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Posted by Mr_Shivan182 (Member # 25090) on December 19, 2008, 13:42:
ok, this seems to be the best place to introduce misen...

Now am from the UK so please bare with me what exactly i'm saying, and dont imagine some posh taff speaking, that's far from the case! [Big Grin]

What constitutes being a geek over here... well, god knows, there's the usual stereotypical views and if you read anything other than womans magazines/fhm/nuts/zoo or anything more intellectual than the Sun/Mirror. Then your classified as a geek.

Is it cool being a geek in the UK? well, yeah it was when we were original and secret (especially if your physical looks didn't give it away), now everyone's a frickin geek. It's the new way of things over here and it's apparently cool to be one which is just wrong... surely.

I dunno, i guess its cause i'm older now and it aint high school but when you see the old school popular people on laptops in a cafes... it's kinda shocking and the world seems to have turned upside down and i've seemed to have lost my uniqueness and originality.

Anyways, my geeky interests...

Bi Sci-Fi fan, love gaming (who doesn't) but am a PC Man, have been since the age of 9, had a P 133mhz to start off with, then was in awe of the old 166mhz MMX... now got summat a bit better than that.

Favourite game in the whole wide world is Conflict Freespace.

and yeah,apart from that, i'm actually quite normal just like the rest of you no doubt. Infact, i'm more of a secretive geek and have been since i was ickle!

Hope its all good, anyone else from the UK on here? or am i the only one :-)

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