity to the net as well?

Say it with me, it's a CONGA, not a pyramid!

(It's better than a trapezoid scheme [Wink] )
Member # 2814
 - posted September 26, 2004 07:16
Y'know, trying to make rebuttals out of something towards a long standing, and much liked member of this board (csk) to try and pawn off your bullshit to us just isn't going to work.

Just because you've been scammed into this BS doesn't mean we will be. Take your stupidity elsewhere. kthx.
Member # 1941
 - posted September 26, 2004 07:21
Originally posted by Weirdwes:
It's a scam if it doesn't work. It just so happens that it does work, therefore it is not a scam. In addition, if you can tell a person is stupid by one internet post..... well let's just say I'd rather not say what you just revealed about yourself. If you're not interested then move along and let the thread will die. You will then no longer have to worry about it.

OK, you seem to have learning difficulties, so I'll post slowly.

Pyramid scams are all well and good for those on the top levels, but they don't work so well for those lower down. I have zero respect for anyone promoting them. Plus you signed up here purely to promote your little scheme, which puts you at a negative respect level to me. If you don't know about pyramid schemes, do a search on google and read the first few results pages, noting carefully certain words that appear frequently like "scam", "illegal", and "fraud".

Plus, have a listen to yourself in the original post. If this were such a good thing, you wouldn't have to assure us repeatedly it's not a scam, warn us that we'll get spammed with whatever email address we use for the offer, assure us that it'll be just fine to provide our credit card number, and so on.

Finally, what's this garbage about "If this is against the terms of service, I apologize ahead of time.". If you are happy with what you're doing, why preface it with that? And why not check the terms of service beforehand, and if it doesn't prohibit that sort of post, then post it(and then you wouldn't need to preface it with that disclaimer, would you?). If it does, then don't post it at all.
Member # 780
 - posted September 26, 2004 10:29
I'll just refer to this post of mine for some parallels I see here - namely the first link [Big Grin] .
Member # 2982
 - posted September 26, 2004 11:54
First of all, I know perfectly well what pyramid schemes are and I agree that the people on the lower portion of the scheme usually get the short end of the shaft.

Secondly, the promotion itself doesn't involve any sort of pyramid scheme or conga line as I suggested. This is something that individuals are setting up in order to gain referrals more quickly.

Third, being sceptical is a benefit in this day and age on the internet and I applaud all of you for not jumping right into something you think seems fishy. However, this is the exact reason why I had to continualy reassure you in the top thread that it is not a scam because some people are overly cautious and sceptical.

Fourth, if this really is a GEEK forum then I'm sure all of you have some idea as to what WIRED magazine is. I'm also sure all of you know how to use a search button and Google. Everyone is so quick to jump up and down and hollar scam, that you're all missing out on a really great opportunity. Just because something looks too good to be true DOESN'T mean it always is. Most of the time, yes, but not in every single case.

Finally, this is the internet and I know it's really ridiculous to be arguing over it because it solves nothing. I also know that regardless what I tell you about myself you'll instantly believe the opposite and assume I'm some punk brat just trying to get my way. However, I've decided that because this is somehwat of an intillectual group that I'll give it a shot.

I'm 26 years old and no all about scam, spam, internet schemes, get rich quick ploys and the like. I have never been taken for money, I have 4 credit cards and haven't ever had anyone steal my identity or the like. I don't get suckered into downloading fake emails, getting viruses or otherwise act clueless in any other sort of way when it comes to dealing with computers, life or anything else for that matter. I have my A+ certification and am currently working towards my MSCE as well. I'm also a web designer/programmer fluent in ASP, Javascript, Flash, Html and SQL just to name a few. I'm also a bit of a programmer on the side. Case in point is that I'm not stupid.

This is obvioulsy a closely nit group and I'm sure I'll get some coy responses such as "You are stupid, 'nuff said" and everyone will laugh like a bunch of trained sheep. I again applaud all of you for standing up for each other and being cautious about new things you know nothing about. All of you, however, should do yourselves a favor and open your eyes. If you'd read all the information I've put in front of you and do a few searches you'd see I was telling the truth.

And yes I did register just to post this information and while I'm not hear to attack anyone, be it a long standing member or not, I will defend myself. It's too bad because I kind of like the forum, but you've all already made up your mind about me.

Do as you please.
Member # 780
 - posted September 26, 2004 12:02
Mac D
Member # 2926
 - posted September 26, 2004 13:56
I went to the Wired news section and saw something odd

AOL and Ancestry.com didn't respond to requests for comment
The artical really does not give any proof of this. They just keep quoting the CEO about how it's not a scam. And the author never actually did this so it's just a bunch of quotes from the people that are holing the string. I see absolutly no reson to believe this is in any way real. Can we get this guy baned and get back to intresting discussions like naked wookiees?
Cap'n Vic
Member # 1477
 - posted September 26, 2004 13:58


Wow! You must be like really smart, and stuff. [Roll Eyes]

Begone, troll.
Mac D
Member # 2926
 - posted September 26, 2004 14:11
And another thing. The forums site that you put down you have to sign up for just to look around. Where is this link to CNN that you so adimit about? I see no evidence that this is in any way real. I think you came to the wrong site for this. One thing that makes us geeks is the fact that we love to reasearch any thing and every thing. We actually read the articals and not just the headline. Hello if your not going to give any real evedence take it to disscusion posts that have allot of gullible people like This one
Member # 748
 - posted September 26, 2004 15:59
Let"s put a little reasonning into this thread.

Why that "conga" thing is really a pyramid scheme: Although it's not a "get rich quick" scam where new people put in real money to get more later, you still have to give up something. Something really valuable: your privacy. See those marketing firms asking for you to sign on? A valid e-mail address is worth so much that they are willing to give some hardware free to get some. But - and here's the pyramid thing - you neet to get eight other people do the same in order to get yours.

So let's see: the first one to try to get eight friends/family members to sign in. Quite easy, you say. But already for the second level to get their freebie, there's 64 others addresses needed. On the third round, its 512. and sooner or later, people can't refer enough people, and they resort to posting to fora like this one to get their "gift." If they don't, they gave up their privacy for nothing.

I still remember seeing an episode of an australian show (IIRC - false twins and a friend solving mysteries) about a more traditionnal pyramidal scheme. The guy who put the scam up began his speech with : "This is not a pyramidal scheme. Are there any cops here?" Funny, isn't it?

Of course, the one we are talking about isn't illegal - yet. It may never be, because what people loose to it is intangible. But get a few who are stupid enough to refuse responsibility of the outcome, and it may become illegal.

Sorry Weird one, not only you fell prey to the pyramid, but you got in when it was about to crumble. So please, don't insult the intelligence of GeekCulture people. Because some people can fall for scams don't mean we will.

Oh, and it is indeed a bad idea to post here for the unique purpose of personnal gain.

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