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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 780
 - posted April 29, 2014 22:11

There's a lot of hemming and hawing in the above post about 'will Apple or won't Apple dramatically update the MacBook Air?' (And if so, when?)

I've long held that my next laptop would be a MacBook Air, and these upgrades make that more attractive. (The weight and battery life is hugely attractive to me; the new MBP's Retina display isn't that big of a draw to me.) Some things have come up that puts this a little bit more on my radar and I'm wondering whether it'd be good to get one sometime during the summer, or if I'd have Apple Buyer's Remorse (I'm too lazy to find the relevant JoT).

Member # 1659
 - posted April 30, 2014 07:43
Dman This may be one of those times that it might be prudent to wait and see,WHY. A new model may be in the wings.
Ugh, MightyClub
Member # 3112
 - posted April 30, 2014 15:40
Since Apple took the trouble to release a minor bump now I would not expect anything completely new until at least this fall. So figure 5 - 6 months of use out of a MacBook Air you buy now vs. a nebulous "maybe". And if they do make a major move later in the year, will it be something attractive to you? It seems to me the MBA is being squeezed from below by the iPad Air and from above by the Retina MBP. I would not be surprised to see those three lines pared down to two. It would be done in an Apple-y way to be sure, but the first offers in the smaller lineup might not meet every need. That phenomenon is, itself, Apple-y.

My advice is, if you need a laptop now/soon and you have the money now/soon, buy the Air now/soon.
Member # 780
 - posted April 30, 2014 23:50
Methinks soon, then. :-)
Soon might be a few months off, but you're probably right about "will it be something attractive to you?" The current one seems quite good (and the price break offsets the cost of the necessary RAM upgrade), and if a very new one were to come out, it'd probably be a 1.0.

My laptop is still hanging in there pretty well, but I find I'm less inclined to take it anywhere on account of weight. It's only 4.5 lbs, which isn't /that/ heavy, but just heavy enough to be a nuisance. Somehow I have to further sell myself on this maneuver. [Wink] (I'm not an impulsive buyer of shiny new things. [Razz] )

P.S. Even better would be if I can get work to get me one - then I can use it casually to get better familiar with it, meet the near-term needs of portability, and possibly wait for a better one still (or at least preserve the wallet longer). [Smile]
Member # 123
 - posted May 01, 2014 13:59
Ugh said it!

Spring for it is in the air! [Big Grin]
Ugh, MightyClub
Member # 3112
 - posted May 01, 2014 15:52
The Club's are still limping along with a 2007 pre-unibody MacBook Pro. I just replaced the battery, again, in hopes of getting the youngest through her last couple years of high school with it. Unfortunately, I just heard some very bad noises coming from the HD the other day, so I suspect a full machine replacement is in my near future. I could just replace the drive, but there comes a point when everything else is just so tired it's not worth it. And the Air is mighty attractive.
Member # 123
 - posted May 01, 2014 17:21
Ugh, where did you get the replacement battery?
Ugh, MightyClub
Member # 3112
 - posted May 05, 2014 17:31
Amazon. I elected to roll the dice on an off brand, and so far it's working out OK. I chose "ExpertPower by Tech Rover" because it was cheap but not cheapest. I figured my odds were a little better an inch above the bottom of the barrel...
Member # 123
 - posted May 07, 2014 15:31
Member # 780
 - posted May 08, 2014 01:14
Hmm...it definitely sends home the message - "It's a great laptop." [Smile]
This whole "post-PC" thing - I'm not buying it. Maybe I'm some kind of dinosaur, but I really like having a computer that can do 'everything' - and is ready for all sort of use, all of the time. The keyboard is pretty great, too. [Wink] I know lots of people love iPads, but they really don't do it for me. (I prefer either end of the spectrum - pocket sized and less featured, or full sized and full featured. Medium sized and less featured = meh [for me].)

At the tail end of her video (and article), she suggests getting rid of ports - ack...perish the thought! (I already grimace at the thought of no Ethernet port on the Air.) I would love to be rid of the chunky brick, though!
Mr. Geek 2U
Member # 28663
 - posted June 02, 2014 02:48
Originally posted by Ugh, MightyClub:
Unfortunately, I just heard some very bad noises coming from the HD the other day, so I suspect a full machine replacement is in my near future.

Mr. Ugh, Mr. Ugh, Mr. Ugh!


That horrible, ugly, grinding noise is a dirty fan. Air-in-a-can can fix it.

Have a great day!

Mr. Geek 2U
Member # 170
 - posted June 02, 2014 15:48
Well there's some incredibly bad tech support.

Hard drives do not have fans and blowing compressed air into the air pressure equalization hole (marked "do not cover this hole") would stand a good chance of damaging the filter that keeps dust out.

In short, that would be a good way to make your HD fail faster.
Member # 780
 - posted June 02, 2014 21:40
Oh come on...that's not what he was saying. The assumption was that the problem isn't with the *actual* hard drive, but perhaps with the case fan on the desktop. An ailing processor/power supply fan can be helped along with a careful use of compressed air. I would, however, strongly recommend blowing the air from inside the case out. Some fans do just give up the ghost, though. If the bona fide HD is failing, which might make pretty bad noises, well...one could simply replace the HD, though it's awfully difficult to find small HDs today. (And if the computer is old enough, one might not want to buy a 2 TB drive...or the PC might not support SATA.) That said, I'm not a big fan of spending a lot of money on repaired aging computers, as the bills can add up, and you don't get a better computer for your money, just a less lousy one.

And if it wasn't clear, one should *never* do anything to the HD other than remove it and/or plug it back in. Only ever open a hard drive if it's dead and you want a shiny mirror...and some rather strong magnets. [Big Grin]
Ugh, MightyClub
Member # 3112
 - posted June 03, 2014 14:52
I have not heard the noise since the one incident, and I actually thought about the fan being a possible culprit myself a while ago. According to the smcFanControl utility both fans are spinning at about the same rate, so maybe the case got flexed weird or something. Maybe the off brand battery was pressing on things it shouldn't have been pressing on.

For now it's still the little MBP that could.
Mr. Geek 2U
Member # 28663
 - posted June 03, 2014 17:22
Hello, hello!

I just want to be clear. I have the same year laptop and heard this awful grinding sound. I thought it was the hard drive going down for the count. But NO!

I read there is an issue with that model where the computer's cooling fan can collect a bit of dust. It can get so bad it stops the fan, so watch out!

How did I find out the problem? Well first I ordered a new SSD hard drive for it and then installed it. Well, the noise was still there!

So I did some research and found out about the fan. Ta-da! The fan makes noises. If you GO HERE you can find out how to fix the problem, and just in case there is a You Tube link that demonstrates the fan noise.

So there you go!

Have a great day!

Mr. Geek2U

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