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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 4924
 - posted June 23, 2011 19:37
So my wife was visiting friends in America (Tennessee)and I asked her to get me a couple pairs of Dockers as they cost less then have there than they do here.

She bought them at Macy's. When she was back here at home ( for those of you who don't know I live outside of Basel ( CH), we found that a secutity tag had not been removed.

How do you remove these?
It is a rather large ( 10 cm long) beige one. Are they filled with ink still these days? I think it is because if it was an RFID tag to set off an alarm, it should have set off the alarm!

Should I risk sawing through it?
Member # 2854
 - posted June 23, 2011 22:31
I think a large electromagnet will release it. You may also try taking it to a local department store (with the receipt) and asking a sympathetic clerk to remove it for you.
Ugh, MightyClub
Member # 3112
 - posted June 24, 2011 05:40
Well that's annoying. I don't know about ink, but regardless, the gates will not always trip. I had an instance recently where we bought something in one store, left, tripped the alarm in a different store, then tripped the alarm at the original store in the same spot we had just left ten minutes earlier. In some cases the gates may not even be active, just there as a visual deterrent.

As far as removal, I think the long rectangular ones are usually removed with a "gun" device, not an electromagnet. You would have to find a store with the same exact tag type for their removal system to work. If you're careful you might be able to hack through the pin. Not sure how much of a gap there is between the front and back of the fastener.
Member # 4924
 - posted June 24, 2011 05:47
instructabels was helpful enough.

A dremel maks quick work of these tags. I, not having a dremel used a scalpel heated with a candle. It canbe easily pushed through the hard plastic.

The trick is, in case you were wondering, is not to use brute forc and to cut the "bump" off exposing the pin.

it took me about 90 seconds to remove the tag, though, unless you have a silent dremel, this is probably not possible in a store.
Member # 4924
 - posted June 24, 2011 06:04
never mind
Member # 780
 - posted June 24, 2011 16:54
Idle curiosity: Did you dissect the thing and find out if it is just a large RFID tag, or had dye in it?

I had the very same issue with some Dockers a few years ago at another store (not Macy's), and if not for the dread of some stupid ink, I would have just destroyed the thing with pliers and/or good cutting implements. I don't think any Googling at the time suggested your strategy, though I definitely wish I'd found such a page. It wasn't a huge issue to resolve, but I had to make a special detour to a different store location and wait in a customer service like to get the tag removed. Joy.

P.S. I'm not sure if your wife took advantage of this, but apparently, int'l visitors* can get 10% off at Macy's and possibly other stores, as found on lifehacker.

(*Actually, not just int'l - you just have to be from >250 miles away; it seems to have started out as an int'l discount.)
Member # 4924
 - posted June 26, 2011 10:07
soley RFID, I guess the ones with dye are round. Still such a security tag would have made it unwearable in work situations.

feel free to go after one with a hammer, though, If you just try to rip it apart, the clothes will rip before the plastic.

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