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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 4387
 - posted September 19, 2005 13:37
O.K. I know the specs on my computer i.e. processor speed, memory RAM, video card, etc. etc. But when shopping for my latest computer I went the custom route. Used an other brand case previously, but this darn sleek Praetorian black case I have is my pride and joy. Won my heart over with simplicity and looks. Never thought of a case very much until I saw this baby!!! By the way, the name is Roman in nature, see a little connection between my displayed name and this. Maybe getting a little overboard with the Freudian analysis?! Hey doc, starting to buy things unconsciously Roman related. What's the diagnosis?
Member # 1181
 - posted September 19, 2005 20:50
I'm a bit of a case junkie too. Not so much appearance, though I do prefer something I find attractive, but functionality-wise. I like cases that have plenty of room to work and a sensible setup. You shouldn't have to disassemble the entire PC just to swap out one part!

A couple years ago I built a box for my mom, and a few months ago I added a second hard drive, since she was complaining that she was running low on space. The case itself was an inexpensive beige minitower. It really doesn't look like much. When I put the hard drive in, it only took about 5 minutes (including all the disconnecting and reconnecting cables), and I was impressed all over again with what a great little case that was.
Jace Raven
Member # 2444
 - posted September 20, 2005 17:20
I like casings too.

I have lots of casings.

.50, 5.56, 7.62, 9m

Lots of casings...
Member # 2814
 - posted September 21, 2005 05:44
All of those new fandangled cases out there nowadays just piss me off. When I do an upgrade for a customer, and I walk into a computer store and ask for a case, they're always like, "which one?" and point me at a shelf of 1000 or so different case designs. My response is always, "none of that ugly shit. just something simple that works." and I'm forced to take the least expensive case where they've spent more money making it look good than they have putting a half decent power supply in it I won't have to replace in a month.
Member # 3446
 - posted September 21, 2005 08:00
I like my cases made of anodised aluminium with lots of holes, like this one. [Razz]
Member # 2814
 - posted September 21, 2005 09:09
Originally posted by maximile:
I like my cases made of anodised aluminium with lots of holes, like this one. [Razz]

.. uh.. ya.. would you mind picking me up one while you're out?
Member # 2366
 - posted September 22, 2005 05:00
Me, I Love the old, BIG, beige, 40LB AT Desktop cases myself, like this one.....


Yes, that's my case, a modified Mid 80's clone of a Compaq Deskpro 286. I cut the back out of it, and installed a modern (MicroATX) backplane, then installed the electronics from a modern ATX PSU into the original AT PSU casing. I can't wait to get a router to share the cable with my room mate. The picture is a little out of date, as it now has a black drive bay cover instead of a beige one, so maybe I'll post a newer pic when I got time.

I like my stuff to look old. I don't know why, but those old, boxy AT and XT chassis just have a vibe that says "I am a Serious Piece Of Macinery" rather than "I am a big toy with blinky lights". However, my case DOES have a blue fan in back and a blue LED.
Member # 1297
 - posted September 28, 2005 12:27
Now that is awesome … so cool. Hm, does the hard drive panel light work?

It reminds me of the Viglen kit to put a BBC Micro – one of those all-in-one-unit 80s micros – into a "PC" case. I used to dream of having one of those kits. But now you've even got a modern PC in a classic PC case. That owns!

I'm just a beige box kinda guy though … it’s the screen I look at not the case. The most elaborate thing I have is a TDK CD rewriter with a translucent blue tray.

(Cases are odd. First computer – BBC Micro, little all-in-one box. Next computer, Packard Bell 486 – mini PC with one 5.25" bay. Next computer, Motorola StarMax, bigger still with 2 5.25" bays. Next computer, desktop PC with 3 5.25" bays … Is it just me or is something the matter with this picture? Aren’t things supposed to get smaller, no?)
Member # 4398
 - posted September 28, 2005 16:02
last year i got a custom made acrylic case from canada - it was gorgeous - later after the pic i even went to the stage of spraying the psu, cd writer, dvd & floppy metallic blue, 4 blue led fans, 2 cold cathodes, blue leds for power and hdd - it had clear castors, clear rounded floppy and ide leads, the psu cable was in a braided silver cable, blue led processor fan, blue ram heatsinks, a front electronic fan controller ....

then we got burgled and some b******ds nicked it


did you guess i like blue ? ;)

when i get some cash i'm going back to clearpc.ca - cost me almost as much again though to ship it

the next case after that was a pc made out of a cardboard wine box

Member # 1181
 - posted September 28, 2005 18:12
Originally posted by The_Psychogenius:
Me, I Love the old, BIG, beige, 40LB AT Desktop cases myself, like this one.....


That is so cool. If I didn't like hardware that was easy to move, I'd make one of those!
The Famous Druid
Member # 1769
 - posted September 28, 2005 19:52
I wouldn't mind one of these m'self.
Member # 4456
 - posted October 07, 2005 12:38
lolzzzzzzzz mister torryarmy but u did really amezing work wid ur PC and u impress me .....
Imran Hashmi
www.seo-professional.co.uk 0044-7969012441
Member # 4481
 - posted November 05, 2005 16:55
I've never liked the cases on typical comodity PCs these days, things like the dell and compaq cases.

I've always had generic grey box type cases.

I think my favorite case mod I ever heard about was one where the computer was made to look like a race car and it actually had big chrome exauhst pipes on the back and managed to arrange a propane cylinder so that flames would come out of them at a button push.

It ammused me because it was such a laudacrous thing to do.
Member # 2366
 - posted November 10, 2005 02:36
Originally posted by uilleann:
Now that is awesome … so cool. Hm, does the hard drive panel light work?

It used to have a separate Hard Disk panel on it that had it's own red LED, so I could "fake" having a 40MB Seagate ST-251 MFM/RLL drive (and lie that it was really a 386DX-20, while there was really a 40GB WD in there and a PIII 667). The panel has a "fake" turbo switch (it does nothing, but I plan to make it a second "front" power switch, since I already have the original paddle switch on the right rear corner replaced with a BIG RED BUTTON (TM)).

The other switch was the reset switch until the wire contact broke off for one of the wires (another replacement on the way). I have toyed with finding a way to toss a display up there that shows CPU temperature or something, just to be a little showy.

Anyway, I promised an update, this is a picture of the whole rig now, complete with the Northgate OmniKey 102 keyboard (famous amongst typists), Microspeed PC-TRAC trackball (Serial, of course), and my new Samsung 17" LCD/TV Tuner.

Member # 5058
 - posted April 15, 2006 18:56
I may not be a case junkie, but i love mine as it has bubble lights like on a jukebox!

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